Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Break Into?

All pickup trucks possess a significant flaw, and that flaw is the “open bed.” Having the bed of your truck always open exposes you — the truck owner — to several risks, one of which is thieves who can easily pick up an item and go away with it. This is the core reason why most persons really want to get an answer to the question — Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Break Into? — so they’d know if purchasing a tonneau cover is a good idea.

Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Break Into?

The answer is NO. The hard-folding tonneau covers come with the locking feature that locks in items hence restricting someone from getting access to the truck bed. It’s necessary you buy hardcover because a softcover doesn’t guarantee security.

Since the hard-folding tonneau covers are the advised kinds of covers to go for, stay glued as we delve into further details about the hard-folding tonneau covers — the benefits, other types, and more.

Benefits Of Using Hard-Folding Tonneau Covers

Increased Security

A hard cover, using its “locking feature,” increases the level of security at the bed of your truck. This will restrict someone, without the consent of the truck owner, from taking any of your belongings. In contrast, a soft cover does not offer such a level of security: it can’t restrict one from gaining access into the truck bed.

Protection From The Elements

If you drive without covering the bed of your truck, you expose the content of your truck bed to the various elements — such as UV rays, rain, snow, and others. The UV rays that come from the sun can have an adverse effect on the items on the truck bed, and you know what happens if it is rain: your cargo [items] will definitely get wet. A hardcover performs effectively in protecting whatever you put at the rear of your truck, truck bed.

Stylish Look

Do you want to improve the look of your truck? Then, take the burden attached to picking the right hard-folding cover. When you go to buy a hard-folding cover, most of the ones you’ll find out there are made of the color, matte black, but a few of them are of a gloss finish.

A Seamless Match

One of the things that would make you love these hard-folding tonneau covers is, they are designed in such a way that they blend very well into your truck’s exterior. The makers of hard-folding tonneau covers had the color and other things of trucks, so they ensured the covers are created to match those. When using a tonneau cover, it will be difficult for one to know that it’s of a different brand or manufacturer.

Simple Installation

In spite of the size [big], weight [heavy], and toughness of hard-folding tonneau covers, the installation still depicts simplicity. You can employ the services of a professional to carry out the installation process for you, that’s if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Types Of Hard Folding Tonneau Covers



Roll-up Tonneau Cover

This type of bed covers are, based on the texture, soft and they have the ability to roll back towards the cab. It’s regarded as a soft cover that allows full access into the bed of your truck, when open. Typically, these covers are easy to maneuver, inexpensive, and lightweight. Amongst other covers, this one — the Roll-up tonneau cover — is quite affordable. They don’t, to any extent, guarantee security.


Folding Tonneau Cover

A folding tonneau cover makes use of a couple of panels that’s flexible enough to fold back on top of each other. You can find several covers that easily fold entirely to allow complete access to the end of your truck. It’s advisable that you go for the ones with fastening straps. The fastening straps will immensely help to swiftly secure the folded panels, hence your ability to drive with the cover fully or partially open.


Retracting Tonneau Cover

This truck bed cover, the retracting truck bed cover, has similarities with the roll-up bed cover in terms of what happens when it — the retracting truck bed cover — is unrolled: it is flat out over the bed of your truck. There are a few differences, ranging from the presence of a canister into which the cover rolls up to the fact that it can be motorized. The retracting covers are, as well, manufactured with several hard panels.


Hinged Tonneau Cover

The hinged tonneau covers don’t completely act like the folding covers, because they only open at one point — at a particular hinge where one can completely open them up. This type of cover, which can also be called single-piece covers, is really a solid piece of metal. If you want to open them, all you need to do is to push them upwards. Speaking of their looks, they’re quite attractive and sleek: they give your truck a fantastic look. You should also know that they don’t guarantee the most convenience, if you frequently need to access the bed of your truck. In addition, you are likely to experience difficulties when trying to haul items that are awkwardly shaped. Simply put, you can’t move your hinged cover.

