Are Interstate Batteries Any Good?

The batteries that power the cars are often used for smooth running. One excellent option available in the market is Interstate batteries, which is the best battery for your vehicle.

With that in mind, most people are interested in knowing who makes the batteries.

Cars need automotive batteries as they help start the car and provide electric currents.

The electric-powered starting motor that effectively starts the engine needs these electric currents to start.

The Interstate batteries are one of the strongest brands and provide robust performance.

In addition to their outstanding performance, Interstate batteries come at an affordable price.

The features of these batteries, their different types, and the manufacturers of Interstate batteries would be revealed in this article.

Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries

A bad battery can ruin one’s day, without a doubt.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your car stopped in the middle of nowhere and the vehicle wouldn’t start because of a battery issue?

If your vehicle’s batteries are in bad shape or you start seeing signs of a bad battery, it would be a good idea to get a new battery.

There are a lot of options, but Interstate batteries seem to work well for many cars. Car owners can get different batteries that work well for a wide range of vehicles.

Even though car batteries don’t last forever, you can rest assured that they are very durable.

The design of these batteries reaches the highest standards within the industry and they can serve a wide range of vehicles.

Even though this battery line is one of the best you can find, they come at a fair price.

Their easy maintenance makes them an outstanding choice and their AGM options are maintenance-free.

It would interest you to know that these products offer long-lasting services because they are made from thick plastic and are safe from various external elements.

Since they don’t discharge in a short period, you can run your car without having to replace the batteries.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

The interstate battery system of America distributes batteries as a private firm. The Interstate batteries are manufactured by Exide Technologies.

Motorcycles, lawn, marine/RV, mobility, and other lines of batteries are also marketed by the company.

Johnson Controls manufactures about 65% of the marine, truck, and automotive batteries that are sold in the United States.

The sole producers of these batteries are Exide and Brookfield, who recently collaborated with Interstate Battery System.

Norm Miller, the board chairman of Interstate batteries, began his career as a traveling salesman and went on to become the CEO. Dallas, Texas is the headquarters of this company.

The company has a distribution network with over 200,000 dealers in various areas of the world. There are dealers in Canada, Honduras, Haiti, Haiti, and other countries.

In 2007, the firm received the title of the best battery from a survey conducted by Auto Techs.

The sale of about 1.5 million batteries within one month in 2010 was a noteworthy success.

Since the beginning of the year, Interstate batteries have reportedly sold nearly 18 million batteries.

Who Sells Interstate Batteries?

Many stores sell advanced auto parts. Over 200 retail corporate and franchise stores are held by interstate batteries.

One of the best batteries in the industry is recycled by the firm. Thousands of recycled batteries are sold to consumers by the company.

Types of Interstate Batteries

There are a variety of batteries, including 6 Volt batteries and 12 Volt batteries. You can find many of the common ones in the market.

MT Battery Line

The Interstate non-AGM battery can work in moderate climates and can offer standard performance.

Marine Battery Line

The products from this line seem like the perfect option for a battery that can perform deep cycling and start. Again, these batteries are very durable.

AGM Battery Line

This option is sealed after being filled with acid, and it appears to be spill-proof.

These products are easy to handle because the batteries are free from maintenance. Due to its efficiency, Powersport is the primary application for this battery.

MTP Battery Line

As a non-AGM battery, this product line comes with a design that offers high-cranking performance within areas having moderate to cold climates.

These are the options with the longest battery life.

Marine RV

The best battery for outdoor performance is preferred by most consumers, as it provides comfort and power for high-demand electronics.

Most car owners approve of the performance of some of the Interstate batteries.

  • Small conventional cars can use the 35 Ah battery from the Interstate 12 Volts battery.
  • The Interstate 12 Volts are maintenance-free and can be used as a battery.
  • The Interstate 12 Volts battery appears to be spill-proof and was designed with VVRLA technologies.


The most suitable option in the market is interstate batteries, as there are many different batteries for different vehicles.

Car owners can rest assured that they will find one that is compatible with their vehicle.

These batteries are made from thick plastic and have sturdy construction. The batteries are easy to use because they are free from maintenance.

Since the batteries from this product line do not discharge quickly, you can rest assured of their long-term reliability.

Most Interstate batteries come completely sealed and do not need to add more water.

You wouldn’t complain about the battery not holding charge because it’s rare for the batteries to have issues with low water.

Many car owners go for the compact size of these batteries because of their outstanding features.

You can mount and dismount the battery with ease if you have such portableness. The brand is associated with the American Automobile Association, which makes it a great brand.

Surprisingly, the price is fair, with the outstanding features of these batteries.

The brand’s batteries are affordable, which means that most consumers can get one replacement for their dead battery.

To reduce pollution within the environment, interstate batteries are designed as recycler options.

The lead from the old batteries is used by the manufacturers. Reducing environmental pollution is something they do a lot of.


There are a few drawbacks to using interstate batteries, and one of them is the complaint from most reviews, that the batteries tend to expire before the stipulated warranty.

Compared to other options in the industry, they last long and serve their purpose.

Some people complain about the customer service from new staff. The staff tend to learn more with time and treat their customers well, as the firm has always done.


Are Interstate Batteries Good?

As they emerge as one of the best in the industry, the Interstate batteries have high ratings. 

These batteries are designed to appear sturdy, providing reliable and high-performance services.

There are a lot of products that work well for a wide variety of cars. 

The thick and durable casing of the batteries keeps them out of extreme conditions, making them last longer and serve their purpose.

How Long Will Interstate Batteries Last?

For an average period of three to five years, interstate batteries have excellent longevity. The battery’s use and exposure are important factors in its longevity.

People who drive a lot may need to replace their car batteries more frequently than people who drive less.

Exposure to extreme conditions may leave the battery in a bad shape.

These factors should be considered if you are thinking about the right time for a battery replacement.

It would be helpful if you kept your vehicle’s battery in good condition to avoid issues that would leave it wholly damaged.

What Is the Cost of Interstate Batteries at Costco?

Depending on the type and size of the batteries, they come at a fair price. The average cost is between $50 and $100.

To help you get the correct battery for your car, you can give the details of your car model.

If you return your dead or old car battery to the store, you will get a fee of 15. Reducing the amount of pollution that occurs in the environment is done through such action.

Interstate Batteries


Cars use batteries that are rechargeable to control electrical components. It would be helpful to get a top-performing battery to replace the dead one in the car.

The Interstate batteries are one excellent option. The products are durable and reliable.

Most people want to know who owns the batteries, and there are few speculations about the manufacturer.

Interstate Batteries is a private company and is the top distributor of batteries. You can find out more about the company by reading this article on who makes the batteries.

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