What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?

You newly purchased a truck and you’re curious to know the name given to every part of it: we know you would definitely want to ask someone the question, What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called? — when trying to access the truck bed.

Yes, you have many other questions, showing how much you desire to know the parts of your truck, but in this article, we’ll focus on answering this one — What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?

It’s called tailgate. Tailgate is a door built to allow access into the bed, rear storage compartment, of your truck.

What Is A Tailgate?

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called

A tailgate is simply the door found at the back of a truck, giving easy access to the truck bed.

For the purpose of giving an example of a tailgate, we will use the MultiPro Tailgate.

MultiPro Tailgate

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?
MultiPro Tailgate

The MultiPro Tailgate of Sierra is a tailgate that consists of two tailgates. Regardless of the fact that it’s a “two tailgates in one” tailgate, it still can be positioned in a lot of ways for numerous use. The MultiPro’s design comprises of the primary tailgate: the primary tailgate is built in such a way that its synonymous with the design of the conventional tailgate; it also consists of a smaller inner gate: this smaller inner gate is hinged within the primary gate panel itself. Whenever you raise and lower the two tailgate panels in different combinations, you give MultiPro the freedom to play several roles — roles such as “serving as a bed extender, serving as an entry step and other beneficial functions.”

The GMC Sierra 1500 is distinguished from other pickup trucks because of the MultiPro Tailgate — a six-function tailgate. Owing to the presence of this MultiPro Tailgate, the world’s first six-function tailgate, the new 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 is set aside from other “trucks” that stand as its competition. This six-function tailgate that you can barely find in other trucks, revolutionizes the full accessibility to the cargo box of your new truck; that’s not all, the MultiPro Tailgate also revolutionizes its functions.

Furthermore, because of its incredible features, loading and unloading have become a quick and easy thing to do. As you read further, we will disclose to you what you need to know about the MultiPro Tailgate, and how you, too, can use it.

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6 Features Of The Six-Function MultiPro Tailgate

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?

1. Primary Gate: Every new pickup truck has the primary gate — the one you’re aware of. However, you can open the tailgate, and have access to it, by pressing a button available on the tailgate or by using the key fob from inside the truck.

2. Primary Gate Load Stop: The load stop feature is responsible for restricting your cargo from sliding out of your truck bed when you open the primary gate.

3. Easy Access: When there’s an urgent need for you to load and unload items on your truck bed, the Easy Access gives you swift access in terms of easily folding down the inner gate to quickly access an item.

4. Full-Width Stop: Most people don’t know that the inner gate is flexible enough that it can be folded into a larger step for easy entry and exit from the box when making use of the innovative Full-Width Stop feature in the MultiPro Tailgate.

5. Inner Gate Load Stop: The MultiPro Tailgate’s inner gate, as well, comes with a load stop feature that does the job of preventing second-tier items from sliding out of the box (truck bed) when you’re driving.

6. Inner Gate With Work Surface: When you require a work surface, you assured of it when you use the MultiPro Tailgate. Why? It’s because this is one of its features. Also, if you are someone who regularly loads second-tier items, this feature would come in pretty handy.

The MultiPro Tailgate Alternative

Ford F-150 Tailgate

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
Ford F-150 Tailgate

Although the F-150 dominates its top position on the list of trucks with a good number of sales, it — in the truck tailgate game — has fallen behind. Just to mention what the full-sized competitors are doing, the RAM and GMC both offer multi-way tailgates — fancy multi-way tailgates. GMC is known for using its MultiPro Tailgate to blaze a trail, while the RAM has recently unveiled the barn door-style Multifunction tailgate.

Ford, in order to stay in the game — in the midst of the competitors — is currently working on a complex tailgate gimmick, something you have not seen before. According to sources, the barn door setup in the RAM truck makes it a top contender. The 2021 Ford F-150 portrays an all-new design that has a few new and innovative features. This tailgate that’s newly designed by the Ford company, manufacturers of the Ford F-150, functions much more than other versions. Speaking of the new design, the Ford F-150 doesn’t include multiple configurations, barn-style doors, or any of the several other features present in the Tailgate’s newest design.

What’s more, the tailgate of the Ford F-150 does come standard with a set of new cleats mounted to the sides of the tailgate, acting as tie-down location to accommodate extra-long items in the truck bed. This feature — the new pocket clamps — helps customers to hold down materials in order to gain precision in their work. The integrated rulers, cup holder, pencil holder, and mobile device holder are a list of what the flat tailgate work surface includes.

Let’s look at the latest RAM for example, you get it with a multifunction tailgate with 60/40 split swing-away doors that have the ability to open 88 degrees or swing down just like the traditional tailgate. In addition, GMC makes its tailgates in a way that they’re capable of folding into six different configurations, alongside functioning like the traditional tailgate.

5 Best Vehicles For Tailgating

1. Honda Ridgeline

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline takes its place on the list because of how it’s an excellent asset for lovers of tailgates. It has a tailgate — a dual-action tailgate — that allows swift access to your truck bed.

2. Ford Flex

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called

The Ford Flex was designed with flexibility in mind as it offers up to 3 rows of seating to accommodate about 7 passengers. In addition, after accommodating 7 passengers, it’d still have enough space right behind the seats for storage — grill and food storage. If rain begins to fall while it’s open, the back row has the feature that allows it to reverse in order to face the party.

3. Chevrolet Suburban

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
Chevrolet Suburban

This Chevrolet product is one of the trucks out there that gave a good shot at the tailgate. It has the capacity to accommodate about 9 persons and still has space to fully store all the gear of your tailgate behind the third row.

4. Honda Odyssey

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
Honda Odyssey

Speaking of widescreen entertainment screen and class-cargo-room, this truck — the Honda Odyssey — is known to be the best. Because of those features, tailgaters have loved this truck even more.

5. Ford F-150

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called
Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is regarded as one of the most popular pickup trucks anyone can find out there. You don’t have to bother whether your truck bed can handle all your cargo or not, because it has the capacity as to that regard. It offers a towable bed extender that allows you to haul your “pickup party” with the tailgate down, to support oversized loads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Truck With Half Door Called?

Regular Cab. Between the years 2004 to 2008, Ford regular cabs are unique because they come with 1-2 additional small doors that open opposite the front doors, similar to the SuperCab.

What Is The Back Door Of A Pickup Truck Called?

Tailgate. It’s similar to the question answered in this article, “What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?”

What Trucks Are Best For Tailgating?

  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Ford F-150
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Ford Flex

How Much Is A Truck Tailgate?

According to Detroit News, for those with backup cameras and other accessories, they can get tailgate from a few hundreds of dollars to as much as $3,600.

What Does The GMC Tailgate Cost?

The costs of the GMC Tailgate vary depending on the specific year and model of your truck. On average, aftermarket tailgate replacements will cost you something between $70 to $451.

Does The MultiPro Tailgate Lock?

It gives you the freedom to use the entire truck bed, including the tailgate’s length. However, whenever you raise the load stop gate, it doesn’t lock into place.

How Much Weight Can A Silverado Tailgate Hold?

840 lbs. The weight limit of the tailgate is 840 lbs.

What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called – Conclusion

The simple answer to the question, “What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?” is tailgate. And, as we know, the tailgate is the door on the back of a truck that allows access to the truck bed. Every truck is unique in its tailgate, as they offer different features to enhance functionality and uniqueness.

So, the next time you’re asked, “What Is The Door On The Back Of A Truck Called?” — boldly tell the person “tailgate.”

Thanks for reading.

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