Do Soft Tonneau Covers Flap In The Wind?

An important thing to consider when thinking of a soft tonneau cover is whether it will flap in the wind while you drive. This may sound silly, but if you don’t want your hard work undone by the wind flapping your cover in the wrong direction, it’s good to know what options there are for flapping-free waterproof tonneau covers.

Many people think that tonneau covers will flap around in the wind. The truth is, they don’t. A properly designed soft tonneau cover will stay put without flopping around like a rag doll. It will even keep dirt and rain out of the truck bed. This article covers why you should use a soft tonneau cover, how they work, and which ones are the best on the market today — answering the question, Do soft tonneau covers flap in the wind?

Do Soft Tonneau Covers Flap In The Wind?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the looks of your truck is a tonneau cover. A big problem with the cloth version of the cover is if it isn’t installed correctly, it can become loose and flap in the wind.

How To Stop Your Tonneau Cover From Flapping

If your tonneau cover is flapping, the wind is getting under it and lifting it up. This can happen when traveling at high speeds. It can be frustrating to hear the flapping noise and see your cover blowing in the wind.

The good news is that there are several ways to fix a flapping tonneau cover.

The tonneau cover is designed to be easily installed and removed, but the lightweight material can flap in windy conditions. This can be especially annoying when traveling at high speeds or on the highway.

The fix: There are several products that help to reduce tonneau cover flapping, including J-hook bungees and cam buckles. These work by attaching to the underside of the truck bed and securing around the tonneau cover. They are easy to install and remove, and they’re great for securing your cover when hauling cargo.

Another option is the Tonno Tamer, which utilizes a rolling tension system that’s mounted on a rail and adjusted with a key. This system secures your tonneau cover with a constant force, which eliminates flapping while driving.

In addition, Here are four different tips to keep your tonneau cover from flapping:

  1. Make sure your tonneau cover is tightly secured.
  2. Install gutter clips to keep your cover secure.
  3. Consider a rail system for additional protection against flapping.
  4. Invest in a cover that’s designed to resist flapping.

What Kind Of Cloth Is Best For Tonneau Covers?

There are several factors that determine what type of cloth is best for your tonneau cover.

Tonneau cover materials can be divided into two classes, soft and hard. Soft tonneau covers are made from cloth or vinyl and roll or fold up for partial or full bed access. Hard tonneaus are usually made from fiberglass, aluminum, or metal and open like a trunk lid.

Soft tonneaus are typically more cost-effective than hard covers, but are less secure and have a shorter life span. Hard lids typically have a longer life span because they don’t extend across the length of the bed and are exposed to less abuse.

The most popular cloth is a lightweight nylon that is waterproof, mildew, and rot-resistant. It is also very easy to clean. A vinyl-coated polyester is another good choice as it is just as waterproof but a little heavier in weight and more durable than the lighter nylon.

These two materials are available in a wide variety of colors. You can even get custom colors. Some companies use a thicker marine-grade canvas or vinyl. These can be custom-made and are often used when you want to get a matching top for your truck such as the one from your boat or RV.

The price of the cover depends on the type of material you choose, how large it is, how thick it is and what features are included in it. The cheapest option will be the vinyl-coated polyester top because it is not custom-made but rather produced in bulk by the manufacturer.

The next least expensive option will be the marine-grade canvas or vinyl tops which are produced in limited quantities each year so they are not available all year long. The most expensive option will often be a custom top made to fit your truck specifically and can include any color or features you want to include on it.

Do Tonneau Covers Fly Off?

Some people will tell you that tonneau covers fly off on the highway. In reality, they don’t fly off. They come undone from their secure locks and can cause accidents.

There are many types of tonneau covers, and some of them have a better reputation for being more secure than others. Some of the most popular types are:

Roll-up tonneau covers: These roll up into a large, bulky roll at the back or front of the truck bed. They’re easy to remove and reinstall, but they’re not as durable as hardcovers and don’t offer as much protection from wind resistance.

