Do All New Fords Have Remote Start?

Ford introduced remote start into cars in 2005, but it’s been a long road to get us to the point where a majority of cars are equipped with the technology.

Ford’s new CEO Mark Fields said in a statement, “The time is right for a major change and we’re working to make that happen.” That change involves both improving the vehicle’s performance and making it more affordable.

One of the biggest barriers to this change is the high cost of integrating remote start into the car.

Ford has reportedly spent $1 billion on the project, which includes developing the remote key system and the user interface. 

Ford made remote start available on most of their new cars last year, and it’s still not on the radar of a lot of car shoppers. 

With the majority of car buyers preferring to have a hands-free way of starting their vehicles, this feature is missing on many new cars. 

This could be one reason why the company reported its first quarterly loss in six years.

Remote Start

What Is Remote Start? 

A remote start is a technology that uses radio waves to start your car from a distance.

It has been around for a while, but there have been improvements to the technology that allows you to connect right to your cell phone.

There are two kinds of remote starts, one that is standard on Ford vehicles and the other that must be added as an aftermarket product.

One of them has more advanced features and options that will help you create the in-car atmosphere that you want.

Ford Models with Remote Start 

Ford began to include remote start as a standard in 2020. There are a few of the top Ford models that come with remote start.

  • Ford EcoSport
  • Ford Escape 
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Mustang 
  • Ford Super Duty
  • Ford Explorer 

Ford vehicles with remote start are not the only ones. If the transmission is automatic and the car is from 2011 and up, you can add remote start as an aftermarket product.

While standard Ford remote start is guaranteed to work and be covered by your warranty, you need to be careful with the aftermarket.

Aftermarket Ford Remote Start 

You have to choose the remote start that you want when you add it to your Ford vehicle. There are different options and they vary by location.

You will have a remote start after that, but that is all. In contrast to standard industry remote starts, aftermarket products come on a separate key fob and will only start your car.

There is nothing wrong with adding a remote start to your vehicle, but you have to be careful about the warranty on your vehicle.

It’s always a good idea to find out if the aftermarket products void your warranty.

It must be a product that is installed by an accredited technician so that your car will retain its value.

FordPass Connect 

FordPass Connect has more than a remote start and is an app that pairs with your car.

You can start your car, change the interior temperature, and check the status of your warranty with the app.

There are limitations on distance for Ford remote start with FordPass Connect.

  • Control the temperature.
  • Defrost windshield.
  • Lock or unlock the doors.
  • Check the health of your car.
  • Control the music and volume.

You will need to be close to start your car if you want to. All you have to do is push the button and your engine will roar.

You won’t want to stop using FordConnect once you get the hang of it, because it is now a standard feature in all vehicles.

Pros and Cons

There are a few drawbacks to the idea of a Ford remote start, and you should know about them.

Before adding a remote start or making it a part of your daily driving habit, you should consider these pros and cons.

The Pros 

  • Before you step foot in your car, start your car, change the temperature, and turn on your favorite songs.
  • Even though you can keep your door locked, you can check your car’s health to make sure the oil and engine are good.
  • It is always a good idea to start your car before taking off. It is possible to start it up and keep it locked to reduce the risk of theft with a remote start.

The Cons 

  • Ford remote start isn’t included on all models and is becoming an industry standard for newer vehicles.
  • If you add remote start as an aftermarket product, you can void the warranty if you don’t read the fine print.
  • It can be expensive to replace a remote start key.
  • If you forget to run your car, you can waste gas and produce emissions.
Remote Start


It’s not a bad idea to have a remote start option, but it depends on the model you have.

If you are planning to purchase a newer model, you will have the option built into it as a standard feature.

You will start to see how much more convenient your commute is once you start using remote start.

Thankfully, manufacturers are adding remote starts to their standard features, making it something you are likely to see more of very soon.

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