Spark Plug Window Break Mythbusters

If you have ever seen a post on how to break glass in a car with a spark plug, you will know how easy it is to do. You may wonder if it is true or if it is just another trick.

It is true and you can find an explanation in this article. You may ask, “So, you?”

It is easy for a spark plug to break glass because it contains ceramic parts and the object that breaks the glass is easy to break.

A ceramic object is much more complex than glass. Even with little force, it can shatter glass such as a car’s window.

When you need to get in or out of a vehicle quickly, you can use spark plugs to break the glass.

It seems like a helpful tip to know that spark plugs can break a glass since a simple punch or force won’t work.

In this article, you will see how spark plugs and other auto parts can break windows and windshields with ease.

You can get a sense of how it could happen by understanding the reason behind it. Without further delay, let’s get into it!


Why Are Spark Plugs So Great at Breaking Glass?

Most of the windows are made of a type of glass known as tempered glass.

Tempered glass is renowned for its strength, but also breaks catastrophically, breaking into a vast number of tiny fragments in an instant.

The glass on the windows is strong. It has a large amount of internal energy stored due to the heating cycle.

Its high energy makes it very vulnerable to damage from a spark plug’s ceramic component.

A piece of the extremely hard aluminum oxide ceramic found in spark plugs concentrates the impact energy into a tiny, precise area.

When the force releases the internal energy, it shatters the glass when thrown against a window at a decent pace.

The ceramic part of a spark plug creates enough damage to cause the glass to shatter.

Is It Possible for a Spark Plug to Break a Windshield?

A spark plug can break a windshield. A small amount of force from a spark plug can easily shatter a laminated glass window in a newer model vehicle.

One thing to note is that the ceramic part of the spark plug is more robust than the glass part. When you break the ceramic parts, they will lose their sharpness.

Any glass that comes in contact with the ceramic can be damaged with only a small amount of force.

The structure of the glass will be shattered quickly when the edges of the ceramic touch it.

As a result, the glass will break into small pieces, which means no large particles will remain.

Since a ceramic part of a spark plug breaks glass so quickly, you may wonder if the same thing will happen with bulletproof glass.

Is It Possible for a Spark Plug to Break Bulletproof Glass?

The ceramic part of a spark plug tends to work on the glass of windows, but it may not work on bulletproof glass.

The ceramic found in a spark plug tends to work only with glass that has been hardened. The types of glasses that are in windows and windshields are known as bulletproof glasses.

If you want to break such kinds of glass, you will have to exert force, pressure, and damage on both sides. The glass of these kids doesn’t shatter easily even if you successfully do it.

What Makes a Spark Plug Break a Window?

The ceramic part in the spark plug is what makes it break a window. Even with a small amount of force, a ceramic part in a spark plug can be used to shatter or break a window.

Once those sharp edges contact the glass, it will cause immediate damage to the glass’ structure, causing it to shatter.

The chain reaction to the entire object is caused by this glass being under consistent pressure.

Small particles of the glass will not likely hurt or harm anyone. Most people like the fact that the glass in windows is more suited for safety than typical glass.

How Can I Break a Window With a Spark Plug?

If you want to break a window with a spark plug, you have to get the ceramic part inside of it.

It’s important to make sure it has sharp edges that can come in contact with the glass. The ceramic part can be taken out by hammering down a spark plug until it breaks into pieces.

As mentioned earlier, window glass is usually made of hardened glass.

Once a small ceramic part from a spark plug comes in contact with it, the slight damage it causes would create a series of damage until it shattered.

You only need to remove the ceramic part from the spark plug and throw it into the glass. A small amount of force is enough to break the window.

Spark Plug Window Break Mythbusters

If you think that the idea of shattering glass with a spark plug isn’t accurate, you might want to check out if Mythbusters have tested it.

The only glass-shattering topic they had concerns about was a couple of methods, but it didn’t include using spark plugs.

On the other hand, I watched a National Geographic video about the topic.

The idea of the video is related to how the ceramic particles in a spark plug break window glass.

It shows how easy it is for spark plugs to damage and shatter glass found in a vehicle’s window.



The spark plugs break the glass because they include ceramic components, and it is the item that breaks the glass that makes it break.

A ceramic object is much more rigid than a glass one. Even with minimal effort, it may destroy glass such as a car’s window.

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