How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?

To be on the safer side — before you start exerting pressure on your tailgate, or sitting on your tailgate, ensure you are aware of how much weight a tailgate can hold. In this article, we’ll direct our focus to answer this possible question, “How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?

When the tailgate is down, 4 spots receive the weight while when it’s up, just 2 spots receive it. A truck owner recounted how he has stacked 30 sheets of 1/2″ drywall with the tailgate up without encountering any issue. Another truck user has also contributed concerning how he loads his “working truck” with planks and scaffold materials, having his tailgate closed — without seeing any negative effect.

What Is A Tailgate?

2020 GMC Sierra AT4

Just as we’ve defined in our previous article that answered the question, is sitting on the tailgate bad? — tailgate can simply be defined as a hinged flap at the rear of a truck, close to the truck’s bed, that can be lowered when loading or unloading items.

In case you don’t know, some trucks allow you to open and close their tailgates at the press of a button. For the benefit of those reading it for the first time, let’s delve into more details about the power tailgate.

Power Tailgate

How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold
Power Tailgate

A power tailgate is a motorized hinged flap — a platform located at the rear of your truck — that opens and closes automatically. In order to activate the system, one has to press or hold a button right inside the car, key fob, or even the hatch itself.

How To Use Remote Tailgate

  • Hold the key fob within three feet away from the back of your vehicle.
  • Press the tailgate release button just once. This will help in unlocking the tailgate.
  • In order to lower the tailgate, ensure you — for just two times — press the tailgate release button.

Note: For you to close the tailgate, you have to manually lift it. As you know, there’s a lock button on your key fob, so to lock the tailgate, just press that lock button.

Benefit Of Having A Power Tailgate

With a power tailgate, it’s easy to open your tailgate when your hands are filled with loads or materials. Imagine having your tailgate open by just clicking a button; it would definitely increase the level of easy accessibility.

2021 Ford F-150’s New Tailgate [It’s Ready]

The part of a truck called the “tailgate” has become the current battleground since pickup trucks started a war. Last year, RAM released its own multifunction tailgate on the 1500, and on the Sierra, GMC — in recent times — has started offering the MultiPro tailgate, the innovative MultiPro Tailgate. Now, it’s the turn of the Ford F-150, the 2021 version, to release its own amazing tailgate. Guess what! To this end, Ford didn’t slack; they created their own tailgate having the job site in mind, hence its “job site” functionalities.

You’ll get every Ford F-150 tailgate with the cleats mounted to the tailgate sides. At the moment when it’s required of the tailgate to stay down, in order to fit long items, you can make use of the cleats to fasten those items securely. We’re sure you are aware of the F-150’s competitors; well, something you should know is, those competitors don’t offer the side cleats. On either end of the F-150 gate, every F-150 tailgate also gets new clamp pockets. This is useful in several areas; using this instance: woodworking clamps can get a piece of lumber secured while you use a circular saw to make a cut.

In addition, the work surface of the tailgate, which remains optional on the new F-150, offers numerous functions which is easily accessible when the tailgate is open — when it’s down. These functions include a ruler, pencil holder, phone or tablet holder, a cup holder, and many more. There are other amazing features that contribute to the better performance of the truck out of the road and on construction sites — these other features consist of fold-down sleeper seats, generator, and interior workspace features.

Unlike what we call a tailgate on the Ram 1500 and the GMC Sierra, the new and more-features tailgate found on the F-150 has a single opening maneuver. When it comes to the ways Sierra’s MultiPro tailgate and the 1500 can be opened — the Sierra MultiPro tailgate offers a couple of ways while the 1500’s tailgate can be split into a setup of the 60/40 barn-door style and opened using the traditional approach. Also, the work surface of the tailgate is the weapon of this new Ford F-150 with which it can get involved in the tailgates’ battle.

