Can You Linex Over Rust?

If you’ve chosen to stick with Line-X amidst other similar products, then you might at some point want an answer to this question, “Can You Linex Over Rust?

Can You Linex Over Rust?

The answer to this question — Can You Linex Over Rust? — is YES. Before applying the Line-X over rust, you’d need to go through a few processes — processes such as cleaning the rust area with methanol or acetone, using sandpaper and a host of others.

Here’s a piece of in-depth information about Line-X.


Can You Linex Over Rust
Can You Linex Over Rust?

Line-X is a premium brand in the “Bedliner” industry that has been in existence for over 25 years. During this time of its existence, hundreds of thousands of spray-on truck bed liner have been sold to several truck owners around the globe by this company — Line-X. This brand has taken its place in the list of the most reputable spray-on Bedliner brands because of the numerous positive reviews people have given for their products, over the years. Line-X is known for its key characteristic, thinness.

With the help of a high-pressure spray system, the application of this spray-on bed liner should be at a high temperature (130 – 210 degrees). The application gives a liner that looks uniform and thinner (around ¼-inch thickness). A lot of truck owners out there have disclosed their love for the thinner liner, because in their opinion, it’s better — owing to how it easily blends with the contours of your truck. Also, it preserves your truck’s original appearance.

You should put into consideration that this Line-X bed liner is regarded as run-free because of the manner in which it mixes easily in the spray gun and, in as quickly as 3-5 seconds, settles. After the installation of Line-X, your truck bed won’t have anything to do with “experiencing bubbling.”

Furthermore, the Line-X material possesses a pretty rough texture, and this plays a lot of roles as regards its anti-skid properties. This explains why it has the ability to perfectly hold cargo. The rough surface isn’t appealing because of the extent to how tough it is on the knees and hands. As a result of this, it’d be quite an uncomfortable act to kneel and rummage in the back. In other words, the Line-X truck bed liner is known for its roughness and how quickly it dries. Is it based on the look? It gives a great look after installation.

In addition, you have the ability to request customization that suits your taste. The con of undergoing this customization is, the surface may end up appearing less glossy. The biggest competitor of Line-X is Rhino Liner, and since it’s so, Line-X has claimed that a tough and hard surface gives more durability and resistance to tear and wear.

It should be noted that a tough surface could also be the reason why your cargo gets damaged, especially to cargoes like wooden crates. If this doesn’t pose an issue to you, the Line-X bed liner isn’t a bad choice.


  • When in use, it absorbs sound — regardless of its thin nature.
  • It dries between 3-5 minutes after it’s applied.
  • Its installation is very easy and it fits so well and closely to the bed of your truck.
  • Spray-on bed liners do great in forming a permanent bond with your truck bed.
  • Due to the harder surface of Line-X, it’s more resistant to tear and wear. It also has higher tensile strength.

At this juncture, we want to give a further answer to the question, Can You Linex Over Rust?

Can You Linex Over Rust?

If it involves surface rust, then you’ve got no problem. With little effort, the dealer can take care of it. In other words, it can be removed.

If it’s a rust that goes deep into the surface, here are some necessary steps to follow:

  • Use methanol or acetone to clean rust areas. (A phosphoric wash will not de-oil the area).
  • Apply a phosphoric wash. Typically, one can say that these products are made up of 85% phosphoric acid and, in a 20:1 ratio, can be diluted in water. Immediately after the rust converts, wash off using acetone or methanol. Ensure you don’t use water.
  • Use a non-oily blasting media to sandblast. For future coats to achieve a mechanical bond, sandblasting is quite necessary. Sandblasting is the best alternative to sanding with a pad — but if it’s not possible to sandblast, use a sanding pad. Blow clean with air only.
  • If you know you won’t coat the surface immediately, ensure you apply a primer. Otherwise, don’t attempt this step; just move into the next step — step 5.
  • Apply Line-X.

Having gotten to this point, let’s pick another type of bed liner and do a comparison between them. We choose Rhino Liner. Let’s compare Line-X and Rhino Liner.

Comparison: Line-X vs Rhino Liner

Before we proceed with this, join us as we depict a little about Rhino Liner.

Rhino Liner

Can You Linex Over Rust
Can You Linex Over Rust

The increased thickness of Rhino Liner, as compared to Line-X, gives it its soft, rubbery feel. The liner, because of its softness, doesn’t pose any tendency to inflict wounds on your knee. It also gives your cargo full protection. What’s more, the thick coating ensures that there’s zero sound — giving an experience of a quieter hauling. It’s quite unfortunate that the Rhino Liner’s thick nature stands as a limitation for it — as regards following your truck bed’s contours, leading to a duller appearance.

Let’s proceed [Comparison]


According to a blog post in DualLiner, the average cost needed for the installation of a Line-X liner is approx. $481.77 while that of Rhino Liner costs approx. $470.41. However, you must understand that the cost of the installation of these bed liners varies from region to region. Let’s take for example the truck owners in Texas; these people will spend less for a spray-on Liner’s installation than the people who reside in New York.

The overall installation cost heightens when the truck owner demands extras — extras such as special UV protectants, colour matching, additional surface spraying, etc. You should be sceptical of the service of any installer that charges you something lesser than the known price. For the two bed liners, it’s almost similar to the installation process. They also require similar tools for installation.

At the end of the day, what really matters is the person you hire to handle the installation of either of those bed liners.

Color Matching

If you’re one of those persons out there who would love to have their truck bed look exactly like the rest of their truck, you may want to confirm if these brands offer color-matching. Fortunately, Line-X and Rhino Liner offer color-matching — they perform this service perfectly. Just as we have already stated, for you to get this service, you’d have to spend, because it attracts an extra cost. The effect of using Rhino Liner might frustrate your color-matching effort.

Unless you spend extra money to pay for UV Protection, the color matching might just end up fading faster than the original factory paint. This leaves your truck having an old and unpresentable look because of the unexpected difference in the color over time.


First, it’s important that you understand that Line-X, Rhino Liner and other spray-in Bedliner producing brands use just the same chemical mixes. These brands strive to have a touch of difference in their mixes, that’s why one performs better than the other. According to reviews from truck owners, Line-X possesses higher tensile strength. The benefit of having higher strength is excellent resistance from tears, gouges and rips. The impact absorbing surface of Line-X helps in reducing the noise in the bed of your truck, hence a quieter and smoother ride.

In addition, people have testified of how the Line-X spray has shown to bond permanently to your truck bed, offering a factory-like finish that’s 100% watertight. The downside of Line-X depicts how their rough nature can damage cargo. Not just that, it can bring discomfort to your knee.

On the other hand, Rhino Liner makes use of a certain material — rubbery material precisely — that feels soft. What does this mean? It basically means that it would be quite easier on your cargo and knee.


The manufacturers of the two bed liners offer an international lifetime warranty. It’s essential you take note of the fact that Rhino Lining’s warranty is, to an extent, limited.

Unlike Line-X, the locations of Line-X are mostly owned by individuals and not even the franchise. This tells you that, the warranty benefits are something you might not enjoy if your liner gets torn or is installed incorrectly.

In addition, there are third sellers for both products who offer a warranty — a warranty that would guarantee your peace of mind.

Can You Linex Over Rust – Conclusion

So, next time someone walks up to you and asks, Can You Linex Over Rust? — you’d have the perfect answer for him/her. In a bid to further answer your question, we went into further details about the bed liner, Line-X — and on top of that, we also pick another bed liner to give a brief comparison.

Line-X liner can be a good choice, if you can deal with its effect on cargoes and what it does to your knee.

Thanks for reading.

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