How Much Does A Truck Topper Weigh?

Getting a truck topper is one thing, and knowing the weight of the truck topper is another thing. Some people might want an answer to this question — How Much Does A Truck Topper Weigh? — as a criterion to make the buying decision. In this article, we will disclose the amount of weight the truck topper will exert on your truck, when in use. We, also, wouldn’t fail to give further information about the truck topper itself, so if you haven’t heard about it before, you might want to purchase for a new look of your truck.

How Much Does A Truck Topper Weigh?

175 to 190 pounds. The typical weight of full-sized short-bed cab-high truck caps is in the range of 175 to 190 pounds. Smaller caps weigh a bit less while the larger ones weigh a bit more.

What Is A Truck Topper?

Truck Toppers

A truck topper, also called a truck cap, is a small housing or can be regarded as a rigid canopy used as a truck accessory. Another name given to a truck topper is camper shell, and it’s usually even with or above the truck cab’s top. While people make use of truck toppers (truck caps) for “camping” purposes, a lot of persons today use them for utility and storage purposes. It could serve as protection — protecting your cargo from theft and the elements.

Since a truck topper is also known as a truck cap, let’s look at the benefits of using a truck cap.

Benefits Of Truck Caps

• An enclosed, weather-proof space

A truck bed is a spacious box in which one can transport and store items. Sometimes, it’s essential you build a shelter above the bed of your truck. This is where using a truck cap, truck topper, comes in; ensure you don’t load every item of yours into the cab of your truck — get a truck cap.

• Full use of truck bed storage

Using a truck topper onto the bed of your 4×4 doesn’t put sacrificing storage space on the line. Just so you know, there are truck caps, truck toppers, in the market that add height hence your ability to store large objects.

• Great business alternative

Instead of spending more money investing in commercial vehicles or other trucks, you can easily purchase a truck cap and throw it onto your already-owned truck. This is pretty helpful if you’re someone who works in delivery, construction, landscaping, and other professions.

• Versatility

The removal and installation process doesn’t take much time, depending on the particular type of truck cap you choose to go for. This, to a large extent, makes it quite easy to upgrade your truck from an exposed-bed vehicle to a vehicle that has the ability to transport materials in an enclosed space. It’s not needed that you commit to either type; well, if you choose to, you — as well — can.

• Protection

Installing a truck cap also offers protection over the items on the bed of your truck, and this stands as one of the main benefits of using a truck cap. When used regularly, you’ll secure your truck bed from various weather and elements that are likely to cause damage.

• Additional Features

Whether you believe it or not, there are several characteristics of a truck cap that make installing it much better than leaving the bed of your truck open. Let’s take for example those people who go camping: they can easily install roof rack rails on the truck cap to give room for more storage.

Types Of Truck Caps

Hard Truck Caps

One of the most popular and common types of truck caps is the hard truck cap. Sometimes, you’ll get them in a paint color that matches that of your truck. In terms of height, the hard truck caps offer more in the covered space of the truck bed. Many of the hard truck caps are built in such a way that windows are available on the sides and rear, and some of these windows can open.

Speaking of what these hard caps are made of, most of them are manufactured using something called fiberglass. These truck caps, made of fiberglass, are not necessarily built to withstand any damage your truck is likely to sustain. You should also note that fiberglass caps are, in terms of weight, still fairly heavy. They weigh over 100 pounds.

Soft Truck Caps

Compared to hard truck caps that are made from materials like aluminium or other heavy-duty metals, soft truck caps are built using a material called vinyl. Almost all the materials are water-resistant and/or waterproof, so there’s no need to bother about what you have inside your truck bed — if it’s going to get soaked or not. Soft truck caps don’t have the same weight as hard truck caps: soft caps weigh up to 200 pounds. There are caps out there that do not exceed 80 pounds. When it comes to their removal, it’s quite easy for anyone to remove them. They may consist of windows.


