Check AWD System – What Is It And How To Fix It?

It would have been impossible to ignore the need and desire of car enthusiasts for cars that offer a lot in the way of traction experience, with the advent of so many types of cars that all give a versatile adventure set.

SUVs have been making their mark on the population for a long time. As a car owner who has used an SUV, you must have heard the acronym “4WD” and “AWD” a lot without actually knowing the meaning.

When your light comes on, this could be a problem as well. It would be enlightening for you to have this.

Check AWD System

What is an AWD System? How it Works and Its Benefits?

SUVs are not the only ones that have AWDs. 

The system is being fitted on several cars. It is a wheel drive in which power from the engine is transferred to all the wheels of the vehicle to maximize traction and allow the car to function on even the most slippery roads. 

The differential is where the engine power is split between the two wheels. 

The differential transfers power from the engine to the vehicle. Some of the reasons why cars are safer include:

The engine power is split between the two wheels through a differential that has three parts; the central, the front, and the rear.

The differential transfers power from the engine to the right side of the vehicle. There are several reasons why your car’s safety improves.

  • It is possible to drive in slippery road conditions.
  • All the time, your AWD system is turned on.
  • Your overall handling is improved. The ease through which your car allows itself to be stable on the road is what your car handling is all about.
  • It heightens the sportiness of your vehicle in more ways than you might think.

What Is the Meaning of Check the AWD System on Your Toyota?

The check AWD system warning is the ability of the car to inform you about problems. The warning can be seen on the instrument cluster, or a small light on some vehicles.

It only comes on if you are at risk of being compromised due to damage to other car parts. The warning light tells you to check your car’s system.

What Are The Causes?

There are a lot of scenarios that can make your check light come on.

It is most likely that the car is trying to prevent further damage to itself or if you have temporarily changed the wheels of your vehicle to a spare, that the system will be turned on.

There are some reasons why the light might come on.

Problem with the Sensor and Moisture

The power from the engine to the tires can be transferred. The car’s transfer case and gearbox are what make this possible.

Transfer switch settings allow you to drive on the road. If the transfer case sensor selector has issues, the switch would most likely get stuck in one position and not shift.

Tire Size Problems

The size of your tires is an important factor in the function and equalization of your vehicle.

If the tire is too small or just doesn’t cut it, the sensor may fail to respond due to malfunctioning differentials.

Moisture and Dirt

If you drive a sports vehicle, you are most likely to take it for a spin in muddy or wet conditions.

This won’t cause a problem in the system but it will cause a problem in the wiring and cause a warning to come on.

A Shaft Seal Failure

There can be no leaks because of the high pressure needed for the function. The seals that keep leaks from occurring are shaft seals.

If you have a shaft seal problem you should have it fixed by a car mechanic. It is easy to fix the transfer sensor problems.

To get residual power out of the system, you need to take the negative battery cable off. You put the cable back on the battery after taking the key out. This method works many times.

Sensor Failure or Loose Connections

Problems in the transfer sensor can be caused by indirect problems like those above, but they can also be caused by problems within the sensor itself.

After driving the car for a while, the sensor might have loose wires or be prone to failure. If you replace the sensor or take the car to the mechanic, you will be able to fix the problem.

Sensor replacements cost between 20 and 80 dollars. If the error message doesn’t go away after a while, you can try to switch off the vehicle and disconnect the battery.

Refer to the solutions mentioned above if it doesn’t work out.

What To Do When It Says to Check the AWD System Comes On?

If you don’t think any of your issues fall into the category, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic to fix them. It’s a prime function you should not allow to be damaged.

Check AWD System

Is It Possible To Drive with the AWD Light On?

You can if you like the 2WD function. If the check engine light is on, the AWD problem is indicative of a deeper problem than just the system, so you should fix it before you drive.


There are more serious problems that can cause the warning message to be caused by a loose gas cap.

It is always a good idea to start checking the easy things and progress to more complex tasks like checking the transfer case shaft.

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