Why Do Old Fords Have Two Gas Tanks?

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Why Do Old Fords Have Two Gas Tanks?

They were fitted there because they fit, only room on a tilt cab, you could — at the same time — fill both if at a real truck stop, a big advantage. Also, fuel weights about 6.3 per gallon, so two tanks divide the weight.

How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work?

Why Do Old Fords Have Two Gas TanksThese tanks work in a big manner, and with two pipes. One pipe is known for supplying fuel to the vehicle’s engine — while the other pipe does a great job in terms of emitting fuel from the fuel rail. The fuel tanks of the truck take from the two tanks and at the same time. To add, the game and science of the fuel tanks are, to a little extent, puzzling.

Let’s take for example, you bring a Ford vehicle that’s manufactured with two tanks, and you pour a certain amount of fuel into each of the tanks — ensuring that both tanks don’t contain a similar amount of fuel [Example: 60:40] — the vehicle that has the fuel tank that contains more fuel will make sure fuel is delivered to the fuel tank with less fuel. It’d carry on with this until the amount of fuel in two of the tanks is equal. The way they work is, you’d see them working in the chain of command, even on big trucks.

However, it’s reported that dual fuel tanks achieve more fuel on a vehicle. According to the professionals, the dual tanks have something called a pipe — this pipe can be found in between those tanks. The work of this pipe is, it balances out the delivery of fuel for a long-haul truck. If you decide to park your vehicle on an incline, the pipe positioned between the tanks can serve as your safety.

Ford Dual Fuel Tank Problems

There are a good number of problems attached to the Ford dual fuel tank. Among these problems, we would point out two that have been regarded as the major and severe ones: the transference of fuel from one tank to the other and fuel cranking issues. Most times, the vehicle experiences the circulation of fuel, even while it’s not in use — it’s shut off.

What’s the solution?

Because of these issues, the manufacturers of Ford produced a recall kit that works in preventing such problems. This kit consists of one fuel pressure regulator and two in-line check valves. The kit has the ability to prevent fuel from passing through the supply lines because of what it comes with: two in-line check valves and one fuel pressure regulator. The importance of the pressure regulator is reserved as a good practice. If you intend to put to an end the long cranking time, then installing a pressure regulator is the remedy. Something you must know is, it still won’t be able to reduce the fuel circulation from one tank to the other one.

In addition, as the final solution, you can settle for replacing the fuel pump. If you see that the fuel pumps are not going as they should, it’d be quite essential to release enough pressure in order to ensure that the return valves are free — and the other tank doesn’t receive any form of stress.

How Do Dual Fuel Tanks Work On Semi Trucks?

There’s this fellow who owned an international 8200 truck — the first semi-truck he’s owned that came with dual fuel tanks. He was given a suggestion by an auto enthusiast, requesting that he fills both tanks equally. What he did next was to ask, “is it okay to fill just one tank in this situation?” The enthusiast answered, “there’s a hose that connects both tanks on semi-trucks, and both tanks maintain equal level.” The chances of running empty on one tank is very slim, and it goes in on a ratio of 25 and 25.

How To Test Fuel Tank Selector Switch

An expert recounted his experience on how he discovered an issue the moment he tried to set the tank selector switch to the front tank — there was a click sound obviously from the tank selector valve. After that, the truck used for the experiment still didn’t start. It continued to act like it was almost out of gas. At this time, the expert harbored the thought that “the selector valve was going bad,” so as a remedy, he made sure that the fuel line is fuel pump — and also, he got the selector valve alternated.

After all that was done, there was no error in the selection switch. What does this mean? It means it worked just fine.

Symptoms Of Bad Fuel Tank Selector Valve

A dual fuel tank of Ford comes with selector valves that effectively perform their job of connecting the switch to turn over. Most times, you’d find the valve at the driver’s seat. Ford has over the years floated models such as F150, F250, F350 and a host of others — and they’re likely to start giving problems like:

  • The fuel tank does not bolt and unbolt
  • In the starting position, it doesn’t work
  • Problems in the circulation of fuel
  • Overloaded fuel tank

The fuel tank does not bolt and unbolt

If you’re experiencing some significant issues with your selector valve, the fuel tank won’t work efficiently and effectively. In order to make this easy for you, check the selector valve switch and also the wire, to know if the wire is fine or loose. Aside from that, it is necessary that you check the small motor. Sometimes, this is caused by damage in the selector valve switch, and it’s something you have to repair without wasting any time — if it’s the source.

In the starting position, it doesn’t work

People often allow the zero response of the selector valve gets the better of them — pushing them into depression. This usually happens when you buy it “used or secondhand.” Sometimes, you’d discover that the first owner has taken out the selector valve, so it’s something you must check. As a fix, you’d have to carry out the installation process using a brand new one and you must ensure you make no mistakes. If you don’t, you alternatively can go through the front tank — we’re sure you wouldn’t want to start that. In order to set your vehicle for optimal performance, replace that valve using a check valve.

Problems in the circulation of fuel

Most times, the Ford dual front problem of the fuel tank works pretty well, but the fuel contained in the rear tank fails to work — and it happens this way if the switch comes in the way of the rear tank, preventing it from going through the front tank. You can just turn the switch valve’s help and switch to the front tank.

Overloaded fuel tank

Most times, if you have the fuel filled in the rear tank, it naturally flows into the front tank, causing overfilling. It’s imperative that you either reinstall the selector valve or replace the fuel pump of the tank as the 2nd foremost option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does A Truck With 2 Gas Tanks Have 2 Fuel Pumps?

Many applications of the dual fuel pump are inline high volume pumps. However, running a combination of an in-tank pump and an inline pump can be an alternative. Another application that’s more common for the dual fuel pumps in a factory vehicle is if the vehicle comes with two fuel tanks, just as a few trucks do.

How Many Fuel Pumps Does A 93 F150 Have?

It comes with one high pressure pump per tank. For example: if you have 2 tanks, it means you have 2 pumps.

Where Is The Fuel Pump On A Ford F-150?

There is a fuel pump module bolted to the top of the fuel tank. The fuel lines are all connected to the module, using safety clips. You can pull and release them, or as an alternative, you can use an aluminium 3/8″ Ford fuel line disconnect tool.

Can A Bad Fuel Filter Cause Jerking?

If you find out that the temperature isn’t to blame, then accumulated waste in the fuel filter could as well cause the vehicle to jerk. In fact, a blocked fuel filter is the most common cause for a jerking vehicle. Along with jerking, a bad fuel filter will also cause the vehicle to cut out or lose power when driving up an incline.

Why Do Old Fords Have Two Gas Tanks – Conclusion

As a recap of the response, we have to the question — Why Do Old Fords Have Two Gas Tanks? — we stated that:

They were fitted there because they fit, only room on a tilt cab, you could — at the same time — fill both if at a real truck stop, a big advantage. Also fuel weights about 6.3 per gallon, so two tanks divide the weight.

Thanks for reading.

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