Pedal Commander vs Tuner – What Are the Main Differences?

In this post, we are going to look at two of the options that are available to you if you own a pickup truck that you want to get more power out of.

I’ll compare tuning and installing a pedal commander for your truck.

2 options can be used independently or together. They function as well as the pros and cons of each option, so we want to look at that.

The pedal commander works by changing the voltage of the system. Eco, City, Sport, and Sport + are the modes it has. There are four different levels in each option.

Your car’s computer is unlocked when you perform a tune, and adjustments are made to give your vehicle different capabilities based on the option you choose.


Installing and Running a Pedal Commander

The installation of a Pedal Commander is very simple and anyone can do it. The process can take up to 10 minutes depending on your level of do-it-yourself expertise.

Anyone can do it. The pedal sensor circuit that the pedal commander is plugged into acts as an interface between the pedal and the computer.

Depending on the option you choose, it increases or decreases the voltages. Here are the options:

Eco Mode:

Lowers the power to less than the stock. This mode makes your truck economical on fuel but also decreases the power that you get out of your engine, as the name suggests.

City Mode:

If you choose this option, your car will give you up to an additional 50% response.

You get a lot more kick from your truck as the accelerator becomes a lot more responsive without the usual lag that you get in stock mode.

It has been said that it is similar to older-style cable accelerator systems.

It’s a great daily driver mode that gives just enough added power and isn’t so much that people accuse you of doing burnouts.

Sport Mode:

The option gives you an additional 75% power or response rate when you accelerate. 100% more voltage is sent to the onboard computer with the option of Sport + Mode.

It eliminates lag and will give you the most kick. This option is more suited for long stretches of the highway.

When you install a pedal commander, you will not change anything on the vehicle except change the voltages being delivered from the pedal.

It means that you won’t void your warranty if you install or use it.

Performing an Engine Tune

There is an option to have an auto shop tune your vehicle for you, as well as many tuners that are available on the market.

You are increasing the power and Torque coming from your engine when you use a tuner. You will experience more power output from your engine, that’s what this means.

The main difference between the Pedal Commander and the other ones is that it just increases the power in your vehicle.

Changing the computer in your vehicle’s system will allow it to put out more power. The problem with this type of modification is that it voids the warranty on the truck.

If you are willing to lose the warranty for that, then it is up to you, as this is the trade-off you need to make for the added power.

Don’t count on it, some dealers will be good sports and still have your vehicle.

Is It Possible to Use the Pedal Commander Together with a Tuner?

I wonder if it is possible to run a pedal commander with a tune. Yes, that is the answer to that.

The lag that your vehicle will experience will still be fixed by the Pedal Commander even if your vehicle gets tuned.

When configured right, tuning, and the Pedal Commander have been known to improve fuel economy.

If you want to do the project yourself, you need to do the necessary research on how to use your particular brand together with the pedal commander.


Is Pedal Commander Bad for Your Car?

A lot of people believe that the Pedal Commander will hurt their truck. But, it is not a real story.

After testing all the stock safety parameters, the PC is designed to run in your trucks that are built by the brands.

The manufacturers assure all the safety concerns, but also make sure there is no damage during the user time.

Most users of PC tuners don’t complain that their trucks are being harmed.

Is It Possible to Use a Pedal Commander with a Diablo Tuner?

No, you are unable to! The experts recommend against using the PC along with other tuners. It would hurt your truck system since both of them will work at the same time.

The good news is that you can use other tuners if they don’t block the electrical signals from the gas pedal. If you need it, you can use Taser with the tracker.

What Does a Throttle Response Controller Do?

The Throttle Response Controller is supposed to improve the response time of acceleration and other speed-up functions.

Not only does it help your engine act fast, but it also ensures no throttle lag or spongy pedal.

The device increases the gas pedal to input fast so trucks don’t face any rough idling from 0 to 60 acceleration points.

The part that adds the speed and drift of your truck is based on the sensitivity that you can control by pressing the throttle pedal.

What Is the Cost of a Pedal Commander Cost?

It is priced according to quality and other factors. The price of the Pedal Commander in most stores is not more than $350 to $550.

The cost of a high-quality one will be more than average if you hit it.

Is a Tuner Good for Your Truck?

Yes, this is true. It’s true for sure! The tuner is used to add better fuel economy and efficiency to your engine so that you don’t have to skip a day.

It ensures better riding speed, response, and control on the truck while using a small amount of diesel.



It is a difficult competition between the pedal commander and the tuner. Are you finding it hard to choose by reading this guide?

We hope that is not the case. To boost the response to the engine, they have a stunning function.

To get one ideal pick, you need to ask yourself a simple question, “what do you want to accomplish in the end?

If you like your truck to have basic throttle response, control, and instant speed then go for the pedal commander.

The PC can’t sacrifice the HP and Torque, so you have to sacrifice them.

If you would like to have better response, control, efficiency, horsepower, and fuel economy, then you should choose the pedal tuner.

You should be prepared for facing the lag when you decide to use it.

The variations of PC and pedal tuner are described for you to understand so that you can pick the one that is right for you. The choice is yours at this point. Good Luck!

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