Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller?

Hello! You’re welcome to another article where we take out time to answer your pressing questions. If you’re here, that means you make use of your truck bed frequently — well, everyone who owns a truck is likely to always use their truck bed to transport cargo. The purpose of this article is not only to give a response to the question — Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller? — but it’d also give further details into what a RamBox is, and even more.

Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller?

The RamBox occupies a huge amount of space at the truck bed, hence our conclusion: it’d provide you a little space on which you can accommodate small cargo. If you regularly get the need to haul heavyweight cargo, then we recommend you stick with the normal box.

We’ve been talking about a thing called a RamBox, and we understand that you might not know what it is. Moving further, we’ll disclose the SHOULD-KNOWs about a RamBox.

What Is A Truck RamBox?

Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller
Truck RamBox

The RamBox is simply a built-in cargo system found at the bed of your truck. It’s a compartment in which the truck owner can store small items without having the fear of losing those items to thieves. Speaking of its security, it comes with a lock system that enables you to lock and unlock the RamBox at will. As regards the “compartment” mentioned in some sentences ago, the RamBox consists of two compartments, compartments you can find at either side of your truck bed. The cost of this system is $995 and it plays a major role in helping you secure valuables.

While it — the RamBox — comprises several clever elements, it still won’t be the choice of every truck owner. Through the lids are the boxes accessed; you can locate these lids at the bedsides — either of the bedsides. When you open the box, you will find two LED lights that illuminate at night. Those two LED lights illuminate to give a clearer visual of the contents inside the RamBox: its importance would be more appreciated at night. In addition, inside the side box of the driver, you’d find a 115-volt home-style 3-prong power outlet.

Furthermore, the traditional lock cylinder also serves as a lock system — but in addition to that is a feature regarded as one of the RamBox’s most innovative features: the RamBox’s ability to lock and unlock alongside the rest of the truck. If you check on each box lid, you will find a button that, just like the release of an external trunk, releases the lid each time the owner of the truck presses the unlock button of the entire truck — simply put: whenever the truck is unlocked. This, to a large extent, increases the level of usability. As the weather continues to strip on the box’s inside, water will always be kept out.

The top drawback of having the RamBox in place is, they significantly consume the space on the bed of your truck. Therefore, if you are quite satisfied with having a midsize bed volume of your truck — your full-size truck — then you can go ahead and opt for them. To digress further, as they are installed to fit around the rear-wheel wells, “a little awkward” might be how you’d find the space inside either box. The depth of the box near the cab is different from its depth towards the rear: towards the rear, it’s much deeper. Because of this, large items fitting into the RamBox would be a thing of probability.

This drives us back into the “city” of our main point that depicts “the RamBox won’t be for everyone.” This will come in handy, if you have in your possession a couple of important stuff you intend to haul inside the bed of your truck. In contrast, if your plans revolve around using your truck to carry out “truck” activities, such as hauling bulky or dirt items, it’s advised that you stick with the traditional bed.

Features Of The RamBox (The Cargo Management System)

Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller1. Cargo Capacity: The RamBox Cargo Management System is available in two different bed lengths: the 6-foot, 4-inch bed, available in Quad and Crew Cab models; & the 5-foot, 7-inch bed, available in the Crew Cab models. Since the boxes, into the space over the wheel well, fit very well — there’s a provision for extra cargo room. Using the longer bed provides you with a storage space of 8.6 cubic feet, while the bed of the Crew Cab receives a storage space of an extra 7.3 cubic feet.

Have you considered how much space a toolbox, a truck toolbox, will consume? Remember, a truck toolbox — the low-profile version — is around 8 cubic feet, generally. If this is considered, then you know you’re appropriately putting it into use. With the help of the RamBox, you’re given the space to stack 4 x 8 sheets of plywood.

2. Drainable: While we are in the know that tools like the chainsaw and many others can perfectly fit into the RamBox, how about the times when you’re not using them for that purpose and you need to use the extra storage space as a cooler? What about when you must clean the boxes? You should know that the makers of the RamBox are some steps ahead of you — they already know the few things you’d love to try.

So, they made each compartment outfitted with a drain to give you that convenience you seek. All you need to either drain the ice or hone it down is to simply pull the plug. This feature, which is quite convenient, is one you’d definitely appreciate.

3. Central Locking: If you’re concerned so much about security, RamBox has features that guarantee utmost security. There’s a locking system called AllSecure Central Locking System; this locking system is controlled using a keyless entry with which the safety of your valuables is assured. This doesn’t only give you peace of mind, it also provides a secure storage option for your valuables.

4. Divider/Extender: In this cargo management system includes an adjustable bed extender and divider for increased utility and versatility. In order to secure loads with a longer length, there’s a provision of 2 feet bed length. At the time you don’t need to extend the length of your bed, you can make use of it to create a division of the compartments in the bed if a need arises for you to separate your equipment and tools.

5. Adjustable Tie-Downs: The inside of each RamBox has a rail system that consists of sliding, adjustable cleats suitable for tie-downs. This provides a countless, infinite amount of tie-downs to enhance the security of your cargo. You can’t, right now, tell what you’ll haul in the future, so it’s necessary you prepare for anything — that’s what this system does: it prepares you for anything. Just so you know, you cannot have enough tie-downs.

6. Lighting & Electric: The interior of this RamBox is illuminated with light, so during the night, you wouldn’t have problems searching for your tools. In several situations, the lighting in the RamBox will contribute immensely to making your life easy. You will appreciate this feature more when you’re camping, and also, when you need to find a tool quickly in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Wide Is A RamBox Bed?

It’s 66.4 inches wide.

What Comes With The RamBox Cargo Management System?

The RamBox Cargo Management System comes with built-in cargo rails, top rail covers, and sliding tie-down cleats.

Is RamBox Waterproof?

The RamBox is designed in such a way that it’s drainable and water-resistant. In order to personalize it to your needs, you can add Mopar RamBox accessories.

Should I Get RamBox?

I have so much love for the RamBox system. It locks and unlocks with the key fob, the deep front and rear well carry out the job of keeping things in place while the truck is in motion. It doesn’t matter what you drive through, even though it’s mud, the RamBox’s contents remain dry and clean.

What Year Did RamBox Come Out?

The RamBox, which was launched by RAM, came out in the year 2009.

How Much Is A RamBox?

For either of the available bed sizes, you can get the RamBox for $1,295. That amount covers the entire feature of the RamBox. The package of the RamBox also includes an adjustable bed expander and divider which allows truck owners to use the tailgate as part of the bed, or split the bed into multiple segments.

Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller – Conclusion

The answer to the question, “Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller?” — which is the crux of this write-up — remains a YES to an extent. With the RamBox, there’d be enough space to accommodate small cargo such as toolboxes and the likes. To add to giving a response to that question, we also extended further to give in-depth information about the RamBox.

We are delighted to know that the next time someone asks you — Does The RamBox Make The Bed Smaller? — you will have an answer to give that person.

Thanks for reading.

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