Sprint Booster Problems Explained

A sprint booster is a tool that can intercept the signal from the engine management to the pedal.

It modifies the signal from the lever and then transfers it to the engine management.

There are other names for it, like pedal box, wind booster, electronic throttle controller, pivot controller, throttle controller, idrive, plug and go module, and pedal commander.

There are many claimed benefits such as a dismissal of throttle delay, durable and quicker engine response, strength, and more reliable performance.

The benefits of the sprint booster will be discussed in this article, as well as the problems that one can face with it.

It is better to analyze everything from a bad position when you are making a decision. There are at least one or several disadvantages associated with the accessories.

It is safe to assume that the sprint booster has problems associated with it. Let’s look at all the advantages and disadvantages of a sprint booster before making a decision.

Sprint Booster

The Problems with a Sprint Booster

When you add a sprint booster to your car, the full potential of the lever is not used.

There is a dead zone with the tool where the lever to the engine management is absolute, which is 100%. It means the precision in the control of the vehicle is lost.

The capacity to make small changes to the throttle is also lost. The resolution of the engine management is reduced. The control to feather the throttle is taken away from you.

If you use more throttle while driving, the mileage of the car will be reduced because more fuel will be used.

The chance of accidents increases with the car. The car will wear out more if it is smooth driving.

The sprint booster encourages poor driving habits, like braking hard for starting and stopping in traffic, rather than smooth driving.

The tool makes it hard to control the car. The foot movement caused by bumps or vibration alters too much the accidental changes to the throttle as compared to standard engine management without the tool.

The reduced capacity to make minor changes to the throttle feels like a beginner has to drive over difficult terrain.

Many sprint booster users use their devices while offroading. Many cars do not use a sprint booster to improve precision control when low-range driving is involved.

While on the road, there are some limitations of the sprint booster that are more noticeable when offroading.

The fact that precision in speed control and Torque is more important is the reason for this. A sprint booster has a problem with expanded rev hang.

The lever will travel through the dead zone at the top of the range in sprint booster to express a higher lever position for an increased duration when the vehicle is coming off full throttle.

This could be annoying for drivers who like coming off corners and changing gears. The time saved by the sprint booster is 100 ms or 0.1s.

The increased rev hang is too small to detect, like the improvement in the throttle response.

Real Advantages of Sprint Booster

The advantage is that you don’t need to press the lever hard or far to get the acceleration you need. You don’t have to worry about foot energy.

You don’t need to change your driving style after you connect a sprint booster to your car’s system.

You will be able to prevent operating the throttle in a jerky manner with the aid of this booster. There is a tool that improves the reaction time of an engine machine.

The time that an engine machine reacts to something is called reaction time. If you are already pushing the lever, it is possible to push it a little more.

For example, if your car takes an extra 100 ms for the engine to start, you will have to throttle it up from 50% to 100%.

If your accelerator is already started at 50%, it is possible to do this.

The acceleration from 50% to 100% is only possible with a tool like a sprint booster in the car, which is why all drivers wish that it is less than 100 ms.

The reduced throttle might break traction if there is no sprint booster.

The tool can be installed to prevent this from happening. If you want to save 100 ms or effort to move your foot harder, then you can install a sprint booster in your car.

Is Sprint Boost Worth It?

When analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the sprint booster, it is mainly based on the individual’s choices and preferences.

If you don’t have a sufficient connection between your foot and leg, sprint boosters are not beneficial.

People think that a sprint booster will improve their engine response, but if they press the lever with a little more pressure, they will get the same response as before.

Despite how much you amplify it, the throttle will be from zero to 100%.

The same action can be duplicated by pressing the lever a little harder. The signal needed to indicate the lever position is improved by a sprint booster.

The control of the sprint booster is to just adjust the lever.

We don’t think that buying a sprint booster is a good idea. When there is an option to be not, why should we be forced with a jerky throttle?

Why spend money on another electrical device when it can be avoided? The pros are nothing and the cons are substantial.

I would like to have control over the vehicle from above. Efficient, smooth, and safe driving is encouraged by this.

Sprint Booster


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase a sprint booster. The throttle response has been liked by many people who have used them.

It is mostly personal when it comes to the reaction to sprint boosters. We tried to make a list of all the problems you might face with a sprint booster.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, please mention them in the comments section below.

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