Do Black Tool Boxes Get Hot?

Most of the time, if we’re not mistaken, this question pops into the mind of people when they’re looking at getting new black toolboxes. That’s the case, right? It’s the right to do to want to know whether the black tool boxes get hot or not — hence the question, Do Black Tool Boxes Get Hot?

In this article, we’ll cover giving a response to that question and more.

Do Black Tool Boxes Get Hot?

Let’s answer this question using the response of a Ford-Truck forum member.

According to PITS, the forum user:

I have a black just about everything on my truck. Does it get a little hotter? Yes. Is it a problem? No.

And chiller seats are COOL! 

Why Buy A Truck Tool Box?

1. To Organize & Haul Small Items: Considering the fact that a truck bed is shaped as one large rectangle, it can be quite difficult to store small items — when having loose items moving around as you drive, is something you don’t want. A storage or tool box makes provision for convenient and simple storage space in order to keep the small objects — so every single thing is contained.

2. Protect Valuables: While a lot of truck tool boxes out there are not bank vaults, the basic latches and locks that they provide are essential for the purpose of general tool protection and storage. The average tool box is much secure — secure enough with the ability to deter all.

3. Free Up The Pickup Truck Bed: Having fewer small items inside the bed of your truck means a lot more space — usable space — for larger things. Some of the toolboxes out there actually sit right above the bed’s floor, so it’s quite easier to load longer or awkward items while still occupying the “above” space.

Types Of Tool Boxes For Trucks

Saddle Tool Box

Arguably, this takes the place at the top of the list of the most traditional form of a truck toolbox. Extending from one side of the bed to the other, the bed is straddled by this design — and this makes it float above the floor. In the market, more than a handful of saddle boxes, which you can also call crossover toolbox, offer even more options, more flexible mounting options, and makes provision for space underneath in order to accommodate longer items.

Chest Tool Box

If what you needed to do was to take a typical garage toolbox and ensure it fitted into a pickup bed, you would have the basic ingredients — those ingredients of a low-profile chest-style truck box. Chest boxes usually fit right on the bed’s floor and can offer lots of space that can house tools. It accommodates these tools at the expense of space in the bed itself accessible through a single lid. In installation and design, these — to a large extent — tend to be a lot simpler.

Side Mount Tool Box

Most times, the side-mounted truck boxes run the truck bed’s length while ensuring that the center is preserved. This very type of tool box plays so well with tonneau covers and camper shells, especially if you have the box sitting beneath the bed rail line. Most setups, side-mounted setups precisely, make use of up to two boxes for each side of the bed.

Underbody Tool Box

Just as the name states, these particular types of tool boxes are large capacity and super heavy-duty tool boxes you can see mounted on the underside of the frame of your vehicle. They are usually kept [reserved] to be used in larger commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and tow trucks. They provide provision for easy access from the side of the truck and they come in numerous sizes.

Wheel Well Tool Box

As for the wheel well tool boxes, they’re known as a fairly indigenous design that works in maximizing efficiency and storage space in the rear of your truck. They are cut using a round shape that swiftly fits over the wheel well and may not or may be mounted on swinging hinges close to the tailgate, just so you can be able to swing them toward the back of the truck in order to access your gear. They are smaller and slimmer in capacity — when compared to other types of tool boxes, but they are an incredible option for storing the smaller tools and also, other gears.

Top Brands Of Truck Tool Boxes

Weather Guard

As a line that has recorded huge success in the industry of selling truck and van accessories, Weather Guard is a household name in the mouth of truck owners looking to locate a toolbox. Also, Weather Guard is a brand owned by WernerCO, and its origins started in Crystal Lake, Ill. in 1960 with founder Howard Knaack’s original storage toolboxes. Today, most people out there can testify of the quality of the traditional truck boxes the brand offers.

The variety of traditional tool boxes come in different materials and sizes. Wanna know why? Well, it’s to make sure that it suits the personal tastes and needs of their customers. Toolboxes such as the Black Aluminum Saddle Box provide for the user tons of value for professionals who desire to have a secured place in which their tools can be stored.


The brand, TruXedo, came into existence in 2000 as a division of Shur-Co., a company based in South Dakota. They’ve, over the years, grown into becoming the largest manufacturer of soft roll-up tonneau covers, roll-up tonneau covers such as TruXedo TruXport. In 2007, a private equity firm purchased the company — it was purchased as part of a huge umbrella of truck accessories and products.

Better Built

Since the year 1989, Better Build hasn’t ceased to provide innovative jobs site and truck storage solutions. The company, that’s based in Illinois, sits right underneath the umbrella of WernerCo. It prides itself on its performance based on thoughtful product designs which are budget-friendly and durable. One of the top sellers of the company is the Better Built 73010280 70in Saddle Truck Box.


Undercover — founded in 1999, and which was a one-piece truck cover manufacturer — has, at a fast rate, drastically expanded its line of tonneau accessories and covers. To add to the various types of tonneau covers we can find, the company — as well — introduced its personal line of the SwingCase Toolboxes in order to offer more utility and value to its customers.

Best Truck Tool Box Pricing

Under $150: In case you’re not aware of what budget toolboxes do, they mostly take an approach called the no-frills approach in design. Take note of the fact that most of the options — the box options — you will see that are of this price range will be nothing but basic, small boxes that internal organization, and even locks.

$150 to $500: The boxes of midrange have the tendency of bringing more organization features and convenience in their design. Most of the boxes that are used for professional purposes also fall under this range.

$500 and up: The manufacturers of the high-end toolboxes had the “professional purposes” in mind. This can come in when the abuse of tossing tools around can terminate lesser options. Boxes with the price tag of $750 tend to offer the most internal organization and space.

Key Features

Waterproof Protection

Aside from organization, the major purpose of having a toolbox is protection. Beyond protection against theft, the best protection you’d enjoy using a toolbox is the protection from the weather. You get the weather-resistant in a form of quality exterior materials and a proper weather seal around the seams of the box. The best option can keep the rain from causing any damage and withstand [survive] a couple of knocks from hail and rust from water.


In general, an important component attached to truck beds is theft prevention. Why’s it so? They lack the security, the inherent security, of enclosed spaces for cargo, just like trunks. A toolbox that comes with smooth-running, high-quality lock functions way more effectively in the area of being difficult for anyone to open the lid, especially when you’re trying to open the lid with intention of preventing thieves from picking anything inside the box.

Lid & Gas Lift

If you have an intention of making use of your toolbox most of the time, then you should know that it’s mandatory to have a high-quality lid. In addition to the resistance to theft and weather, the lid should be opened and closed smoothly. What you can do to help support the lid for smooth operation are good gas lifts. The reason is simple because they have the ability to take the lid’s weight and control the movement while opening and closing it.

Do Black Tool Boxes Get Hot – Conclusion

As a recap of the answer we gave to the question — Do Black Tool Boxes Get Hot? — we stated that:

Let’s answer this question using the response of a Ford-Truck forum member.

According to PITS, the forum user:

I have a black just about everything on my truck. Does it get a little hotter? Yes. Is it a problem? No.

And chiller seats are COOL!

Thanks for reading.

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