Michelin X LT A/S Vs Defender Tires

It’s difficult to pick between the defender LTX M/S and the tire company. There are five customer reviews on the website for the X LT A/S.

The rating of the Defender LTX M/S is 4.3 Both clients said they would purchase the tires again.

For a better understanding of the two, here is a review of their features, warranty, and questions. Let’s get into it.

Michelin X LT A/S

Michelin X LT A/S Vs Defender

The main difference is that the X LT A/S is an all-weather and durable pickup truck and S.U.V tire. The tire does not have a tread on it. In all seasons, it provides long-lasting tread life.

The tires of the defender, LTX M/S, have overtired compounds that cause durable tread life, snow traction, and wet grip. All-season, S.U.V., fuel-efficient, and light truck tire, is what it is.

Michelin-X LT and Defender LTX M/S Features

Michelin- LT Features

  • All-season safety.
  • Six-year Standard Limited Warranty.
  • Ultimate tread life.
  • 115000 km warranty.


Over the past decade, the top-rated LTX M/S has been in demand.

Despite the season, it combines the overtread compound with LTX M/S2 to produce resilience. Here are some unique features.

  • Great snow traction and wet grip.
  • Good fuel efficiency and eco-friendly.
  • 70,000 mileage warranty.


Treadlife in Severe Conditions

Thanks to the Ever tread compound, the defender LTX M/S has an improved tread life. The tire must have a long-lasting tread life.

You will enjoy your vehicle’s longer wear life, regardless of whether you drive for pleasure or work.

The Michelin X LT A/S has excellent tire details that allow for maximum contact with the highway or any other terrain to produce even wear.

The feature makes sure longevity is maximized for your vehicle’s tires.

Excellent Snow and Wet Traction

The Defenders LTX M/S has an excellent grip on wet roads. It has superior snow traction.

It is possible to break with confidence whenever you need to because of the exceptional grip of the X LT A/S. Its snow traction is also on point.

The rolling resistance of the tire is reduced by the distribution of the braking and acceleration forces evenly. It is more eco-friendly to have a more eco-friendly tire.

The max touch construction of the defender LTX M/S allows you to save over sixty-five gallons of fuel over its lifespan.

Michelin – X LT A/S VS Defender LTX M/S Warranties

A standard limited warranty from the manufacturer covers material and artistry defects of the initial usable tread or for six years from the purchase date, whichever comes first.

Two tires have specific warranties.

There is a 115 000 km manufacturer’s limited warranty for treadwear, as well as a classic artistry and materials warranty for mileage or treadwear.

The Defender LTX M/S has a 70,000 treadwear manufacturer’s limited warranty, as well as the mileage or treadwear material plus artistry warranty.

Are Michelin Defender Tires Worth It?

It is worth the money to have Michelin tires. There is a tread warranty of between 50,000 and 115,000 miles for the tires. They give you a quiet ride on wet or dry traction.

All-season tires from Michelin are excellent with good customer reviews. There is room for improvement on the tire.

Are Michelin Defenders Good for Towing?

If you want to tow, you can use Michelin defenders. The L.T.X is an excellent tire for towing a truck. It could go a long way. What is the reason?

They are perfect for towing in dry or wet conditions because they have extra support and a steel belt.

The Defender tires are the best for S.U.V.s, trucks, or any other vehicle you might use for towing.

Are Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tires Noisy?

L.T.X. is a defenceman. The tires are making noise. Compared to other Michelin tires, they produce more noise.

The heavy construction to carry your vehicle for over six years may make the noise trade-off well with the function. It is not a bad trade, right?

Michelin X LT A/S


The all-weather tire features of the X LT A/S make it an excellent choice for pickup tracks. The best experience with the tires has been given by clients.

The defender LTX M/S has attracted positive feedback from clients.

It seems that the difference is in their warranty. The other features are not very different. It’s up to you to make the choice.

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