As for the tonneau cover, which is a type of soft truck cap, it pulls evenly across the truck bed’s length instead of at its top. You get tonneau covers with numerous designs. You’ll come across the ones that include multiple panels that, on top of one another, fold for access; you’ll also see the ones that roll up like a blanket to be stored near the rear of the cab. A good way to ensure that the items you carry in the bed of your truck are protected is to invest in a tonneau cover. You still have to note that using a tonneau cover doesn’t give you the advantage of height. Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Break Into?


We believe you have either seen a swimming pool in the bed of a truck or even heard about it, right? Well, while one can achieve such — as something different you can do at your truck bed, you can install a tent truck cap. The manufacturers of the tent truck topper, tent truck cap, had a couple of persons in mind when creating it — because it can comfortably accommodate people. It’s quite an amazing way to camp outside and still be assured of utmost security. You can get a mattress and place it inside the tent, as long as it fits the bed of your truck. When you’re done using the tent truck, it comes with a feature that allows you to easily fold it up and store.

Top Brands Of Truck Caps


BAK Industries, with headquarter in Missouri, is well-known — for quite some time — in the industry. Are you an owner of a 2014-2020 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra? This brand has suitable Tonneau Covers just for you. To know if the company has a cover that can fit your truck, go through the inventory of the company.


People who know this brand would know how much it has made its mark in the industry. Are you looking for a beautifully made cover? There’s one from Gator on which you can depend: Gator Evo Hard Bi-Fold Tonneau Cover. Gator is based in Florida.


TYGER AUTO — a newcomer in the business of creating covers, toppers, etc. — has lasted up to five years in business. If you are someone who desires to give the exterior of your truck a sleek look, and at the same time protect the truck bed, check out Tyger Auto’s cover: Low Profile Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover.

Truck Caps Pricing

$99 – $200

Most of the truck toppers, truck caps, you will see out there in the price range of $99 – $200 will consist of several types of tents you can install in your truck bed for camping. At this price range, you won’t find a reliable hard truck cap, and even if you find, it’s much less likely to be very durable. As for the features you want, it may not get them.

$200 – $800

Having something within this price range makes you eligible to take home a decent truck cap — truck cap in a wide variety of types. For example, someone who goes after quality can find one of good quality for $400-$500. You can, as well, get soft truck caps under this price range. It could also include Tonneau Covers.

$800 – $1,100

You will definitely find various tonneau covers at this price range, including a few soft caps. If your truck comes with a longer bed, it will need covers of expensive price because there are extra materials used in its creation. Truck caps that are custom-built also fall under the price range of $800 – $1,1000 as well.

Key Features Of Truck Caps


It comes with a waterproof seal that assures the truck owner of protection from the various elements. With this feature, your items are secured from those different elements — elements such as UV rays, rain, snow etc.


There must be two features to ensure security:

They should lock your valuables inside and also clamp down securely onto your truck bed, and the side windows are designed to be opened alone from inside the truck bed.

Durable Materials

Whether soft or hard, the materials used to make truck caps should be the durable ones — the ones that have a high tendency of withstanding constant outdoor use.


If the truck cap doesn’t fit your truck bed, it becomes quite ineffective — so it’s advised you always make sure you purchase the particular one that fits perfectly with your truck bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does A Leer Truck Topper Weigh?

150 – 170 lbs.

How Heavy Is A Truck Camper Shell?

A fiberglass truck shell is heavier than aluminium and can weigh up to 200 pounds depending on the option you include.

Are Truck Caps Easy To Remove?

There are people who have found out an easy way to remove truck caps, but to keep damaging your truck or cap at arm’s length, you can employ a professional to do that for you.

How Much Does A Truck Topper Weigh – Conclusion

Again, as a response to the question — How Much Does A Truck Topper Weigh? — we have:

175 to 190 pounds. The typical weight of full-sized short-bed cab-high truck caps is in the range of 175 to 190 pounds. Smaller caps weigh a bit less while the larger ones weigh a bit more.

Thanks for reading.

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