How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?

If you’re a truck owner, it’s necessary that you understand how hauling overhanging items can damage your truck — and the vehicle of other road users, too. In case you have the intention of transporting a Kayak to your desired destination, this article focuses on answering a question you just might ask — How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?

Around 6 feet. For you to place a Kayak in such a way that it hangs out of your truck — reducing its negative effect (damage) — you must employ the use of a secure tie-down in your 6- or 8- foot truck bed. In addition, it’s imperative to attach a red flag whenever you carry a cargo that extends beyond the bumper 4 feet or more.

Some persons might be wondering, and asking questions in their head, “what is a kayak?” If that’s you, then move with us as we give you a few details on what a Kayak is.

What Is A Kayak?

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck

The Kayak is known as a narrow, small watercraft which is, by means of a paddle — a double-bladed paddle — propelled. The word, Kayak, was culled from the Greenlandic word, qajaq. You would know you’ve seen a traditional Kayak, if it has a covered deck and cockpits — it could be one cockpit. It accommodates one paddler on every seating. In order to prevent water from gaining access into the boat, the cockpit is — in some instances — covered using a spray deck. This strongly differentiates between a canoe and the craft.

A work of the spray deck is, it heightens the possibility for skilled kayakers to easily roll the kayak.

Type Of Kayaks

Kayaking is one of the great ways one can have an amazing day outdoors. As long as picking a specific type of kayak is concerned, you must put your level of skill and environment into consideration. It won’t be false to say that beginners in kayaking experience difficulty in terms of choosing the right kayak to get; the process is most likely to be an overwhelming one — this is why we have listed the several types of kayaks, so before you leave your house to purchase a kayak, you’ll be in the know of the different types.

Before we go ahead to outline them, note that the kayaks are categorized in two styles: sit-on-top kayaks and sit-in kayaks.

1. Sit-In Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?
Sit-In Kayak

With a sit-in kayak, you have a good number of options. You can make use of them when the weather is warm, but you can — as well — attach a spray skirt, and use them in rougher, colder water. You’re assured of staying dry with a sit-in. To add, they have more storage options for storing belongings and to keep these belongings from getting wet.

These sit-in kayaks are mostly constructed using foot braces inside to give you the freedom to brace your legs for a more efficient stroke and to acquire more power from your stroke. In contrast to what some people out there think, sit-in kayaks are not confined, they’re quite roomy.

2. Sit-On-Top Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?
Sit-On-Top Kayak

Owing to the molded-in depression on top, a sit-on-top kayak provides you with a “sitting” space. This type of Kayak is known for its versatility; you can make use of it to make your recreational day on the water worthwhile. The sit-on-top kayaks are, without doubts, a great option for anyone out there — including a newbie, someone who’s just learning the know-hows of kayaking. If you’re someone who is tall in height, is largely framed, or has long legs. Ensure that you always check the specifications of the weight capacity when buying.

With a sit-on-top kayak, you cannot avoid getting splashed or getting wet, that’s why it’s the best — it tends to be the best — for warm water and warm days. In terms of getting in and out, it doesn’t pose any form of difficulty. It makes it a great choice if you desire to boat with dogs or kids — or you desire to swim.

Since we have differentiated the sit-in kayaks from the sit-on-top kayaks by defining them separately, it’s time to list out the specific purpose each kayak serves. Ready?

Let’s proceed.

Recreational Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck
Recreational Kayak

If you’re among those who desire to use their kayaks for leisurely trips — if you have plans on taking photos on a calm river or late — you’ll make a good choice by going for a recreational kayak. It’s also good for new paddlers. These kayaks are easy to use and are designed to be maneuverable.

Touring Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?
Touring Kayak

Do you want something that seems more adventurous? Are you in search of something that’d take the fun a notch higher, with which you can embark on trips and ride on rough waters? Then, a touring kayak would perfectly play this role. The touring kayaks are made to move in a straight line. Because of how long they are in length, they’re — most times — able to withstand rougher water. For those going on long trips, the touring kayaks should be your pick. It offers features that bring comfort, features such as footpegs, upgraded seats, and even more storage.

