How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?

For you to be here, it means you want to be in the know of how much it costs to fix rusty fenders. The good news is, you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll look into answering the question, “How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?

To fix rusty fenders, keep aside a budget of $300 to $500. You should prepare yourself to repeatedly fix this until you choose to do away with the truck.

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What Is A Fender?

A fender is that part of a truck [motorcycle and car] that surrounds the wheel well. The fender has a primary function of preventing debris and dirt from being disposed into the air by the tire. The fender’s definition has, over time, been attributed to location. You can find fenders in front while quarter panels take its position in the rear — excluding duallys. The duallys, in a way, describe the rear as still a “fender.”

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders

You could easily and swiftly cover the rust located at the fenders of your truck — using something called “Fender Flare.”

Let’s move into the words that serve as a solution to your problem, a rusty fender. It doesn’t only cover the rusty areas, it also styles your truck and ensures protection as well. All you need to do is, simply install a set of custom-made fender flares.

First, stick with us as we disclose a few things you don’t know, and should know, about Fender Flares.

What Are Fenders Flares?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders

Fender Flare is simply known as an extension of the fender which functions in a manner that provides additional coverage basically for heavily oversized tires and wheels or offset. Fender Flares come with an advantage that makes your truck to be in compliance with Vehicle Equipment Laws. When a truck or SUV is in compliance with those laws, it decreases the likelihood of receiving fines from the Police.

Furthermore, as for people who desire to, in the future, put up their trucks for sale — fender flares help to maintain and retain the resale value of your truck. It retains the resale value by serving as a shield, to protect the body of the vehicle from debris and rock. Installing Fender Flare helps you to protect your investment, and by doing this, you are adhering to the laws around tire coverage.

Just as we have stated in one of the above paragraphs, a Fender Flare gives your vehicle — your truck — a new look, a unique limited-edited look. Several Fender Flares in the market were produced in such a way that allows you to style your vehicle as it suits you. In other words, they come in a ready-to-paint texture. Aside from the fact that you can paint them, you can as well Rhino line, Line-X or kevlar coat. You can find Fenders Flares in a variety of styles — from the range of low to big and bold profiles. In terms of installation, most Flares have zero requirements for any form of drilling or cutting because they make use of pre-existing factory holes to fasten securely.

Things You Also Should Know About Fender Flares

Below are a few things you, also, might not know about Fender Flares:

1. Unique Look: Although fender flares offer high-level protection, they still do extremely great in giving eye-catchy styles. Fender Flares are offered in either textured or smooth finishes — giving to you the ability to choose. You can go for the rivet bolt style, if you desire to have, for your truck, a heavy-duty look.

2. Plenty Colors To Choose From: All Fender Flares out there come in a matte black finish — and this, for most persons, is preferred. If you are among the people who love to see their truck have a custom look at the Fenders “area,” a few manufacturers make available Fender Flares painted to match the paint colour of your vehicle. There are manufacturers that don’t offer pre-painting; you can employ the services of your local auto body to take the stress of painting these for you.

3. Various Width To Choose From: It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for — whether it’s a width of your choice or a style of your choice — some manufacturers of the Fender Flares offer them in several styles and width.

4. Easy To Install: There’s no need to hire a body shop to help run the installation of these Fender Flares. All you need to do is, bolt these Fender Flares to your truck as it’s not required of you to perform drilling. It is that easy and quick.

5. Saves Cost: By installing Fender Flares, you save money you’re likely to spend — in the future — repairing rusts around the Fender.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?

More information on answering the question, “How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?

You can purchase new metal panels for up to $60 each. These metal panels are, as regards repairing huge sections of rusted metal, very much suitable. When it gets to a point that you must replace the entire body panel, you would need to keep your budget ranging from $200 – $2000. There’s most times a need to weld the new piece of metal and that gives an additional bill of $45 to $250.

Some people might want to ask, “can a body shop fix rust?” — well, the answer to that question is YES. The body shops in your area offer the service of fixing rusty metals.

How To Paint Fender Flares

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders

To begin the process of painting fender flares, you need the following tools:

• Adhesion promoter
• Rubber gloves
• Tack cloth
• 200 grit sandpaper
• 2000 grit scotch Brite pad
• Flex additive
• Automotive paint of choice
• Grease remover

Pre-Painting Steps

Step 1:

To verify and confirm a correct fitting, hold the flares to the surface of the vehicle. Make sure you do this before commencing the painting process. The moment you confirm you bought a flare that fits perfectly, move on to the next step.

Step 2:

Before you go ahead to install the Fender Flares, it’s compulsory that you paint. This step contains a guide on how you can find the right paint colour that matches the paint of your vehicle. There are auto supply shops out there that have them listed in a book by make, model, colour and year. If that proves abortive, you can put a call across to the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. When you reach them, request the manual of your vehicle. Their website also has information with which you can contact your dealership.

The moment you have, after verifying the colour code, obtained the paint, including the necessary supplies — follow the recommended procedures [manual] of the paint manufacturer.

Note: it’s mandatory that your colour code have a flex additive in order to prevent the paint from cracking.

Step 3:

Use a good quality grade degreaser to clean the outer surface. When searching for a degreaser to use, ensure you don’t make the mistake of using Lacquer thinner — this is because it has a negative effect of repelling the paint. You need to, then, thoroughly wipe the flares’ outer surface with a rack tag before starting the painting process. Get rid of the dust on the flare: the presence of dust on the flare will stand as a reason why the starts peeling and flaking in no time.

Tip: Don’t take any further action — action such as fitting the extrusion or any of the hardware — until the paint on the Fender Flare has dried completely.

Main Steps You Must Follow To Paint A Fender Flare

Step 1:

Sandpaper the flare’s surface using a 200 grit sandpaper to get rid of rough surfaces and imperfections. This practice allows the primer to effectively stick to the Fender Flares. After you are done preparing the area you desire to paint, use a tack cloth to wipe the entire surface: this helps you to be sure that no dust is present on the flare.

Step 2:

In this step, you’d need the adhesion promoter. Apply it to the flare’s surface. This time you’d need a super light sanding of 2000 grit scotch Brite pad to, again, sand the flares. Use the tack rag to wipe down.

Step 3:

Now, it’s time to apply the paint you’ve chosen to the Fender Flare. Apply the paint using sweeping and slow motion. In order to avoid runs and sagging paint — which fights against better results — apply 2-3 thin but even coats on the flares.

Step 4:

Mist or dust the paint’s first coat onto the flare and after that, leave it for up to 30 minutes to dry. Then, check in the manual provided by the manufacturer to be in the know of their specific drying time.

Step 5:

Don’t stop adding coats of paint if you haven’t achieved the desired coverage. Ensure you wait for a couple of minutes before applying the next coat of paint.

Step 6:

Wait for a whole 24 hours for the flares to dry. This would help the paint to harden completely.

Note: when next you want to paint your fender flare, don’t remove paint from it. Never make use of a paint stripper, as it’ll ruin the flare by soaking into the plastic and causing the next coat of paint to peel off.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders – Conclusion

The objective of this article was to deliver an answer to the question, “How Much Does It Cost To Fix Rusty Fenders?” to our readers and it was met. The answer is $300 to $500. When it comes to getting a new body panel, it costs between $200 to $2000.

Therefore, using a Fender Flare can also stand as a fix for the rusty fender.

Thanks for reading.

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