How to Extend the Life of an Engine with Rod Knock?

There are several rods inside the engine. When the engine rods knock against the crank, it makes a knocking sound. This usually happens when the crank is changing direction.

The knocking sound is produced when the barrier is compromised. Can you drive with this knocked-down object? How can you prolong the life of your engine with a rod knock?

In this article, I will discuss how you can do that. Read the whole article to learn more about rod knock.

Engine with Rod Knock

How Long Will An Engine Last With A Rod Knock?

These rod knocks can last for up to six months if they start suddenly. It can go for as long as 200 miles, that’s how long it can go.

How To Fix A Rod Knock?

The bearing gets damaged when it is used for a long period. It may get damaged due to other unusual crank journal damage.

Dirty oil may cause bearing damage. The bearing needs to be changed to fix the issue.

If you want to do that, you have to dismantle the engine and do a complete rebuild. You need to pull out the rods before you replace the bearings.

You need to take care of the crank, as well. The surface of the crank journal could be damaged by the knocking rods.

The grinding of the crank journal is to blame for the damage made by the rod.

There is a place where the rod bearing is located. This reduces the journal’s diameter and polishes it off. There is a role played by turning the crank journal.

Each turning causes this damage to occur more. There is a limit to the number of turns that can be made.

The crank journal will be rendered useless if the limit is exceeded. It is necessary to make the correct turns when polishing the crank journal.

It is important to use thicker bearings to avoid frequent rod knocks.

It will happen eventually but after a longer period. Make sure the bearing is in the same place as the crank turn.

There are a few things that cause a rod knock. It can be a problem with an air compressor. The reason may be damaged bearings around the pistons and broken flywheels.

Breakage of the timing belt may also be a reason. Water pump malfunction and lack of lubrication may cause rod knocks.

To rebuild the engine, you need to check the above parts and make the necessary adjustments.

How Can I Extend Engine Life With Rod Knock?

An engine rebuild isn’t always the solution to the knocking problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, the engine can survive a little longer.

The crank connector rods need to be changed. If your engine makes a knocking sound, then you need to do this.

When the car engine is old you may want to change them. If you need to replace the piston rods, check and replace them.

Also, use high-quality lubricating oil. This will help reduce the effects of damaged rods and cranks. Don’t forget to keep the coolant level in mind too.

What is the reason? Air conditioners keep the temperature cooler. It avoids overheating of the engine.

Replacing the crank is the most important part of the job. A bad bearing is to blame for the damage to the engine. During the initial, you should look for problems.

A second thing to do is replace the spark plugs. That’s because it’s connected to the rods. The weight of the engine needs to be reduced. An overloading engine can’t respond correctly.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Rod Knock?

There is a chance to drive with a rod knock. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% safe. The gear oil can be put in the car’s crankcase. It’s possible to drive the car for around 7 months.

Driving might not be a good idea if the damage is really bad. It’s much safer if it’s not too loud and you can only hear it from the sideline.

It is possible to drive for a long period if it is loud. Pull the plug on one of the cylinders if it is making a knocking sound.

This could make the knocking sound less loud. It’s a good idea to drive slowly and keep your engine revved up on the lower side. It might be necessary to drive slowly.

False Alarm?

A knocking-type sound can be made by some other problems. This can be very similar to knocking on a rod.

Some of the things that can happen are a loose timing belt, a damaged AC compressor, a worn-out water pump bearing, and an exhaust leak.


When it comes to rod knock, there are a lot of myths. Some people think that fixing the rod knock is difficult. Sometimes, they are talking about a symptom of the rod knock.

Thicker Oil Does Not Stop Rod Knock

Some people think a thicker oil reduces the rod knock. This repairs engine knocking. It was not a rod knock.

An engine knocking is when the engine fails to perform in its optimum time. It isn’t the same as rod knocking. A solution for a different problem can’t solve the problem at hand.

Does Not Cause Low Compression

Low compression on the engine is not caused by rod knocking. Low compression may cause engine knocking. A rod knock is different from an engine knock.

Engine with Rod Knock


Engine knocking is a common problem. The solution is straightforward. You can increase the life of an engine with an engine knock.

You can have a safe drive with an engine rod knock, as long as you maintain a few things. I hope the article will give you some help in that direction.

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