Cross Traffic System Fault – What Does It Mean?

The cross-traffic system fault appears on the dashboard of your car.

The car’s computer has found a problem with the vehicle’s cross-traffic alert system, which warns you about oncoming vehicles when you’re backing up.

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Cross Traffic System Fault

What is a Cross Traffic System?

The cross-traffic alert system is a safety feature built into the vehicle that lets the driver know if a car or cyclist is going to cross in front.

It will alert you with a visual warning and an audible alarm. This is an important feature for any vehicle, if you are not familiar with it, here is how it works.

The cross-traffic alert system uses the front and rear of your vehicle to detect other cars in your blind spot.

When another vehicle enters your blind spot, you can see an icon on your dashboard.

An alarm will accompany this icon so you know when to check your mirrors and make sure no one has accidentally entered your blind spot when you switch lanes or turn at an intersection.

In addition to using the sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spot, they can also be used to detect pedestrians who step out into traffic without looking before crossing the street.

How Does It Work?

The cross-traffic system uses radar units at the corners of your vehicle When a vehicle approaches from any direction, the system decides if it’s a threat to your safety and if it’s necessary to avoid a collision.

Accidents can be prevented when making turns with the cross-traffic system.

If you use signals to indicate an intention to turn left or right, the radar unit can detect vehicles approaching from behind and warn you if they are too close for comfort.

What Does It Mean When It Says Cross-Traffic System Fault?

If a vehicle says cross-traffic system fault, it means that the computer has detected an error in the system and that it is no longer turned on.

There are several reasons this can happen. A bad sensor is one of the things.

There may be something wrong with the sensor that is supposed to alert you when you are backing up if you notice that your vehicle does not alert you.

A blown relay in the car’s electronic system is one of the reasons. Professional help from your local mechanic is the best way to diagnose this problem.

Once they determine what is causing this problem, you will have to have them replace it with the right parts so that everything works as it should.

What Are the Causes of This?

There are several reasons why your car’s cross-traffic alert system might not be working.

  • The sensor can be blocked by dirt. They won’t be able to detect anything behind you if you try to back out of a parking space with something on top of the sensors.
  • Before using this system again, you should clear off any debris.
  • The sensor can be broken or damaged. No matter how much you clean it off or adjust its position, it won’t work properly if the wiring is loose or the sensor is damaged.
  • If this happens to you, you will need a new sensor.
  • Your car may have a faulty computer module that controls all of its electronic systems.
  • It is possible, but rare if your vehicle has been damaged by water or an electrical surge.

What Type of Sensors Are Needed for a Rear Cross-traffic Alert?

Rear cross traffic alert uses radar or Ultrasonic waves to detect other vehicles in blind spots and warn you if they approach from behind.

The system uses sound waves to detect other vehicles in blind spots and warn you if they come from behind.

Accidents caused by backing out of parking spaces into moving traffic can be prevented by using a rear cross-traffic alert. If there are no other cars, the rear cross-traffic alert won’t work.

How to Reset a Rear Cross-traffic Alert?

If you have a rear cross-traffic alert, it is important to know how to reset the system. Here are the ways to do it.

  • You have to press the info button to see Cross Traffic.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • The system will be turned back on if the Reset button is pressed again.
Cross Traffic System Fault


The Cross-traffic system is an important part of your car. When there is an approaching car while you are backing up it helps prevent accidents.

You should maintain its components to make sure that it doesn’t show a cross-traffic system fault when you use it.

The vital components include the sensors, the modules, the speaker, and the battery, which are prone to malfunction due to a lot of things.

If you do not forget that a false alarm can also cause this problem, you should be able to diagnose and repair them whenever you find a cross-traffic system fault.

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