How Long Does Herculiner Last?

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How Long Does Herculiner Last?

The answer to the question is a huge “YES.” Herculiner, because of the formula it contains, lasts for several years. The formula Herculiner contains is polyurethane plus rubber granules, which form a very thick and tough coating that can last, in its thick and tough state, for years.

Are you among those wondering if Herculiner will meet your satisfaction — as regards safeguarding your truck?

Then, continue reading as we give more details about the herculiner product — Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit.

How Long Does Herculiner Last

Benefits Of Using The Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit [Features Inclusive]

Tough, Textured & Protective Coating

This stands as the reason why the Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner has gathered for itself colossal popularity among truck owners. As a result of using the Herculiner, the coating on your truck will remain a tough, textured and protective one. You know the overall enhanced appearance given to your truck by the professional spray-on liners, right? That’s one of the core benefits of the coating, enhanced appearance.

Furthermore, it assists your truck in preventing several occurrences, such as slipping and skidding, in your truck — making sure that your cargo remains intact, without responding to vibrations. Aside from the fact that this prevents damage, it also enhances a quieter ride. The skid-coating serve as resistance, resisting your goods from moving around your truck. The benefit of skid-coating is more appreciated during the rainy season.

As said in one of the preceding paragraphs, the herculiner gives a tough and protective coating, and this coating is responsible for the bed liner’s effective resistance to oil, gasoline, solvents and chemicals. In simple words, this Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner offers maximum protection to your truck’s bed. That’s not all, the tough/thick liner possesses the potential of withstanding several years of heavy use.

5x Thicker Than Other Roll-ons

Owing to the high-rubber content contained in the formula of this herculiner, it forms a coating around the bed of your truck — this coat is 5x thicker than a lot of roll-on liners you can find out there. You know, the thicker a bed liner, the longer it serves its purpose.

For you to achieve the desired protection needed for your truck — hence having a thick coating — it’s recommended you apply just a single layer. Using such an application, the liner becomes more economical, more economical than even formulas. In terms of the overall longevity and durability of this roll-on liner, the thick layer is responsible — it enhances those benefits. With the application of a single layer, you can erase your worries around “won’t this coating bubble, chip or even peel?”

…because it won’t.

One of the core jobs of a reliable bed liner is to diffuse impact in the bed of your truck, hence keeping off dings, dents and other possible damage your truck could encounter.

Delivers Excellent Rust/Corrosion Shielding

We can’t skip talking about this liner’s ability to protect your truck from corrosion and rusting. The uniquely designed formula enhances a deep penetration in the cracks and pores of your truck’s bed in order to have an entire seal and bond with the surface.

Moreso, this herculiner — Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner — has an incredible adhesion plus rubbery nature. This nature brings to play the formation of a seal that’s 100% waterproof: this restricts water from reaching the truck’s bed. Compared to other bed liners, the chance that you’ll witness any form of peeling, flaking and bubbling — is zero. And owing to the 100% waterproof seal, your truck is prevented from rust.


The people who manufactured this product, Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit, ensured they applied versatility in the sense of making it applicable to other surfaces — surfaces such as PVC, fiberglass, plastic, metal, concrete, rubber, wood and any other surface that requires anti-skid.

More, you get this bed liner in colours like grey, red, black and white. This means that if sticking to the classic colour [black] doesn’t interest you, there are more colours to choose from. The good news is, you can purchase this liner in your desired quantity — a quantity that’d be enough for your next application.

Easy Application

Relating to the installation and usage of this bed liner, you don’t have to bother about being stressed or encountering difficulties. You receive this bed liner as a ready-to-use mix. This means that begin the installation immediately the kit reaches your residence. All that’s required for a successful installation and usage is included in the kit.

The box contains the following:

  • A handler for the roller.
  • An abrasive pad that you can use as a stress-free preparation for your truck.
  • A brush for application, in order to gain access into tight spots and corners.
  • For even and easy application, up to 2 rollers are included.
  • A can opener for easily opening the mix.

