What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?

In the bed of every truck has a few slots and if you just got a truck new, it’s normal to be curious to know what the components of the truck are used for. This article covers the answer to this possible question, “What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?

Are you among those who can’t seem to find an answer to this question? We are here to feed your curiosity with the answer.

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?

Slots basically are areas in a truck bed on which wood boards, rubbers or what have you — can be placed. The materials you can arrange on the slots carry out the job of preventing cargo at the truck bed from moving around. You can as well insert 2x10s in them, in order to segment the bed. The purpose of using these things on those slots is to partition your truck bed.

What Are Slots In Truck Bed?

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For
What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?

As stated above, slots are simply areas in the truck bed on which other materials can be used to indicate a partition at the bed of your truck. This ensures that the cargo on the truck bed is — to a large — restricted from moving around.

The name of whatever you can place on these slots is “Truck Bed Dividers.”

Truck Bed Divider

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For
Truck Bed Divider

Just as the name implies, truck bed dividers “partitions” the truck bed into several segments. It could be two, three or the number of your choice — but mostly, it’s two segments. When you decide to begin your search for the best truck bed dividers available in the market, you’ll — in no time — see how numerous the options are. You could want to choose simple products such as a ratcheting bar while other products offer features that include full panels in order to section the truck bed.

It doesn’t matter what you end up choosing, as the best truck bed divider for you, the function of a truck bed divider remains unchanged. As we have already stated, the primary purpose of a divider is to keep items and cargo in place.

Let’s look at some benefits of using a truck bed divider.

Benefits Of Using A Truck Bed Divider

The following are the benefits of using a truck bed divider:

  1. Helps to prevent breakage of cargoes.
  2. Prevents cargo from shifting around in the truck bed.
  3. Helps in reducing vibration and road noise.
  4. Helps to keep the contents of the truck within the owner’s reach.
  5. Fits into all types of truck beds.

We believe, at this point, you’ve known the answer to the question, What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For? Having disclosed that, let’s move on to the feature(s) and designs of a truck bed divider.

Securing Smaller Cargo

Are you in need of a truck bed divider, because you want to carry some small pieces of cargo in your truck bed? Well, we want you to know that you’re looking for just the right product for the placement of those pieces of cargo in your truck bed. This will put to an end the unnecessary sound of toolboxes, coolers and other small items. Basically, it prevents smaller cargo from moving around your truck bed each time you take a turn.

Furthermore, we have heard people ask the question, “why can’t I just make use of the regular tie-downs?” Well, that’s an option amongst others, and sometimes the easiest alternative — but the issues associated with it is, it doesn’t guarantee security as much as dividers do. You’re also likely to be in possession of items that don’t feature good points for tie-downs — items such as cooler.

Popular Models: Best Truck Bed Divider

Below are a few truck bed dividers categorized as the most popular truck models — which are also our recommendations.

1. Ford F150

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
Ford F150

The high-quality truck bed divider Ford offers is one that features zones for dual-load. In this divider, there’s a construction of reinforced plastic and nylon and with this, you — as well — gain the needed weather-resistant properties. Your heaviest loads are assured of utmost security, owing to the presence of hand-actuated, spring-loaded handles. The installation process of this divider is quite easy and, depending on what your local dealer charges, runs about $300.

2. Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

There’s a system this brand features; it’s called GearOn Cross Rails. This has been exposed to the effect of corrosion and weather, in a bid to test its reliability and durability — and it passed the test very well. They are manufactured from aluminium. Generally, they cost around $300.

3. Dodge Ram

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
Dodge RAM

The complete 5.7′ RamBox Cargo Management this brand, Mopar, offers comes with 2 Cargo Nets, 6 Vertical & 2 Horizontal Dividers.

4. Toyota Tacoma

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
Toyota Tacoma

Toyota offers a type of divider that does its job together with your deck rail system. With this, you’re allowed to place it in whichever way that suits your needs. That’s not all, it also has a “rotation” feature that validates various configuration — as regards lying flat on the top of your cargo. It’s corrosion-resistant and lightweight, too. According to what has been tested, it can accommodate loads of up to 400 pounds.

5. GMC Sierra

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
GMC Sierra

Similar to the Chevy Silverado, the GMC Sierra comes with the same GearOn Cross Rails system. You must also note that this system makes use of tie-downs, so it’ll be a necessity for you to search in the market for additional rings.

Things You Must Consider While Choosing A Truck Bed Divider

If you have made your decision, as regards the truck bed divider to go with — then below consists of a few tips that can help you in making that decision.

  • Start by considering what you’ll need it for: If your need for a divider comes occasionally, then it’s advisable you go for a pole divider setup. In terms of installation, and compared to the full panel variations, only less work is required. They are way cheaper, too.
  • Research the various materials: A lot of dividers in the market are made of steel, webbing or aluminium. In order to attain swift movement, go for the light one — otherwise, a higher-quality material simply means that it’ll be durable & long-lasting.
  • Check the warranty: you get a warranty, whenever you purchase a truck bed divider from any dealer.

Securing Larger Cargo

If your aim is to get additional support for hauling lumber daily, it’s a wise move to spend money in getting a collection of truck accessories which will go a long way to make your job an easy task.

Below are our recommendations:

1. Bed Extenders

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
Bed Extenders

With this bed extender, it’s not necessary that you get a new truck with a longer truck bed. All you need to do is, put down your tailgate and equip the region with a bed extender, in order to prevent long lumbers from falling off. You can also store other large and heavy cargo.

One of the excellent ways to transform your truck into a functional workhorse — a highly functional workhorse — is to install a bed extender. This helps you to create more space at the bed of your truck, on which you can carry and transport oversize items that, without a bed extender, wouldn’t fit.

2. Bed Rack

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For?
Bed Rack

A bed rack is sometimes regarded as a ladder rack. It’s a versatile tool that is designed to fit the top of your truck bed hence room for extra carrying capacity. This allows for longer lumber, which can be safely transported. Also, it allows you take full advantage of overhang limits in the vehicle’s rear and front. The bed rack ensures your lumber is lifted in such a way that doesn’t affect your ability to navigate on the road.

3. Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For
Heavy-Duty Tonneau Cover

This gives you a different platform where you can stack your lumber without imposing the fear of having your bed damaged. You can as well install the bed racks alongside this cover. There are covers, such as the DiamondBack Truck Bed Cover, that come with built-in cleats with which you can use to tie-down and secure your load.

4. Tailgate Flag

What Are The Slots In My Truck Bed For
Tailgate FLAG

The need for attaching this tailgate flag is to give an indication that your truck is carrying heavy and oversized lumber that exceeds the length, from the start of the bed to the tailgate. You need to do this to inform surrounding drivers about the type of cargo you’re carrying. Many tailgate flags out there are manufactured with materials that are proven to be weather-resistant and durable — and for easy detection are painted in bright orange or red color.

What Are Slots In Truck Bed – Conclusion

At this point, you now understand what the slots on your truck bed are, and the answer to the question, “What Are Slots In Truck Bed?” One of the great ways to handle the cargo needs of your truck is by adding the best truck bed divider. This explains why we had to touch points about what you should consider when choosing a truck bed divider.

Thanks for reading.

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