Top Brands Producing Hard-Folding Tonneau Covers


In North America, this brand — LEER — is known for taking the number spot in the list of manufacturers of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and tonneaus. LEER, which was founded in the year 1960 has evolved from being a small business in Elkhart, Ind., to not only a popular brand but a worldwide powerhouse. Every one of its covers is built in the country, United States.

Rugged Liner

Rugged Liner — which was founded in 1995 in Owosso, Mich. — is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of truck bed liners and tonneau covers. The company has about 2 facilities in which 140 employees reside. They two facilities the company operates in have a square feet of 450,000. The covers and liners of this brand are distributed to over 70 countries worldwide.

BAK Industries

In a bid to help you use your truck better, BAK develops reliable, strong tonneau covers. There’s the Revolver, Vortrak, BAKFlip, and Rack Contractor Series. Every one of them is specifically designed to, in line with how you use your truck, fit perfectly.

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers Pricing

Under $100

The covers that range around $100 are the soft covers, soft covers such as roll-up. They will come without core features and as the sealing function, they’ll be made of vinyl with Velcro.

$100 To $500

The tonneau covers that fall under this price range are the ones with good quality. They are either middle-range hard covers or high-end soft covers. They will come with a decent construction, but when it comes to having additional features, one would have to get the expensive covers — because these ones lack some of those features.

$500 And Up

These ones are known for their durability. To prevent damage, they use the most sturdy materials. To further describe, these are high-quality hardcovers. You will find additional remote controls, hydraulic support posts, straps and even LED lights.

Key Features Of These Hard-Folding Tonneau Covers


All the truck bed covers you can find out there are made with one vehicle in mind. In the market, you won’t find any universal, compatible bed covers. The bed styling of truck beds can be the reason why they would require different covers, even though these trucks have similar — the same — bed length. When looking for a truck bed cover to buy, ensure you search for a cover that’s compatible with the model, make, and year of your truck.

Ease Of Use

You experience ease with some hard Tonneau Covers when you want to open, latch and fold — as compared to others. Who wouldn’t want a hard cover that gives a high level of convenience? Nobody. A cover that makes it easy for one to lift and maneuver will increase the likelihood for that person to use all of its folding configurations and benefits. If you’re a truck owner who will be carrying different types of items, go for a cover that’s simple and easy to adjust. If that hard folding tonneau cover can make you get to your gear in a matter of seconds, and with little difficulty, then it’s one of the best hard folding Tonneau Covers as this is how one can identify the best ones.


All truck bed covers don’t offer the same level of security. Some offer better security than what the others offer. You get better security with hard covers. With soft covers, you are not assured of that security you desire. Covers of higher quality come with several locks. This allows you to secure your truck’s panels and this enhances greater security of your items in the bed of your truck. Also, it’s imperative you search for a tonneau cover that can remain secured when staying folded and open.


When picking a cover to buy, you need to put “what’s the purpose of buying your cover?” into consideration. Is it because of looks you want to buy a cover? Or is it that you desire to increase the level of security around your truck bed? Regardless of what you really want, you can get using hard folding tonneau covers.


There are many bed covers out there that give a decent warranty. The warranty of most covers are between three to five years. Some of the high-quality covers have lifetime warranty [guarantee].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Secure Is A Tonneau Cover?

It gives the best security. They lock in a position that overlaps the tailgate and the tailgate can only be opened if the cover is unlocked and in the upright position.

How Long Does A Tonneau Cover Last?

It lasts for about 5 years.

Do I Really Need A Tonneau Cover?

Yes, you need to get a tonneau cover. If you desire to get added protection for your items on the bed of your truck, it’s ideal you go for a tonneau cover.

How Waterproof Is A Tonneau Cover?

When you properly installed this cover, it prevents a vast majority of water from finding its way into the bed of your truck.

How Much Does A Tonneau Cover Cost?

$200 – $1000.

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