Snap-down tonneau covers: These snap down over your truck bed and give you a little bit more of a secure feeling than roll-up covers. They’re also easier to remove in case you want to transport something larger than your truck bed.

Hard folding tonneau covers: These are made out of aluminum or fiberglass, and they’re very durable. They require no maintenance, so they’re great if you want a low-maintenance option that can handle any type of weather condition.

Hinged tonneau covers: These hinged at the front and back, so they don’t require any tools to install or remove.

Are Soft Tonneau Covers Loud?

When you close a soft tonneau cover, it will make some noise. This is because the fabric and snaps are in contact with each other. However, the amount of noise depends on the type of cover you have. For example, some soft covers like the Access Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover can be rolled up when not in use. When this cover is rolled up, there is less surface area for the fabric and snaps to touch, which makes for a quieter ride.

Some soft tonneaus are also constructed from materials that don’t “snap” as loudly as others. The Tyger Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, for example, features an SPM material that’s known to be quiet and durable.

Another way to reduce the noise a soft tonneau makes while driving is to install weatherstripping along the edges of your truck bed and tailgate (if applicable). This will provide a cushion between the cover and your truck bed so that they don’t rub against each other as much.

How Long Do Soft Tonneau Covers Last?

Soft tonneau covers are generally made from vinyl or cloth. They typically have a limited lifespan of about 5 years when used daily, but can last much longer if they’re less exposed to the elements.

Soft tonneau covers have one major advantage, in that they can be folded up and stowed away when not needed. They also tend to be a bit cheaper than hard tonneau covers, and some models offer more cargo management features, like pockets for storing tools or straps to help secure your load.

Are Vinyl Tonneau Covers Good?

Yes, vinyl tonneau covers are good. The reasons for this are:

It is an inexpensive way to protect your cargo from the elements as well as from would-be thieves. Vinyl tonneau covers are lightweight, making installation easy and convenient.

They are also water-resistant and durable.

Can You Take A Soft Tonneau Cover Through A Carwash?

Soft tonneau covers have their own set of unique challenges when it comes to cleaning them, especially if you want to take your truck through a carwash. This is because many carwashes use a track system that runs along the top of your truck. That track is often too high for most soft tonneau covers to pass underneath without damage.

If you want to take your truck with a soft tonneau cover through a carwash, look for one of the newer types of automated carwashes that do not have tracks that run above your truck. You can also wash your truck yourself by hand or by using an automatic pressure washer.

As long as you avoid damaging your tonneau cover by accident, there’s no reason why these types of covers shouldn’t get just as clean as any other part of your vehicle.

How Secure Are Soft Tonneau Covers?

Tonneau covers are generally quite secure. Still, it’s important to note that there are different levels of security depending on the exact model.

Soft roll-up tonneau covers provide a good balance between security, accessibility and cost. They’re not as secure as hard-top models — which lock up like a trunk — but they’re still more than adequate for most people’s needs.

Here are some other things to consider when comparing security among tonneau covers:

Locking mechanisms. Some tonneau covers have locking mechanisms that tie into your truck’s existing locking system, meaning you can unlock them with the same key used for your truck doors and tailgate. Others have a separate key. If you need to lock up extra-large or valuable items through the bed, it’s likely worth the extra money to get a cover with a locking mechanism that ties into your truck’s existing system.

Some tonneau covers come with an optional cable lock that attaches through the front of the cover and secures to your truck’s tailgate. This is an inexpensive option that can add an extra level of security and peace of mind, especially if you have some gear in the back that you’d prefer not to leave completely out in the open.

Conclusion – Do Soft Tonneau Covers Flap In The Wind?

Yes, soft tonneau covers do flap in the wind. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. In many ways, it can be seen as an advantage over other styles. Soft tonneau covers protect against hail damage, for example, and even feature locking mechanisms to deter theft. They don’t take long to roll up or down and they can also be removed easily.

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