How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?

The only people who are likely to ask this question are Nissan Frontier owners. Also, persons who have the intention of purchasing a Nissan Frontier could want to get an answer to this question — How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier? — too.

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How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?

To achieve this, what you should do is, lift the bed extender 90 degrees, just so the closed end would start pointing up. After that, lift. If you intend to remove it permanently, then remove the stops from the utilitrack and slide the mounting hardware out.

While the above response isn’t detailed, we will talk a little about the Nissan Frontier before giving more comprehensive details as a response to “How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?

Nissan Frontier

How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?
Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is a strong, compact pickup truck. The Frontier assures ease in terms of transportation — driving. It comes with a V6 engine which ensures the work is done appropriately. The infotainment system is, to a large extent, user-friendly and you — the truck owner — also drive on a comfortable front seat.

Having mentioned these few things, let’s take a dive into what you should expect while waiting for the release of the 2022 Nissan Frontier.

2022 Nissan Frontier

How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?
2022 Nissan Frontier

When it comes to the modern midsize pickup party, the 2022 Nissan Frontier happens to be late to it. Its chance of being the new hotness is pretty high, owing to its bold bodywork, futuristic face, and adoption of popular technology. While the original Hardbody compact truck inspires its blistered fenders, we’re delighted to pass on the good news to you: the Nissan Frontier doesn’t, anymore, appear like a blast from years back. For complete 16 years, its predecessors existed without any significant change.

Furthermore, the interior of the truck, with a well-styled layout, goes from drab to near fab. To add, the truck’s interior also comes with additional features. The presence of a potent 310-hp V-6, which pairs with a 9-speed automatic transmission and rear-drive or four-wheel drive, provides the needed and maximal power. The Pro-4X trim will be appreciated mostly by the off-road enthusiasts. To digress more about the Pro-4X trim, it has an electronic lock rear differential, a beefier suspension, and other amazing and rugged add-ons. For over a decade and a half, Nissan truck owners have been anticipating the release of the third-generation Frontier. The good news is, Nissan has finally released it — the 3rd-generation Frontier for the 2022 model.

In addition, this Nissan product rides on this particular frame that dates back to the early 2000s — but as for the suspension, it has been revised. Overall, the other parts of the truck are considered improved, observably.

Pricing & Which One To Buy

  • SV – $28,000 (est)
  • Pro-X – $36,000 (est)
  • S – $28,000 (est)
  • Pro-4X – $39,000 (est)

In the 2022 Nissan, you’ll get a couple of different trim levels with the choice of four-wheel or rear-wheel drive and either a crew cab or an extender. For now, the company has given out an official price tag. You can check their official website to know when this information becomes available.

Having known these, let’s move further to describe what a bed extender is.

Bed Extender

How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?
Truck Bed Extender

The purpose of using a bed extender, as the name implies, is to extend the bed of your truck to easily accommodate longer items. A bed extender can increase the length of your truck bed by 2 feet. In order to get a small storage compartment that will secure your groceries from scattering all over the bed of your truck, simply flip the bed extender away from you and lift up the tailgate. Normally, bed extenders are extremely good at carrying any type of cargo — this doesn’t exclude the smaller items, too.

Types Of Bed Extenders

There are three major types of bed extenders namely:

  • Standard/conventional U-shaped design.
  • Bedside extender/bed loader.
  • Cargo-slide bed extenders.

Let’s look at each of them one by one.

1. Standard/Conventional U-Shaped Design

Standard/Conventional U-Shaped Design

If the cargo you very much need to haul is not, in any way, lengthier or larger than your truck bed, then this type of bed extender, the Standard/Conventional U-Shaped Design should be the ideal option. You can see this conventional U-shaped truck bed extender either in form of plastic or metal — this explains that it’s made in those forms. All you have to do is to connect it to the tailgate at the bed and you’d have extra space whenever the tailgate is lowered.

This bed extender offers convenience even at periods the need for transporting heavyweight cargo arises — cargoes which are not, in length, longer or lengthier than the tailgate [when it’s lowered] of your truck. Check your cargo items: if they’re a lot longer than the bed of your truck, then this type of bed extender — Standard/Conventional U-Shaped Design — won’t be suitable.

2. Bed Loader or Bedside Extender

Bed Loader Extender
Bed Loader or Bedside Extender

This bed extender comes with something called hitch mounts. The purpose of these hitch mounts is to connect the rear receiver of your truck’s extender. With this bed extender, you’re assured of a better and greater capacity to serve as a storage space for your items, particularly those items that extend way beyond your truck’s tailgate.

Whenever you’re loading, the support arms are responsible for the versatility you need. Lastly, this type of bed extender is best for people who often carry large arrays of items at once. It also ensures the cargoes are transported safely to your desired location.

3. Cargo-Slide Bed Extender

Cargo-Slide Bed Extender
Cargo-Slide Bed Extender

Compared to other bed extenders listed above, this one makes it easy for you to access any of the items you have loaded inside the bed of your truck. In a way, it makes your truck bed synonymous with a drawer, of which you can slide in and out. Meanwhile, it serves mostly as an extender for your truck. Note that, the only way you can have enhanced supports for your cargo materials whenever you have the extender locked into place is to ensure the availability of a right-mount hitch.

Let’s move further to give more details to answer the question, “How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?

How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier?

Fortunately, there are no further details on how to remove the bed extender on a Nissan Frontier; it remains:

Just lift it 90 degrees, so you have the closed-end pointing up. After you’ve achieved that, go ahead and lift. If you desire to take it off permanently, you can simply remove the stops from the Utili-track and slide the mounting hardware out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Nissan Frontier A Good Truck?

The Nissan Frontier is, no doubt, a decent and well-designed compact truck. The Frontier enhances ease in terms of driving. Its V6 engine always gets the job done; in addition to that, the Pro-4X trim is a much capable off-roader. The infotainment system is user-friendly — reasonably user-friendly — and the front seat gives utmost comfort.

Are Bed Extenders Worth It?

A bed extender is known as a much useful device that creates more space at the bed of a truck, allowing you to carry oversize, large equipment like boats. The device functions in a way that it extends the bed of your pickup truck by 3 feet. With truck extenders, you don’t have any need to hire trucks to carry lengthy goods.

What Is A Sliding Bed Extender Nissan Frontier?

A sliding bed extender Nissan Frontier, also known as Frontier Sliding Bed Extender, is one that you can easily adjust at any location at all, along the Utili-track system. It either locks into place over the open tailgate or slides against the truck’s cab when not in use in order to allow complete access to the bed of the truck.

How Much Does A Bed Extender Cost?

$60 – $100. The cheapest bed extenders you can get cost within the range of $60 – $100. They’re designed, usually, for those objects that are not longer than the bed of your truck. For many, their level of durability gives them the ability to accommodate heavy loads. If you want to get better bed extenders, go for those ones that cost within the range of $200 – $300.

What Size Bed Does A 2014 Nissan Frontier Have?

Here are the Nissan Frontier bed dimensions: King Cab: 73.3-inch bed; Crew Cab: the 59.5-inch bed.

How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier – Conclusion

We have seen how simply the removal process of a bed extender is. It would take you up to an hour to successfully remove an already installed bed extender. The objective of this article is to give a response to the question, How Do You Remove The Bed Extender On A Nissan Frontier? For those thinking of a truck to purchase, the Nissan Frontier is an amazing truck to consider: it comes with several great functions any truck lover would love.

Thanks for reading.

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