Oil in Throttle Body – What Are The Causes?

The air intake system regulates the amount of air flowing into the engine with the help of a throttle body.

A fuel-injected component can be found between the air filter box and the intake manifolds. The clean air is usually directed into the engine to aid the burning of fuel.

Despite the free flow of air, there are some instances where you might find oil on the throttle body. Is it possible that this could be the reason for this?

Excessive crankcase pressure is one of the causes of oil in your throttle body. Below is a list of the top possible reasons oil is on your throttle body.

In addition, we will discuss the signs of oil in the throttle body and what you can do about it. We are going to get started.

Oil in Throttle

Causes And Solutions

Excessive Crankcase Pressure

It’s possible that you found oil in your throttle body because of crankcase high pressure.

When the crankcase is subjected to excessive force, it can cause the engine oil to get into the throttle body. The cause of the tension could be worn-out rings or valves.

There could be too much oil in the crankcase, which could cause the engine oil to get into the throttle body.

The worn-out rings allow gasses to pass through them and accelerate the pressure in the crankcase. If you notice spikes in your crankcase pressure, you might notice this condition.

If you find yourself in this situation, it would be a good idea to check the piston rings. Replacing them with new ones if they are worn out is what you should do.

No gas will leak through a new loop if you invest in one, which is why it is so important.

Excessive Miles on Your Engine

Blow-by is caused by gasses passing through poorly-sealed rings when the car has excess miles on the engine. It will cause oil to settle in your throttle body when this happens.

If you have an engine with excess blow-by, it will push oil into your throttle body. How can you come up with a solution to this problem?

You don’t have to worry because there is a solution that will prevent you from running too much.

If you’re already caught up in the situation, you might as well take your vehicle to a mechanic to help you with the cleaning process; you might as well clear this mess using a throttle body cleaner.

Use Of Wrong Piston Rings

A split ring is a stretchable ring that seals between the cylinder wall and the pistons.

The loss of gasses to the crankcase can be prevented by filling the combustion chamber with piston rings.

The smooth running of the engine gasses can be accomplished with the help of these rings. There are two different types of rings you can use.

The cast iron and moly rings are called cast iron and moly rings. If you use a cast ring, you may find oil in the throttle if it fails due to weak resistance.

Moly rings serve the best as they allow uniform wall pressure and effectively resist high pressure. These rings can help you for a long time, they cannot break easily.

Moly rings can take thousands of miles without being damaged, so it’s a perfect choice for you as they will prevent oil from being pushed into the throttle body.

Ring Sealing Problem

A ring that can prevent oil from entering should be used. When there is excess pressure, the loop may allow oil to pass through it.

Improving how the rings are sealed is the best way to control the oil in the throttle. It will help you to prevent crankcase pressure if the rings are adequately gapped.

The performance of the throttle body will be improved because of a minimal oil leak. The best way to prevent oil from going into the body is to get an expert to fit the rings for you.

Signs Of Oil In The Throttle Body

The engine can be operated efficiently if the throttle body is in good shape. Whenever there is a problem, it can be easier for you to identify it.

Oil in the throttle body is one of the top 5 signs that you should pay attention to.

Rough Engine Idle

There is a rough engine when a throttle body doesn’t function well. If the engine is performing in a poor state after starting the car, you can see this.

Whenever you come to a stop, you may be experiencing interruption. Since your vehicle engine is the most sensitive, if there is a change, you can notice it quickly.

When there is oil, dust, or other contaminants in the throttle body, the combustion process will not work.

If you notice that your car’s engine is moving up and down and making strange noises, there may be oil in the throttle body.

Check Engine Light

The electronic Throttle Control plays a significant role in keeping track of the performance of the vehicle.

The check engine light on your dashboard can be seen if the system determines that there is an issue. The engine light will sense the oil in the engine when it’s in the throttle body.

Uneven Or Slow Acceleration

The function of the throttle body is to regulate the air-fuel mixture that enters the engine. There can be problems with the air-fuel combination when there is oil in the throttle body.

It will be difficult to accelerate when you are given a hard time. If there is oil in the throttle body, how can you tell?

When you push down the pedal, your car will have an issue with its acceleration. Sometimes the vehicle slows down unexpectedly and other times it moves faster than normal.

Airflow Disruptions

The air will not be blocked by a throttle body in good condition. When there is no unrestricted air in the throttle body, pressure problems can occur.

Poor performance is caused by pressure issues in the system when oil is in the throttle body.

If your throttle body is stuck or not in a proper position, there is a high chance that there is oil in it.

You don’t want to experience any more problems with your throttle body. Consider paying attention to the signs.


There is incomplete combustion inside the chamber which can cause fires. It causes misfires when the air-fuel mixture meets the spark plug’s weak spark.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is caused by the oil in the throttle. Misfires in this criteria mean that the amount of air passing through the throttle body is not enough.

A free flow is not allowed because of the oil in the throttle body. When incomplete combustion occurs, it causes your engine to malfunction.

Oil in Throttle


If you depend on your car to drive and you are busy, oil in the throttle can be a problem.

The leading cause of the problem is excessive crankcase pressure, but your vehicle may start behaving differently.

You don’t have to worry as there are always solutions to these issues and you can handle everything with the help of the options you’ve found.

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