Why Are Pickup Beds So High?

The pickup truck bed seems to be so high and many people desire to know why it’s that high, compared to other trucks. Well, giving an answer to the question “Why Are Pickup Beds So High?” is the reason we have carefully put together this article.

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Why Are Pickup Beds So High?

According to a member of a certain forum, “The side profile of trucks has become larger. The whole cab and body are taller on all of them. To keep the appearance proportional, they raise the height of the bed up to the higher beltline of the cabs. They are putting form over function.”

Pickup Trucks

Why Are Pickup Beds So High
Pickup Truck

A pickup truck, also known as a “truck,” is categorized as a light-duty vehicle that has an open cargo area and an enclosed cabin with low sides and tailgate. In these countries: New Zealand and Australia — people call coupé utilities and pickup trucks “utes.” This “utes” stands as the short form for utility vehicle. It’s termed bakkie in the country, South Africa. There’s a part of America called “North America” — therein has pickup trucks serving as passenger cars. Up to 18% of the total number of vehicles sold in the country, United States, are pickup trucks.

Furthermore, it’s of an unknown origin the name “pickup.” In the year 1913, the Studebaker used it. When it got to the 1930s, the name had already become a household name.

Uses Of Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks, in countries such as Canada and the US, perform the role of transporting passengers — which is part of its primary functions. Most of the time, pickup trucks are used for the purpose of towing and hauling materials. If you’re the type that loves going camping frequently, you can equip your pickup truck with camper shells: it creates a small space for living, suitable for campers.

A pickup truck gets a small motorhome’s amenities after the installation of slide-in truck campers. It doesn’t restrict the operator from opting for its removal or using the truck in its independent form. In the military, pickup trucks — the modified ones precisely — can be used as unarmored, improvised combat vehicles. The name for these combat vehicles is “technicals.”

What Are Pickup Truck Beds?

Why Are Pickup Beds So High
Pickup Truck Bed

A pickup truck bed is the bottom or floor of a truck [pickup truck]. The open back or bed makes loading and hauling objects to and fro an easy endeavor. It’s called pickup because of its use — hauling and transporting of heavy loads. Since a truck bed is made of metal, it’s prone to damages caused by the elements and other factors; that’s why it’s necessary to employ the use of a truck bed liner — the one of good quality.

It’s pretty easy to haul lightweight and heavyweight cargo on your pickup truck bed, but the little problem lies on keeping it safe from damage. As a truck owner, one of the areas of your truck that you should give attention to is your truck bed.

Sizes Of Pickup Truck Beds

On a general note, pickup truck beds have up to 3 different sizes — which include short, standard, and long. Although the numbers vary — depending on the manufacturer — the short bed is approx. 5’8″ long, the standard bed is approx. 6’5″ long and finally, the long bed is approx. 8’ long. It’s quite cumbersome to determine your truck bed’s length by just looking at it; you’d need to use tape to measure the length.

In addition, looking at how the gas filler flap is placed can, however, give you an idea of “whether your truck bed is small, standard or long” — by merely using your eyesight. Let’s use the Chevrolet Silverado to portray an example — if it’s located on the rear fender, then that’s a short box; if it’s located next to it, it’s a standard box; if you can spot an observable gap between the rear fender and the fuel filler flap, then that’s a long box.

Having reached the point, here are further details concerning the answer to the question, Why Are Pickup Beds So High?

After reading through the comments of various truck owners in forums and asking a few other persons that own a truck — outside any forum or online platform — we have come to the conclusion that trucks are made high to suit the framework and design-approach of the truck. It completely has nothing to do with any other reason, although it could be to prevent the truck from damage-causing elements that could penetrate from beneath.

Benefits Of Owning A Pickup Truck

Here are six benefits of owning a pickup truck:

1. Safety

The safety of any vehicle — pickup truck in this case — is highly dependent on many factors, factors such as the skills of the driver, the size of the vehicle, “how active the vehicle is,” and passive safety systems. Pickup trucks are not lightweight, they are heavier and designed to crush into whatever it faces — could be mountains. This type of truck, a pickup truck, is known for its sturdy body. Because of their sturdy bodies, if an accident happens, the effect of it won’t depict much damage.

Aside from the aforementioned, they — just like cars — have smart braking technologies, airbags, stability-control systems, and other features around safety.

2. Comfortable and Spacious

Pickup trucks, the extended and cab ones, are well-spaced, and they bring comfort as you would experience in a car. They are filled with a good number of seats, enough to accommodate your family. Interestingly, the pickup trucks provide you with the latest tech gadgets and pieces of equipment, just as you can find in SUVs.

3. Powerful Engines

It’s a fact that pickup trucks are made of powerful engines. Without jeopardizing the quality or safety of your ride, the engines of pickup trucks comfortably bear heavy objects. If you’re in search of a vehicle that has high power and torque, you’ll experience those using a pickup truck.

4. Durability

In terms of durability, pickup trucks perform more than any other vehicle. The reason is, pickup trucks possess stronger bodies. Also, you must note that the cab and its rear bed are two different things. This promotes the flexibility of higher chassis. Therefore, with ease, these vehicles — pickup trucks — can pull, haul and tow. As stated in one of the previous paragraphs, they gain their toughness from their sturdy bodies.

5. All-terrain capability

These pickup trucks, which are a 4-wheel drive, have full-frame construction. This makes it easy for them to successfully thread where others avoid — because of the fear of being stuck. Again, pickup trucks, generally, have the ability to handle all forms of weather conditions and “driving” surfaces.

6. High riding visibility

Do you want to talk about the views of pickup trucks? It’s quite commanding. The driver’s seat is somewhat elevated, allowing for a clearer view of the road and, as well, the surroundings. The higher stance enhances visibility, making it a thing of ease to see over other cars.

7. Hauling and towing capabilities

Compared to other features of a pickup truck, this remains the best one. They possess the ability to pull a boat, camper, trailer, and even other vehicles. If you have large items, you can easily haul them inside your pickup trucks. In fact, the more space your truck bed has, the more cargo/items you can place therein.

8. Rugged sensibility

Speaking of the kind of frames pickup trucks have, they come with strong, ladder-style frames. The chassis is separate from the body, and this immensely contributes to their toughness. This stands as one of the reasons they can, with ease, carry heavy items and carry out other activities.

9. Versatility

With pickup trucks, you have several options from which you can choose. This allows you to, in any way of your choice, configure your truck. In terms of options, you have a few to pick from — as regards engine, bed length, transmission and cab. This is the reason why “versatility” made it to the list of benefits. The purposes of using a pickup truck covers several areas — ranging from towing, off-roading, hauling to what have you.

10. Affordability

Surprisingly, pickup trucks are not as expensive as you think they are. By the pounds, they are quite cheaper. Moreso, many times, they are the vehicles with the most discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Height Of A Pickup Truck Bed?

The standard bed of a pickup truck bed, in length, measures 82.25 inches; in height, measures 21 inches and in width, 50.55 inches. For the long bed, it measures 98.27 inches in length, 21 inches in height, and 50.55 inches in width.

Why Are Truck Beds Separate From The Cabs?

When your truck bed is filled with materials, they’re designed in such a way that they move flexing independently and slightly from the cab — also known as passengers compartment. This happens when your truck travels over uneven road surfaces.

What Size Truck Bed Should I Get?

The length of a standard bed is 6 feet — that’s for a full-sized pickup truck. In contrast, it’s only about 6 feet with an extended cab.

Why Are Pickup Beds So High – Conclusion

The answer to the question, “Why Are Pickup Beds So High?” remains that it’s the decision of the manufacturers, to suit the framework of the truck.

Thanks for reading.

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