2021 GMC Sierra’s New Tailgate Feature

The period the 2021 Sierra was announced, during the last year’s end of summer, there was an announcement that made known the availability of the MultiPro Tailgate. It was announced for all trim levels, excluding the base model. The meaning of this is, the multifunctional feature is now an option — an option for the SLE and elevation trims. If you are a user of the entry-level version, even though it’s at an added premium, you won’t get it. Across all trim levels, the feature of the MultiPro Tailgate is now standard.

Are you among those who want to be in possession of the feature on the trim level, the most basic one? You have the option to get the feature for $595. In terms of the GMC trucks pricing, for the 2021 model year, they are a little bit higher. The pricing of the GMC trucks varies per trim level.

How Should You Use The GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate?

1. Traditional Tailgate: If you love the traditional way of using the MultiPro Tailgate, then go for it. For you to lower it, all you need to do is, use the key fob or push a button on the tailgate’s top rear side. Inside the Sierra, you can find a switch by the left of the hazard switch on a strip of eight switches beneath the HVAC and seating controls. For further identification, it’s located above the USB ports, trailering, a three-prong outlet and a 12-volt outlet.

How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?
Traditional Tailgate

2. Primary Tailgate Load Stop: Have you had sheets of plywood or equipment that happens to be quite longer for your bed — a full-size bed? If this is you, this pattern of using a tailgate would be suitable for you. You know, the MultiPro tailgate comes with a load stop, a built-in load stop, that is part of the inner gate’s inside panel. Just unlatch and hold it upright; you’ll find an extra carrying space there.

3. Ease Of Access: In terms of being able to access tall trucks, it’s quite difficult. No only short individuals experience difficulties in moving into the truck’s bed, other individuals do, too — because of the height. Having the tailgate down allows you to move 7 – 9 inches closer to the tailgate. And, it makes retrieving what’s inside an easy activity.

4. Full-Width Step: We are in love with this CornerStep feature: it makes it comfortable and easy for one to climb into the bed of your truck without going through the stress of lifting yourself in. There are people who would desire to have both feet, at the same time, off the ground — and it’s necessary they know that the footing is not always sufficient. This solution is simply a cushy one when the inner and traditional tailgates are lowered. You’d see the 48-inch-wide step emerge when the inner panel is unlatched and lowered.

Moreover, according to ratings, the step is capable of holding up to 375 pounds. With this in mind, it won’t cause fear when you see a fat person making use of this option. An amazing feature added to the step is a hand grab which can be folded out from the cargo box wall, then — for extra confidence — locked in place while you enter and leave the tailgate.

5. Load Stop, Take Two: The load stop of the primary tailgate is regarded as a nifty idea, and it’s not the only available one. GMC Sierra was specific about the development of their inner gate load stop — which can suitably accommodate longer items. Based on how it works, lower the inner gate panel and unfold the inside panel in order to create a vertical load stop.

6. Usable Work Surface: Dropping the tailgate makes it serve as a traditional workbench.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is The MultiPro Tailgate?

The cheapest truck the company, GMC, offers is equipped with the MultiPro tailgate and goes for $38,195 before destination. With current discounts and destination, you can get it for $35,790. For that price, you get a 2WD Sierra trim, 2500 regular cab, 6.6-liter gasoline, and a long bed.

What LTZ Stand For?

Luxury Touring Z.

The Z in these words stands as a representation that it’s the highest trim level.

How Much Weight Can Ram Tailgate Hold?

2,000 pounds. The multifunctional tailgate can, with no problem, withstand up to 2000 pounds of weight.

How Much Weight Can A 2019 Silverado Tailgate Hold?

840 lbs.

How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold – Conclusion

As a response to the question, “How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?” — some persons mentioned 300-400 lbs and others made different input, but you should note that the tailgate is designed with the capability to comfortably hold the weight of lumbers and several other heavyweight cargoes and not develop issues in the future.

So, we can’t give the specific number of weight it can hold, but we want you to understand that a closed tailgate can hold the weight of several heavyweight items. Whenever someone asks, “How Much Weight Can A Closed Tailgate Hold?” you’d have a direct answer.

Thanks for reading.

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