Fishing Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?
Fishing Kayak

Among the kayaks you can find out there are fishing kayaks that are made for the purpose of fishing, hence the available and special storage compartment. You’ll come around models that are designed with tackle boxes, built-in rod holders, and other extra storage features which an angler would definitely need.

One of the benefits of fishing kayaks is, they’re made to be very much stable and because of this, anyone can easily stand on them and cast their nets. If you want to, also, get a better look beneath the surface and at the water, this type of kayak allows you to stand and do such, owing to its stability.

Tandem Kayaks

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?
Tandem Kayak

This kayak makes provision for another person. So, you can invite a friend to paddle with you and not worry about keeping up with the paddling of the next man. In this tandem kayak, seats are available for over one person. Do you want to bring a child? It gives space for that, too.

Tips To Follow When Transporting Your Kayak In Your Truck Bed

Loading Your Kayak

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A TruckBefore you get that new kayak of yours into water, you’d have to first fit it into your truck bed. Ensuring that the weight will be supported properly by the bed of your truck is a complete necessity. Many feel-free kayaks are between 10′-12.5′ long, and as a result of this, they might not be able to perfectly fit into your truck bed hence the need for some planning. You want a percentage of 70% of the length of your kayak to be supported from underneath the hull.

It’s not advisable to have only a small percentage of the hull to be in support. It can either end up deforming your hull or risking your kayak from falling off on the highway. You should be absolutely fine if you are carrying a Lure 10 in a 6′ truck bed and with your tailgate down. But when it comes to transporting a longer kayak on a short truck bed, it introduces the need to use a bed extender. You can get a bed extender for as low as a range of $50 – $200.

Now that you have successfully confirmed that your kayak will be supported, it’s time to begin the loading of your kayak into your truck bed.

To begin, choose the side you want it to be and roll it therein. For stability, you’d want to ensure that the front of your kayak is placed against the truck’s cab: this stands as the easiest way to load. If you have in your possession a rudder, adopt this approach as long as loading a kayak is concerned, in order to avoid any damage. If you don’t have a rudder, just make sure that while loading or unloading, you don’t drag the front of your kayak on the alphalt or concrete.

Before taking the step of lifting the front of your kayak, you just need to make sure that you stop the wheel in the keel from having a free move. Nobody would want to load the front and have the rear just roll away. Some people, in order to keep it in place, wedge a doorstop or towel against the wheel. For transportation, others place a flag on the rear of their kayak and roll the wheel in the keel over the flag to act as a brake. Alternatively, you can employ someone to watch the kayak and ensure it doesn’t fall off. It doesn’t matter how you choose to get the wheel immobilized, the idea is to restrict it from spinning during the period of loading.

Don’t move without ensuring that your kayak is balanced properly and firmly placed to avoid a case where it’d be tipping over and exerting pressure on your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Can A Load Overhang?

Not more than the length of the front load-carrying area, or body — ahead of the overhang line — or 3.7 metres. Whichever is the lesser.

How Many Kayaks Can Fit In A Truck?

Four kayaks. Larger trucks can accommodate four while smaller ones can accommodate just two.

What Size Of Kayak Should I Get?

Generally, the narrower and longer the kayak, the straighter and faster it’ll go. A kayak is very much stable and easier to turn if it’s shorter and wider — but the thing is, it may sacrifice speed.

How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck – Conclusion

We gave “around 6 feet” as the answer to the question, How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck? So, if a need arises in the future when you have to transport a kayak, make sure you check out for the response to this question as it’d tell you what to do in a bid to helping you avoid damaging your truck.

If someone walks up to you and asks, “How Far Can A Kayak Hang Out Of A Truck?” — you’d have an answer for him/her.

Thanks for reading.

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