Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust?

A good number of customers are looking towards the direction of the product, raptor liners, to ensure their truck’s bed is much protected. In the market, there are numerous manufacturers that focus on producing sprays of bed liner — we mean bestselling spray of bed liner manufacturers. You might have tested the raptor liner, but don’t know the answer to the question, “Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust?

In this article, we’ll give the appropriate details that not only answers the question but also tell you a little about the raptor liner.

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust?

Yes, you can apply/spray raptor liner on rust. Before going about that, make sure you reduce down the rusts to bare metal. After applying the spray on the bare metal, which was a rusted surface, you can either paint it or use a Bedliner material directly over it. It involves a really easy process, as regards using the raptor [spray] liner.

Let’s stretch further on what a Raptor Liner is.


What Is Raptor Liner?

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust?
Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust

Raptor liner, manufactured by UPOL, is an all-inclusive truck Bedliner kit that comprises several materials, important for the protection of trucks. The moment it’s installed, it — in no time — dries into an ultra-hard coating. This coating performs the work of protecting the bare metal from rust, scratches and chips, too. The look and feel of this product distinguish them from their competitors.

Further, the raptor liner is a durable and tough urethane coating that can be applied on any surface in order to protect against scratches, scrapes and rust. Considering the extreme climate conditions and tough abrasions, the manufacturer made this product in such a way that it accommodates those states — without allowing any damage in the truck’s bed. An incredible thing about Raptor Liner is, it’s an Ultra-violet ray resistant. That means, there’s no chance that I’d fade when exposed to the sun — even though the exposure lasts for years.

Speaking of what it resists, it can shield your truck’s bed’s surfaces against rust because another specification of the Raptor Bedliner is “it’s water-resistant.” So, if your truck usually comes in contact with moisture — including saltwater — with raptor’s water-resistant ability, worrying about “my truck will rust very soon” is something shouldn’t do. Because of the versatility of this product, you can apply it on almost all surfaces.

In addition, if you have other areas — aside from the bed of your truck — that is susceptible to damages, you can equally roll or spray the raptor liner on those areas to provide utmost protection from scratches or stains. It’s built to withstand mighty impacts without being affected. The unique chemical formula of the Raptor Liner allows the bonding of the material with a number of pigments and dyes, so you can easily get a color that matches that of your truck.

How Should Spray On Bed Liner Be Used?

From the start of the existence of Raptor liner, it serves as a cushy way for truck owners to protect the area on which cargo is kept. In the world today, all kinds of industries employ the use of Raptor Liner — industries from off-roaders, agricultural, marine, automotive restoration and even heavy equipment. It’s doesn’t matter the means you choose to apply this unique spray-on bed liner, it remains that the process is simply straightforward.

The first thing you must do is to analyze your truck’s bed to be in the know of the area to cover. The next step would be to order the kit for that purpose — cleaning the surface. You know what you do to a can of spray paint, right? That’s what’s required of you before you apply. Shake first. It takes little or no time before it dries; after that, your metal is evenly protected.

How Raptor Liner Can Protect Your Vehicle

Basically, the raptor liner serves as a protector — protecting the metallic surfaces of your vehicle. Its thickness is important because that gives it the needed ability to disperse pressure. Let’s use this instance as an example; you are in a haste to leave the house, and you must quickly carry your generator along with you. While trying to be fast about moving out, your throw your generator into the back of your truck. Normally, the impact of such should cause dents at your truck’s back — because of the high level of pressure exerted on a small portion.

This perfectly explains the benefit of using the raptor liner: it flexes enough to disperse the pressure hence keeping the possible damages away — out of sight. In other words, the Raptor Liner, with its protective coating, prevents damage — regardless of the force applied on it. As regards the question, “Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust,” the Raptor Liner protects your truck from further likelihood of getting more rust surfaces — but before you apply, you must ensure you reduce down the rusts to bare metal. This Raptor Liner is responsible for holding solid to your vehicle — the elasticity it provides.

Guess what! Even though you frequently drive on rough roads, it won’t chip or crack just like other coatings would do. Paints easily fade as a result of UV ray’s effect, but unlike Raptor Liner, it’s UV resistant.

Is Raptor Liner Worth It?

We know that you’re reading this article either because you have, before now, seen its effectiveness or you have heard about it before. After everything stated above about the efficiency of this product, we have no choice but to answer “YES” to that question.

What You Need To Apply The Raptor Liner

The Raptor DIY Spray in bed liner kit contains everything you need to perform the major job, all by yourself. Each kit consists of up to four bottles, totally about three litres of the liner. A gun and a sandpaper are also included — the gun helps you to easily spray it on. They won’t inform you that you’ll need the service of a few tools.

Do you have in your possession an orbital sander? If your answer is “NO,” don’t worry, because it’s very easy to find them. An air compressor will also be needed — a minimum of 5-gallon capacity. For you to finish the job quickly and up to your taste, you need either 5 gallons or more of air pressure. Using a compressor with low volume is likely to increase the time spent on waiting for the compressor to build up pressure — as a result, doubling the time taken to apply. If you don’t know, you can rent a larger compressor for some days, in order to carry out this purpose.

Applying Raptor Liner

The methods involved in applying Raptor Liner are just two:

  1. Using an ordinary paint roller.
  2. Using a spray gun.

You use a roller on flat surfaces — surfaces without curves or dents. On the other hand, spraying works very well on whatever surface, whether the surface has curves or dents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Raptor Liner last?

If you apply this Raptor Liner as instructed, it can last for several years. Although it resists damage, you still need to take proper care of it to ensure it lasts longer. Just so you know, no product can promise 100% resistant to all forms of factors that can damage your truck. For this product, Raptor Liner, to last for a longer time — you must cure it appropriately after application.

To boost and speed up the process of curing, bake it at 140°F for about 30 minutes. Don’t just subject it to heavy materials, patiently give the curing process about three days.

How Strong Is Raptor Liner?

Because its surface that’s similar to that of rubber, the Raptor Liner is able to prevent just any object placed on it from moving around. This is one of its abilities, apart from the fact that it helps the surface to resist pressure. Raptor liner offers a really tough finish. In order to get a smoother finish, a pressure of between 30 PSI and 100 PSI would work.

Can You Clear Coat Over Raptor Liner?

Yes. Touching it up would be very easy, if you have cured your Raptor Liner as instructed. Don’t apply the product if you haven’t cleaned the areas you want to touch up. Perform the cleaning process twice or thrice before you proceed. This is because it’ll be required of you to prime again.

What Is Raptor Liner Made Of?

Raptor Liner is basically manufactured from urethane materials — because of which, it possesses the ability to withstand and resist UV rays. The urethane materials from which Raptor Liner is made is responsible for its ability to withstand weather damage. It’s an elastic and rubber-like bed liner that forms a hard-coated layer when sprayed on a surface.

Can You Roll On Raptor Liner?

With the help of a roller, a fine texture on whatever surface is achieved. However, you must carefully roll to ensure it’s evenly applied. If you apply it too quickly, some parts will experience softness.

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust – Conclusion

The answer to the question, “Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Rust,” remain a big YES. Always remember that before you apply the spray, you must get rid of the rust in a way that you’re left with just bare metal. Additionally, we further gave you a few details about a Raptor Liner and the benefits involved in using it.

Thanks for reading.

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