How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof?

It’s good to ask this kind of question — because it’s a way to show that you’re security minded. Some persons would say that it’s just better to drive fast rather than slow, because if you drive slow — which is the usual legal speed limit — you’re most likely to freak the people behind you out. This is the reason we have put this article together, to answer the question, How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof?

How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof?

According to a truck user, you can drive at the same speed you’d use without a Kayak. For you to drive as though you have no Kayak on your truck, you have to tie the Kayaks securely. The only thing that’d change is your gas mileage — which will drop as you drive faster, especially with Kayaks on top.

Using a truck top rack will enable you to drive at whichever speed you desire, because the kayak would be firmly placed at the top of your truck.

Let’s look at what truck racks are:

Truck Racks

To the best of our definition — to ensure you get a better understanding — truck racks, manufactured from both aluminum and steel, are systems that can be mounted to truck caps, cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Basically, they’re used to safely transport items on trucks, truck caps, cars, vans & SUVs.

What Type Of Truck Rack Is Best For Me?

Steel Or Aluminium?

We have a couple of times people ask the question: “which rack material is best, steel or aluminum?” If you are one who wants an explanation for that, keep reading. Tri-County offers the types of racks that are made from both steel and aluminum. One thing you should note is that there are a few differences. Steel racks are durable and very strong. You can find them in a good number of different configurations. As models range from single ladder units to systems engineered for 1700 lbs, they — as well — vary in price. Most of the steel racks you’d find in the market are powder-coated and to serve you for a longer time, some are e-coated.

As for racks manufactured from aluminum, they attained popularity in recent years. Having aluminum racks attached to your truck adds to the outlook of the trucks of today. Some of the aluminum racks are finished in such a way that they eliminate corrosion and rust. While the price of aluminum racks is more than that of steel, the extended years of service is likely to decrease the actual cost of ownership. An aluminum rack’s weight capacity, in a favorable manner, compares to a steel rack. Let’s look at the TracRac sliding rack: it’s rated for up to 1250lbs. There are numerous rack models made with aluminum that you can mount without going through the stress of drilling.

Truck Bed Mounted

In case you are not aware, racks that mount to the bed of a pickup truck cover the largest varieties of different racks. If you have the intention of transporting single or multiple ladders and scaffolding, it’s recommended you purchase and install a removable rack. There’s available a rack system known as “Adjustable height sport systems:” these ones are made for the purpose of hauling literally everything, from building materials to kayaks and bicycles.

When the leading important criterion is “maximum weight capacity,” then look towards the direction of the available industrial strength units. We didn’t forget individuals that want to transport lengthy loads: there are bed-mounted racks with extended length available from Kargo Master, TracMac, and Crosstread.

Roof Top Mounted

This type of racks — rooftop mounted racks — range from commercial steel racks to Thule sport rack systems. Most roof-top mounted racks made with steel attach to those vehicles [trucks] equipped with something called “factory rain gutters.” The manufacturers of commercial racks added drop-down features in order to make it easy for people to access taller vehicles.

The company, Thule, has sport rack systems one can easily mount with and without rain gutters. Thule has rack attachments for bicycles, water sports, snow sports, and general cargo.

Truck Cap Mounted

Another type of rack is the one that can be mounted to a truck cap, and these racks are readily available as a factory-installed option. As an alternative, you can add them at a later date. If you check in most auto shops you’d find racks available for aluminum, fiberglass, and commercial truck caps. A few of the truck cap racks can be removed, while the others are installed and can’t be removed. The weight ratings for those racks on truck caps range from 65 lbs to 400 lbs.

Kayak Racks To Purchase For Your Truck

1. Darby Industries Extend-A-Truck (Best Goal Post Truck Rack)

How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof

The Darby Industries Extend-A-Truck is known as a goal post truck rack. This extension is possible as it extends a bar from the hitch up, giving a football goal post shape. This is the reason from which its name was culled. One thing people find convenient about this Darby product is, it comes with a red flag and receiver hitch. You can make use of this product, as long as you’re in possession of a class IV or class III hitch, including a 2-inch receiver.

Consequently, there’s no need to carry out any guesswork in order to buy accessories. The things you’d need to buy are the ratchet straps — straps needed to secure your craft. If you’re asking, “how do I save space when I am not making use of the Extend-A-Truck?” — you can just fold it up and simply store it in your bed or behind a seat. At a time you’re trying hard to locate a spot in a crowded boat ramp parking area, this is — to a large extent — handy.

Here are words from a satisfied Extend-A-Truck user:

“…you can put it on in about 1 minute and another 30 seconds to strap it down.”

Versatility all round

Compared to the traditional Kayak roof rack, this product is just different. Because of its difference, we will give you a brief breakdown. In the steel bar — the painted black steel bar — there are available up to 5 different holes. These holes make it easy for you to attach your kayak to the bed or cabtop level. With this product, you’d enjoy flexibility in terms of transporting your Kayaks.

Furthermore, another huge thing you would enjoy using the Extend-A-Truck is, it can also fit into other vehicles. Do you own a Honda Element, Jeep, or other SUV that has 58 inches between the top of the roof and the hitch? If yes, then using this product will be a great choice for you. A roof rack can take the place of the bed of your truck: if this is the case for you, then you also can use this. When it comes to how users are reviewing this Extend-A-Truck, they can’t express their satisfaction enough. Many users are describing this product as “easy to use,” “no brainer,” “versatile” and even “ingenious.”

It doesn’t matter the items you decide to place on your Darby, it supports items that weigh up to 350 pounds and 4 feet in width. You can use it to haul a canoe, timber, solo Kayak, tandem kayak, crown moulding, or anything — as long as it’s a fit into the criteria.

Find on HERE.

2. TMS Adjustable Pickup Truck Rack (Best Affordable Kayak Truck Rack)

This type of rack, the TMS Adjustable Pickup Truck Rack, can be a perfect fit for any truck. It possesses the ability to pretty much adjust into both 7-foot and 5-foot wide beds, so there’ll be no need to buy a brand new rack if you purchase a new truck. Among other racks, this one stands as the most affordable rack — and besides that, it can take up to a whopping 800 pounds of watercraft.

Are you searching for a roof rack that can accommodate a canoe and even 2 Kayaks? Then, this strong TMS should be your go-to, and it also keeps you on budget. You can lift your items right above the bed of your truck at a maximum height of 30 inches, and that’s a lot of space. There are people who even came out to speak of how it’s a bit too tall for their pickup truck. If the kayak you own is heavier, this adjustable product ensures it’s quite simpler for even the average person to secure. Lest we forget, both bars weigh 50 pounds.

Lastly, it’s very essential to keep in mind that the TMS Adjustable Pickup Truck Rack requires drilling.

Find on Walmart.

Having mentioned the types of racks and two products you can purchase, here’s something you should note:

If you make use of racks, and ensure the Kayaks are securely placed on the racks — keeping it firm, to prevent it from falling off when the vehicle encounters bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Drive Long Distance With A Kayak?

It’s not recommended for long trips. It’s only recommended for those traveling to short distances. If you have simple rooftop crossbars, transporting Kayaks will be safer and easier for your truck.

Can A Kayak Fit In A Ford Escape?

It’ll be necessary to purchase a fitting kayak carrier for your Ford Escape.

How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof – Conclusion

As a recap, our response to the question — How Fast Can You Drive With A Kayak On Your Roof? — we said:

According to a truck user, you can drive at the same speed you’d use without a Kayak. For you to drive as though you have no Kayak on your truck, you have to tie the Kayaks securely. The only thing that’d change is your gas mileage — which will drop as you drive faster, especially with Kayaks on top.

Thanks for reading.

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