Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is known to be the model of reliability. Taking it on exciting adventures of your choice — adventures such as offroading or camping — is quite a normal thing to do. But it’s pretty easier to embark on a “camping” journey using your truck because you know you can lay your head in it. In this article, we’ll answer the question — Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma? — and give you hints on how you can make your truck bed more comfortable.

Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma?

With a few blankets to ensure you stay warm, you can sleep in the Toyota Tacoma truck bed easily. By using a camping shell, you increase your truck bed’s liveability.

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For those adventurers out there, this news is just amazing. In order to bring into reality your dream of going on an outdoor adventure, what you’ll need to do is to simply take some truck accessories you’d need during bedtime. On the flip side, you just might not get that comfort when sleeping inside the truck bed with no other thing but blankets, so you may want to ask, “what are the options that can guarantee comfort?”

Sleeping In A Truck Bed

According to what has been observed, you can sleep in just any truck bed in which you can lay down, as long as you go to the bed of the truck with a blanket or quilt to prevent yourself from losing a lot of heat out the bed’s base. What’s this trying to say? Drivers of Toyota Tacoma are not the only ones tagged as “lucky” — based on the fact that they don’t need a tent when embarking on camping trips.

However, there are numerous things recorded about straight-up sleeping in the bed of a truck that can end up being a little bit frustrating. If you’re someone who struggles with back pain, you’ll experience sheer discomfort while sleeping on such hard metal throughout the night. As a fix, you might want to purchase a truck bed mattress so a good night’s sleep can be easily achieved. If the bed of your truck isn’t covered by a camping shell, you can — in the morning — find yourself in a wet state, as a result of the effect of nature during the early hours of the morning.

Furthermore, you know how wet and cold the morning dew can leave you, right? So, it’s not always a good idea to sleep without a camping shell. This is exactly the reason you need to put buying a camping shell in your budget before starting that “camping” trip. And, it’s very possible that your body can be quite longer than the length of your truck bed. In a case like this, it’s recommended that you, first, bring down the tailgate — so you can have more length to accommodate your body.

If none of the things explained above is something that’s working for you, and you still desire to pass nights at the bed of your truck, then you might just opt for working on some DIY modifications or projects to give you more comfort when you lie at your truck bed.

Making The Truck Bed Comfortable

There are quite a good number of projects that you can carry out to turn your Toyota Tacoma into a livable vehicle. It’s not necessary, but if you insist that it’s something you need to get a good sleep in your truck, then it’s worth your money and time.

Sleeping Platform

There are a couple of people out there who experience issues sleeping with the mattress placed directly on the bed of the truck. For these kinds of people, it’s imperative you build a sleeping platform on which you can keep your mattress — it’s helpful. In addition, it makes it easy for you to cordon off several sections of the bed for the different people the bed will accommodate (if you are traveling as a family).

You can build sleeping platforms using materials such as PVC, wood, or any other building material that has little or no weight for your truck to carry easily. Here’s another amazing advantage of constructing sleeping platforms: they let you include a few other basic storage areas to the bed of your truck, to help you stay organized for lengthy trips.

Darkening Curtains

It’s just an awesome experience sleeping inside your truck and all, but if you don’t come up with a trusted approach to ensure that the back of your truck is kept dark, you will end up getting up in the morning with the sun, irrespective of the time you retired to bed.

Most of the camping shells you’d see out there have their ways of keeping the pitch of the truck black when you’re trying to spend the night in it. As an alternative, you might want to invest your money into purchasing blackout curtains and install them at the angle(s) from which light is coming in. This will make the nights a smooth experience for anybody who has the truck bed as his/her sleeping spot.

Storage Space

This is not that important for those your habits around sleeping, as it’s for ensuring you can locate your equipment every single day that you are out. There’s available a whole lot of options for setting up storage space for your truck bed which involves on your part varying levels of effort. You could just go out there and get for yourself a few plastic storage containers, or you could take the pain of building a couple of wooden cubby spaces to place along the bed’s wall. Look into your budget and do that which suits perfectly into it.

When the storage space is done, you’ll have your equipment organized in no distant time.

The Stealth Option

If you’re someone who doesn’t like it when people around can tell that you’re having a nap at the bed of your truck, and you think you don’t need the gate down to fit in perfectly, then you can hide yourself using a bed cap. Obviously, you will have to ensure that, however, there’s ventilation in there so you can avoid suffocating. On the other hand, if you’re someone who sleeps quietly, it’d be difficult for people to tell that you’re there.

It’s quite unfortunate that you will not have a better sleeping space at all, which might make falling asleep a tough thing, if you’re not utterly exhausted. If you are willing to settle for hiding at the back of a capped truck bed then, in the first place, one can say that you’re pretty tired, so that might not be the first thing that comes into your mind.

How Far Can You Take It?

Many creative people out there have, in fact, discovered ways to live their everyday lives out of the rear [back] of their Toyota Tacomas. It takes more than a handful of modifications, but it’s in fact very much possible to set up your Toyota Tacoma so that you don’t even need a home anymore!

You will need to make out a place for cooking space, a fridge, and also, a separate sleeping space all in the back of the truck if you want to live this way. Of course, it’ll probably be a tough endeavor to get accustomed to for the first couple of months but it’s technically possible if you truly have a deep love of the open road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Can A Toyota Tacoma Carry In The Bed?

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma can carry up to 1,440 pounds right inside the truck bed. As additional information, with the powerful v6 engine and tow package combined, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma comes with the ability to tow up to 6,800 pounds.

Will A Full Size Mattress Fit In A Toyota Tacoma?

Either Full size, full XL, or Queens will perfectly fit into your truck bed. The total size mattress is 54x 74 inches, enough to fit most truck beds of the Toyota Tacoma.

Can You Sleep In The Back Of A Short Bed Truck?

What you have to do is, simply stretch it over the back, hook up with some cords and you’re good to go. If the truck has nothing on there, then it’s just an empty bed. It’s necessary you get a tent that’s enough to cover most of that area.

What Is The Most Expensive Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma TRD Pro

With a starting price of $44,075, the Tacoma TRD Pro is the most expensive Tacoma trim you can buy. However, it’s also the most capable off-roading trim.

Can You Sleep In The Back Of A Pickup Truck?

For a pickup truck, you can even park overnight in parking lots and at the trailheads in some National Parks. For sleeping overnight in the city you will have to look for urban camping spots. Your best option is to park where cars and vans are usually left overnight.

Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma – Conclusion

As a recap of the response we gave to the question — Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma? — we stated that:

Can You Sleep In Bed Of Toyota Tacoma?
With a few blankets to ensure you stay warm, you can sleep in the Toyota Tacoma truck bed easily. By using a camping shell, you increase your truck bed’s liveability.

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