Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

We’ve heard people ask themselves and other people around them this question, Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner? If you’re one of the persons searching for an answer to that question, you met the right article. In this article, we will do more than answering the question — talking a little about duplicolor Bedliner and even more.

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

The simple answer is “YES.” Some bedliners out there are paintable. In other words, one can apply paint on them. A certain man once shared how he sprayed over his duplicolor product using spray paint and there was no challenge.

Before we move to talk about what Duplicolor Bedliner means, let’s define what Duplicolor is.

What’s Duplicolor?

As the name implies, Duplicolor simply means “several colours.”

Relating it to Bedliners, Duplicolor Bedliners are the ones with multiple colours.

Benefits Of Using Paint On Duplicolor Bedliners

It doesn’t matter your reason for filling up the bed of your truck, whether to help friends and family move heavy items or for commercial use — every time you fill your truck’s bed, you put it to the test. Most persons use their truck’s bed on a regular basis; yes, it’s not bad [in fact, it’s sensible] — but it can also depict its disadvantages.

Using a Bedliner of high quality can save you the stress attached to repair costs and whatnot. Applying paint on Bedliner has a couple of benefits and it depicts thus:

1. UV Protection

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

For people who reside in an environment where the summer temperature heightens, it’s good you become aware of the fact that Ultra-violet radiation and heat has a high likelihood of damaging your truck. After a couple of years, the effect of UV rays drives your car [truck] into a state where it looks worn out.

The UV rays can not only crack the paint job of your vehicle, but it can also fade the colour of the paint on your truck’s bed. Its side effects are so enormous that they could cause an older look for your vehicle. Using paint on your Duplicolor Bedliner can help you in protecting the bed of your truck against UV rays.

2. Maintains The Value Of Your Vehicle

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

A lot of persons buy vehicles to use for a couple of years and sell afterwards, and it’s of no doubt that this set of people will be interested in retaining the value of the truck. When the value of the vehicle is maintained, the cost price doesn’t depreciate very much. If your vehicle experiences series of damages, the financial value could be lost as a result of that. When it comes to maintaining the “selling value” of your truck, ensure you apply wisdom by using paint — could be a spray-on Bedliner — on the Bedliner.

In addition, make sure you carry out the recommended approaches to cause a decrease in the risk factor of further tear and wear. When that is done, the value of your vehicle remains intact — and the selling price, too, doesn’t depreciate. You know one of the major purposes of having a Bedliner, right? Hauling items. Having a Bedliner could just be the reason why your truck’s bed stays preserved.

3. Protects Truck Bed Against Corrosion

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

The paint job of your vehicle has a metal frame underneath it. The paint is present to serve as a shield, to protect the metal from water and air. You know how air and water can immensely contribute to the rusting of the metal. Oxidation is known as a natural process that takes place when metal is, for a long period of time, exposed to air. Then, it begins to corrode, and when this happens the value of the car eventually reduces. With time, it spreads the damage to internal areas.

If you’re someone who frequently moves large furniture or equipment around, you should be in the know of the force those items exert on the paint job of your truck bed. The moment your paint job is damaged, the metal that’s underneath becomes exposed — exposed to elements.

4. Quality Paints Are Not Slippery

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

The bed of your truck can be damaged by your constant hauling of large items like furniture and equipment. Anytime you’re taking those large items from one place to another, it’s of no doubt that you’d want them to be protected.

Bed liners are products that prevent your items from constant shifting throughout the ride. One of the things to look out for when getting a bed liner is, it must be non-slip. Those ones, to a large extent, reduce the chances of having your goods damaged — even when you make a sharp turn.

The non-slip nature of quality bed liners protects the bed of your truck. This takes its place as one of the leading reasons bed liners could be of great benefit to your truck.

5. Amazing Look

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

No matter how some people try to neglect the fact that looks matter, it simply does. It doesn’t only give a smooth finish, it also does wonder in making the Duplicolor Bedliner look sophisticated. You have to ensure that it is very much clear that you’re aware of what you’re doing when you start hauling items in the bed of your truck.

There are ugly scars that usually come from damaged beds. You could chip your paint and also, larger dents could form a more forlorn appearance in your truck bed. The purpose of a bed liner is to cover up the ragged appearance of a torn truck bed. Again, a quality bed liner is one that’s created using a high-quality and protective material.

6. Low Maintenance

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

Among the numerous significant benefits out there — benefits of getting a bed liner — long-term convenience stands as one of the most important ones. With a reliable bed liner, you wouldn’t have to always deal with dented metal and chipped paints — things that come with a headache.

After carrying out the installation of the bed liner, there’ll be no need to worry much about it after that. Yes, it’s important that you repair and maintain your truck; a well-fitted bed liner will save you the stress of always doing that. The furniture and equipment, with a bed liner, have a very tiny likelihood of slipping away from the bed of your truck; this immensely contributes to ensuring low maintenance.

7. Custom Fit

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?

Another benefit of painting a bed liner is, it fits your individual truck bed perfectly. The convenience of spraying the Bedliner is that, you won’t find any room for empty space between it and your truck. It won’t hinder you from using the original size of your truck bed. Your Bedliner thickest area is the floor of your truck bed so that further damages can be prevented as a result of exerting the pressure of heavy items.

How Much Does Spray-On Bedliner Cost?

Firstly, a spray can serve as paint to help you beautify your Bedliner — including the duplicolor Bedliner. Here, we’re going to disclose the price of the Spray-On Bedliner. Unlike what you perceive about the price of this Spray-On Bedliner, the amount of money you’re likely to spend on this is highly dependent on a few factors.

Those factors are pointed out below:

The average cost of running the installation of a Spray-On Bedliner on your vehicle ranges from $300 – $700. This will definitely fit into the budget of truck owners who desire to install the spray-on Bedliner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A Spray In Bedliner Be Repaired?

One amazing and surefire way to repair a spray-in Bedliner is to install another liner on top of the current one. This should help you fix any form of cosmetic issue with the liner and also eliminate the need to full refinish the bed.

Is Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating Paintable?

The answer is YES. After application, leave it for up to an hour so it can dry properly.

How Long Does It Take For Duplicolor Bedliner To Dry?

Before placing items and objects, allow it to stay for 48 hours, so it could cure fully. A minimum of 24 hours should be allowed before placing objects on your truck bed. Allow the coating to dry for 24-48 hours before subjecting to light duty.

Can You Spray Bedliner Through A Paint Gun?

You’ll find it difficult to spray Bedliner using a standard paint gun — a gun designed specifically for shooting thinned topcoats.

Can You Remove Bedliner From Paint?

Make use of a heat gun and chisel, then heat the pieces of liner and chisel them away. There are hand tools you can use; most people use a paint scrapper but some also choose to use a more aggressive air chisel. This is regarded as the best.

Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner – Conclusion

In response to the question, “Can You Paint Over Duplicolor Bedliner?” — we said:

The simple answer is “YES.” Some bedliners out there are paintable. In other words, one can apply paint on them. A certain man once shared how he sprayed over his duplicolor product using spray paint and there was no challenge.

We also touched the various benefits of using paint over Duplicolor Bedliner.

Thanks for reading.

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