…and well-explained instructions that cover how to apply the product and prime the bed of your truck. At high humidity, the curing of the herculiner is fastened.

The Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit comes with valuable instructions directly from the manufacturer — instructions you must strictly follow to achieve your desired result. If you neglect the manufacturer’s instructions, getting an undesired result is, to a large extent, inevitable. An when you get an undesired result, it’s likely that you’ll start having the feeling that your money has been wasted.

Pros & Cons


  • Water-resistant coating.
  • Different colours — white, red, black and grey.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Slip/skid-proof surface.
  • Professional looks.
  • It dampens road noise.
  • Holds your cargo in a particular place — without allowing it to respond to vibrations.
  • Extended shelf-life.
  • Regardless of the heavy-duty, it’d still last for years.


  • It’s almost impossible to have it removed from your skin.
  • Make sure you apply in an area with good ventilation.
  • Its smell can last for up to a week.
  • In hot weather, the liner can become tack.
  • After application, it can’t be removed.
  • The kits with grey, red and black colour is more expensive than the classic black kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my truck bed for herculiner?

You can’t achieve the best result with this herculiner bed liner, if you don’t prepare your truck bed.

Here’s how to prepare your truck:

  • Start the process by masking off the full surface on which you desire to apply the herculiner bed liner.
  • Next thing to do is, get rid of the grit, grime and dirt on the surface by cleaning it.
  • Now, it’s time to make use of the abrasive pad: take up the abrasive pad, which the kit consists of, and scuff off the paint surfaces ensuring no gloss patches is left.
  • Having reached this stage, use MEK solution or acetone or xylene to wipe the surface.
  • After the steps listed above, you can proceed into applying the bed liner as stated in the manual.

This process will consume up to 4 hours of your time, so while going through such PROCESS, make sure you take your time in order to earn perfection.

How long does herculiner last?

It’s a YES. The herculiner bed liner lasts for several years. Polyurethane and rubber granules are present in the formula, making the bed liner form an extremely thick and tough coating that can last for a long time — lots of years.

Despite its ability to last for years, keep at the bank of your mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight could cause the herculiner bed liner to fade, changing its colour to grey. Luckily for truck owners, with the help of a UV protectant, you can restore the initial state of the herculiner bed liner.

How do I get herculiner off my hand?

It’s almost impossible for the herculiner to remove from your skin. So, it’s advisable that you carefully apply it, so you avoid it coming in contact with your hands. You could, as well, use hand gloves.

If you mistakenly have the herculiner come in contact with your hands while installing, we advise that use xylene to clean it the second it touches you — so it can easily remove before it dries up. Afterwards, wash your hands with soap and water.

How long does herculiner hcl1b8 take to cure?

For it to cure completely, you must allow it to last for up to 24 hours. Also, before you expose the herculiner bed liner to light, leave it for 9 to 12 hours to dry. Note that, the higher the humidity, the shorter the time I’d take to cure.

How do you touch up herculiner?

Do you have a part of your bed liner damaged? You can use more herculiner to touch it up. The bed liner adheres completely to itself. If it doesn’t adhere, don’t hesitate to touch it up with other coatings.

How Long Does Herculiner Last – Conclusion

In this article, we ensured that we give a detailed answer to the question, How Long Does Herculiner Last? To retouch that, the answer remains a big YES. The Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner has numerous features and benefits that make it a coveted bed liner amongst others. It greatly protects your truck from abuse and several harsh elements.

Also, we pointed out how it forms a tough textured coating that consists of long-lasting properties. It does wonders in sealing your truck’s bed surface, in order to protect your truck from rust.

Looking at the good number of reviews and high ratings we’ve seen at various eCom sites, and our experience with this product, we have come to the conclusion that Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit is an excellent choice for anyone that desires to protect their truck.

Thanks for reading.

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