Can You Rhino Liner Over Rust?

Before you’d ask this question, that means you know what a Rhino Liner is. Well, if you’re one of those who have the question — Can You Rhino Liner Over Rust? — in mind, we’re here to give a valuable answer to it, and even further beneficial details.

Can You Rhino Liner Over Rust?

It’s not advisable to Rhino Liner over Rust, so the answer to “Can You Rhino Liner Over Rust?” is NO. Why? You must rid the surface of any rust — and also, the surface has to be premiered. This product will neither feature minimally or maximally when applied on rust or unprepped surfaces.

Why Should I Get A Rhino Liner?

It can be quite challenging for one to take proper care of the truck’s bed. When you exert maximum pressure on your new truck, it can easily have an adverse effect. For you to ensure the bed of your truck is preserved, protected and beautified — you need the Rhino Liner. There’s no one who wouldn’t desire to be in possession of a truck that can take anything you drop on it. No matter what your truck carries, you depend on it to — without stress — get to where you’re going.

Below are the various benefits of switching to the Rhino Liner:

  1. Excellent Slip Resistance: It helps to ensure that your goods are secured, regardless of the snow and rain that may be encountered.
  2. Good Impact Resistance: It’s known that the liners from Rhino Linings are powerful and strong — they have the power to take whatever pressure your cargo exerts on them.
  3. Excellent Corrosion Resistance: This prevents the bed of your truck from wearing out as a result of corrosion or rust. A Rhino Lining can heighten the life of your bed, including the quality of years.
  4. Reduces Noise From Impact And Vibration: Compared to the traditional aluminium or steel bed, the Rhino Liners don’t make sounds. When you start using the Rhino Liners, it’d be very easy to notice the difference, in terms of sound.

Aside from the above benefits, there are a few things you must note; they include:

  • The bed won’t warp, peel or crack, even though a high temperature is present.
  • The lining moulds so well to the contours of your truck’s bed’s surface. Because of this, you won’t lose any cargo space.
  • It doesn’t take a long time for one to add a lining. As a matter of fact, the job can be completed in just a couple of hours time.

Using Rhino Liner is investing in your truck so it could last for years and give you value for your money.

Rhino Liner Alternatives

1. Herculiner Bedliner

This Bedliner — herculiner — has been in existence since the 90s. This Bedliner has a thick polyurethane coating with an extremely tough surfaces texture. You get the herculiner kit with one whole gallon of Herculiner. This gallon of Herculiner which it comes with, is enough to cover a 6-foot truck bed, even twice. Also, the kit consists of two rollers, a paintbrush and a handle.

When it comes to a brand that has the most reliable DIY roll-on bedliners, Herculiner should be your go-to. Herculiner contains a proprietary formula that enables it to easily bond to any kind of material, including fiberglass, wood, plastic, rubber, aluminium and even asphalt. It’d take up to a day to complete using a bit of elbow grease, after applying the product to your truck bed. When it’s fully cured, you will be left with a bedliner that has a skid-resistant, textured surface that won’t peel, chip or flake. It also, to a large extent, reduces the chances of having rust — and is quite resistant to solvents, oil and gasoline.

2. Rustoleum Bedliner:

Rust-oleum addresses its Bedliner products as Truck Bed Coating + Undercoating. This tag explains the potential of their product. In other words, it depicts the confidence of the company. In the world of musclecar restoration, this product is chosen by many for chassis undercoating. Rust-oleum is a polymer that’s of black colour — and has a good reputation amidst products from other brands.

Rust-oleum Truck Bed Coating can be regarded as a durable finish that brings into being a textured, non-skid surface. The surface muffles any possible sound and does wonder in resisting chips, weathering, scratches and fading. If you’re someone who owns a light-duty truck, this bedliner is one of the perfect picks for you. Take this protective finish and spray a coat or two on the bed rails, running boards, truck bed and other metal surfaces.


  • It has a tough and protective finish that is used in restoring and renewing metal truck beds.
  • The sprays it come with accommodates every angle of the area on which it’s sprayed. It comes with a spray guide for easy application.
  • The abrasion-resistant and durable formula prevents the truck from experiencing heavy-duty wear.
  • For safe footing, this product provides a textured, non-skid finish.

3. U-POL Truck Bed Liner

This is a high-quality U-POL bedliner product that comes with a hardener and a spray gun. If you cherish the quality urethane formula of this product — U-POL bedliner — but do not have a spray gun attachment for an air compressor in your possession, then this is just something perfect for you. With up to four 1-litre bottles of bedliner, the external material needed to make progress is some painter’s tape. You need the painter’s tape to mask off the bed of your truck and sandpaper as part of the prep process.

Customers of this bedliner have testified of how clear the instructions shown in the manual is. This makes the application process even straightforward and simple. In just an hour time, it dries — and it’s a lot quicker than several other spray-on urethane formula. For every product, it’s important that you take note of the cons as much as you look out for the pros. A con of this product is, if you apply heavily, it’s likely to chip.

It’s recommended that you use a respirator while applying this product — and just as you’d do for other liners, you need to prep the surface first.

4. Linerxtreeme Spray-on Bedliner

This spray-on bedliner from Linerxtreeme is a perfect pick if you desire to apply a spray-on bedliner to a couple of trucks. Again, it’s also a great choice if you have plans of, sometime in the future, redoing your spray-on liner. We described such about this bedliner because its kit comes with 3 full gallons of bedliner. You get this liner with a spray gun, a formula reducer and an activator.

In addition, you must carefully follow the instructions given by the manufacturers for swift usage of this bedliner. It’s not easy to apply this spray-on bedliner — this stands as its con.

5. Rough Country Bed Mat

This also could serve as an amazing alternative for Rhino Liner, although it isn’t a bed liner. The Rough Country Bed Mat can do a great job in giving the bed of your truck a second protective layer. If you’ve already installed a spray-on or drop-in bed liner, it’s not a bad choice to still get a bed mat. By doing so, you’re rest assured of having your truck’s bed very much protected. Over time, the likelihood of your bed liner getting damaged becomes more, and when it happens, your truck would end up looking worn-out and old.

With the presence of a bed mat at your truck bed, you can be sure of a protected truck bed — and your liner. If you are among those who regularly haul heavy rocks and stones or even other objects that pose a threat to the condition of your truck bed, a bed mat may function favourably. The company, Rough Country, manufactures bed mat for several pickup truck models and makes — including Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra and the popularly known Ford F-150. Its installation is quite easy: all you need to do is, just carefully drop it and that’s all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Will A Rhino Liner Last?

A Rhino Liner is designed to, after application, last forever. In case of any issue, Rhino Linings offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you’re the owner of your vehicle.

Can I Put A Rhino Lining On Something Other Than A Truck?

The answer to this question is a big “YES.” You can apply this on almost anything. A few things you can apply this on are grille guards, metal bumpers, ladder racks and rocky panels of jeeps, cars and trucks.

How Much Does Rhino Lining Cost?

Are you among those wondering the cost of Rhino Liners? According to a survey, the national average install price is $470.41. That’s almost $100 more than a DualLiner.

Can Rhino Lining Be Removed?

Yes. Although it’s relatively easy to install, it’s quite labour intensive and difficult to remove.

Can Rhino Lining Be Repaired?

The answer is YES. If you, however, damage your truck, your local Rhino Linings retail applicator is equipped to make seamless, professional-quality repairs.

This article has covered its objective — giving an answer to the question, Can You Rhino Liner Over Rust?

Thanks for reading.

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