How Many Catalytic Converters Does a Dodge Grand Caravan Have?

Chrysler did a better job with the Dodge Caravan. One of the most versatile and reliable vehicles to ever leave a factory is the minivan cum cargo car.

From 1987 to 2020, Chrysler graced the highways with this strong cargo carrier and made lives easier all over the world. A dodge caravan is running on an engine.

There is no doubt in my mind that the dodge caravan has a catalyst. The number of catalysts to expect in a dodge caravan is a question many people have.

Dodge Catalytic Converters

How Many Catalytic Converters Does a Dodge Caravan Have?

Every exhaust pipe that is connected to the engine has a catalytic converter. If a dodge caravan model has only one exhaust pipe, then it doesn’t require a catalytic converter.

There are models with double exhausts that need to have two catalytic converters.

The material used to make the catalytic converters is highly durable and can cope with the harsh conditions under the chassis.

The bolts and nuts that hold the catalyst in place are from a strong build.

What Does a Cat Converter Do?

The first thing we have to do is understand what catalytic converters are and how it works.

There is a device in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine that converts hydrogen into oxygen.

The purpose is to convert harmful pollutants in exhaust gas into less harmful compounds.

Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are the main pollutants that are targeted by the catalytic converter.

Carbon dioxide and water are produced when pollutants are converted. The emission control device that is important is the catalytic converters.

There are three functions of the Dodge Grand Caravan’s catalytic converter.

Reduce the Emission of Hydrocarbons

Reducing the emissions of hydrocarbons is the first function. When fuel is not burned completely, carbon dioxide is emitted.

The unburned fuel exits through the exhaust system when it turns into vapor.

This function helps to improve air quality by converting the hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water when burning fuel.

Improving fuel economy is one of the benefits of reducing emissions of hydrocarbons. When it is completely burned, there is less fuel wasted.

Reduce Emissions of Carbon Monoxide

Reducing emissions of carbon monoxide is one of the functions of the catalytic converter. When fuel isn’t burned completely, it releases carbon monoxide, an odorless gas.

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous when breathed in. It is possible to cause headaches, dizziness, and even death.

The emission of carbon monoxide is reduced by converting it into carbon dioxide with the help of catalytic converters.

This function is important because it helps to improve air quality and protect the health of people who are exposed to carbon monoxide.

Reduce Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides

Reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides is one of the functions of the catalytic converter. Nitrogen oxides are created when fuel is burned at high temperatures.

The emission of nitrogen oxides can be reduced by converting them into nitrogen and oxygen.

Where Is the Catalytic Converter on a Dodge Caravan Located?

The Dodge Caravan’s catalytic converter is located somewhere around the exhaust.

The primary role of the device is to clean exhaust fumes and it is no surprise that manufacturers prefer to locate it near the exhaust.

They are not all located at the same spot, so locating the catalytic converter in different dodge caravan models might prove difficult.

If it is not located between the tailpipe and intake manifolds, then that is a dodge caravan.

If you are tracing the first, you’re most likely to confuse it with the muffler, because they bear similar characteristics.

The oxidizer relies on heat to clean the fumes, so you can expect a heat shield and an oxygen sensor. If you see the muffler first, look behind it for the catalytic converters.

The catalytic converter is usually bolted on newer models, but in high-mileage models, the case is welded to hold it in place.

How Much Is A Dodge Catalytic Converter Worth?

Most of the time, catalytic converters are not cheap. The fact that these devices contain rare and high-value minerals makes them very expensive.

The value of a dodge caravan’s catalytic converter depends on the model’s engine size and the year of manufacture.

A basic engine can sell for around $100, but other stronger engines can fetch hundreds of dollars.

What Is A Dodge Caravan Converter’s Scrap Price?

The price for this device is very low at the scrap yard. You can say yes with $90, but a mechanic will get you a catalytic converter in less than an hour.

Do Thieves Steal Dodge Catalytic Converters?

Every valuable item in your car is going to draw some attention. 10 minutes is all it takes for experienced thieves to empty your catalytic converter casing.

There are reports that mechanics are stealing from their clients. They welded the area to hide the empty hole check before they left the repair shop.

Dodge Catalytic Converters


Each of the five generations of the dodge caravan was better than the last.

Some of the models came with double exhaust pipes which appeared odd at first, but we came to accept it.

Their strong engines may be the reason for the high demand for their catalytic converters. If you own a dodge caravan, park it in secured areas and go to trusted repair shops only.

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