Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked?

Are you someone who works in hunting, fishing, construction, or outdoor services, or are you someone who has an interest in leisure fishing or camping? Then, it’s necessary you get a truck-bed system. Truck-bed systems are known as premium-quality, heavy-duty storage that’ll go a long way in allowing for multiple styles and configurations for your vehicle. In this article, we’ll tell you if golf clubs can fit in decked — like giving an answer to the question, Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked?

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Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked?

The drawers are large enough to store most tools, and long enough to store guns or even golf clubs. There are loads of accessories available with the DECKED truck bed storage system as well to keep the drawers perfectly organized such as dividers or specially fit toolboxes.

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What Is Decked?

There are several top rating and reliable truck-bed supplies in the market, and one of which is Decked. Decked is a company that has brought transformation in the 4×4 scene using its truck-drawer systems — systems used for transporting lumber, car gear, tools, and numerous other items, handiwork items precisely. After the existence of wooden drawers manufactured out of plywood, Decked concluded that there must be a better and different way in which cargos should be stored.

The grassroots determination of Decked has directed them into creating its whole range of interlocking, multipurpose HPVE plastic drawers in 2013 — a solution, a more compelling and affordable solution, for a market that was yet untapped. The determination behind its passion has brought solutions for a transport problem that had been a bone in the throat for truck drivers for years. And, it has allowed Decked to build a top-rated storage vehicle system you can find.

What Are The Benefits Of A Decked Truck-Bed System?

Every one of the excellent truck-bed systems of Decked has the potential of making your pickup truck more versatile and efficient — by ensuring that your load(s) is kept dry, secure and a lot more organized, compared to when you allow it to lie loose at the rear of the bed. If what you have in mind is to transition from job sites — whether it is construction yard, rivers, lakes, hunting grounds, or campsites — and to pick the right tools, it’ll be pretty easier to achieve them using a set of Decked drawers. Want to know why? It’s because of their ergonomic design and numerous compartments.

The weight of each one is between 205/93 and 229lbs/104kg, and each one has what it takes to provide a capacity that’s much larger than your standard truck-bed storage unit and they have a height up to your weight for the purpose of easy access. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio, and this means that they’re amazingly rugged and durable, built from heavy-duty plastic — but won’t affect the consumption of fuel.

In the market, some of the safest and efficient storage options you’d find are Decked’s truck-bed systems. It provides protection, protecting each one of your precious tools and gear from the prying eyes. In order to get extra security, you can employ the use of a number of locks to customize heavily. As regards security, you can also achieve that extra security using trays, D-box toolboxes, and dividers. You can purchase them separately.

Mid-size truck systems consist of one narrower and one full-size drawer, with a large-size system that comes with up to two full-size drawers. While the fact remains that these drawers are not a hundred percent airtight, as they may be penetrated by airborne mist and dust, they’re fascinatingly waterproof which will protect all of your gear from the various elements. As an extra feature, mid-size Decked drawers have a detent stop, which works in keeping drawers open on steep inclines in order to prevent your tools from falling out. Accidents happen.

For this on-the-go solution, there’s this organization which Decked has — a revolutionized pick-up truck organization. Decked’s truck-bed systems incredibly play the role of an innovative toolbox for all your needs around heavy transportation. The drawers of Decked are manufactured for numerous pickup trucks, the ones that have low-profile truck beds, without excluding Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and Ford Ranger — and will make transporting goods and gear an easy endeavor.

Pros & Cons Of Decked Truck-Bed System


  • Solid Warranty
  • Smooth operation of drawers
  • It’s easy for you to lock and keep valuables safe (out of mind, out of sight)
  • Fits my truck bed like a glove
  • You have multiple options when it comes to customizing the drawers in order to make them work for you
  • 2,000-pound payload on the drawer system’s top
  • 200-pound storage capacity in each drawer
  • Super durable, waterproof, up for almost any task


  • Expensive — but what you pay for is what you get
  • There’s no way you go through the stress of numerous disassembling when you try to pull the drawers all the way out
  • For a mid-size or small truck, it’s not a great option — unless you have a topper as it takes up the majority of the bed’s height

Another Perspective: DECKED Drawer First Impression

It’s proven that the drawer systems by Decked are amazingly solid. They met the expectations of their customers, and people can testify of how the Decked Drawer systems arrange the bed of a truck — that without them, would be a mess.

According to a user of the Decked Drawer Systems, “I’m really impressed with the fit in my truck.” He further said, “it feels like it was custom made specifically for my Frontier. It’s built to be watertight — which also has been proven — and we have read the words of people testifying of how they can load whatever they want and even stay on it without worrying about collapsing or wrecking it.

From opening the drawer to closing it, everything feels extremely tight. One thing that gives the drawer a nice touch is the slow-close-like feature. The system has wiped out any difficulty that used to be around organizing and reorganizing for fly fishing, hunting, climbing, and camping while keeping away from sight, for passersby, the important gear. Recently, someone went through the process of installation, and in his words, “it wasn’t super difficult.”

Having said that, the installation is incredibly straightforward. If you are someone who isn’t good with handling installation procedures, you can still get the job done; that tells about how pretty easy the installation is. How about having a Red Bull close to you for the time you’d take a break during the process of installation.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous cool ways you can customize and ensure that these drawers work pretty well for you. The Core Trax, drain plugs, locks and other features — other interior organization features — are just the icing on the cake. One downside you’ll experience using the Decked systems is, they occupy most of the standard vertical bed space, leaving the things in the truck’s bed exposed unless you’ve got a topper. To further emphasize, inside the full-size bed, you will lose a good amount of vertical space. Whenever you want to haul those larger items of yours, you’d have to take out your topper.

That being said, the 2,000-pound payload on the Decked Drawer System allows you to haul just about anything you need without an ounce of worry. You simply have to be in the know of the height factor of items that are now sitting on top of the drawers. Let’s leave money aside, if you make use of your truck for several hobbies, and want to have your items stay organized while you keep them safe, these are quite difficult to beat. With some extra accessories, you can now go ahead and use your truck for weeks of off-grid climbing and camping — or cruising out in order to hunt in the backcountry, while having your gear stay safe and organized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Golf Clubs Fit In A Decked System?

Ultimately, it will depend on how large your bag is. Any standard-size golf bag without loaded pockets should fit no problem, but if you have the PGA style, bulky bag, it will not fit.

How Much Weight Can Decking?

How much weight can I put on the DECKED system? The DECKED system can hold a load of 2000 lb, distributed evenly. DECKED can withstand a load rating of 50 lbs per square foot, so if you have something heavy to carry, please put a piece of plywood down first.

Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked – Conclusion

As a recap of the response we gave to the question — Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked? — we stated that:

The drawers are large enough to store most tools, and long enough to store guns or even golf clubs. There are loads of accessories available with the DECKED truck bed storage system as well to keep the drawers perfectly organized such as dividers or specially fit toolboxes.

Can You Fit Golf Clubs In Decked? YES.

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