Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger?

Just as we know, an individual who owns a Chevy Silverado or other brands won’t be bothered about getting a response to the question — except they either want to enquire about this for a friend or they’ve suddenly picked interest in the Ranger truck “brand.” So, if you’re here, then it’s unarguably clear that you don’t only own a Ranger, but you also are in need of a reliable and befitting topper — hence the reason for this article. (Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger?)

Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger?

According to a ranger owner, he said:

I have a topper from a S10 that fits on mt ’95 ranger perfectly.”

The only problem is, it depends on the year of the truck,” he further stated.

In case the question — Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger? — isn’t well understood by you, stick with us as we give a little explanation on it.

The S10 is a type of truck from the well-known brand, Chevrolet. So, the question has “S10 Topper;” which means a truck topper that comes, and fits perfectly, with the S10 truck. Having known this, let’s proceed into a more detailed aspect of this article.

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What’s A Truck Topper?

Truck Topper

A truck topper is basically known as a rigid canopy or small housing used to prevent the various elements, go out camping, and many more. Another name one can call a truck topper is camper shell, truck cap, and a few other names given to this external accessory.

S10 Chevrolet

Chevrolet S10

There are a good number of people out there who would not like the Chevrolet S10 pickup truck, but it’s enjoyed by a selected few who adore it and love its features — specialized features such as special springs, special shocks, special wheels, special tires, and special frame. One of the things that can tell you “this truck is good” is: the truck is built to be good off-road; and as for the chassis, it is designed with that as the premier prerogative.

Chevrolet S10, also labeled as the S-series or S-10, is a pickup truck — a midsize pickup truck — marketed by General Motors since the year 1981, primarily across the Americas. North America witnessed the first introduction of the S10, as the S-10. A couple of years later, in South Africa, a variant of that model was launched. After exactly two generations that lasted for about 23 years, the Chevrolet S10 was no longer manufactured as a result of GM’s move — ceasing manufacturing and marketing the vehicle in North America, and in 2004. Owing to this, the Chevrolet Colorado became a replacement for the vehicle, Chevrolet S10.

Furthermore, as for the country that enjoyed an uninterrupted production of the Chevrolet S10, it’s brazil. From 1995 to this day, Brazil still manufactures the S10. There are up to 3 generations which the Chevrolet S10 spans, and they entail thus:

First Generation

In late 1981, the 1st generation Chevrolet S10 was publicly introduced. The introduction of this first-generation Chevrolet was done in the United States. Regardless of when it was introduced — in 1981 — it was regarded as a 1982 model. Officially, it’s spelled with a dash in between the letter “S” and the number “10.”

As history, the vehicle — the Chevrolet S10 precisely — was the very first compact pickup truck manufactured and developed fully by an American company. More information reveals that it was fully developed and designed by GM’s Detroit Development Center, unlike the Chevrolet LUV truck — its Japanese-rooted predecessor.

Second Generation

The 2nd-generation Chevrolet S10 made its way to the market, the North American market, in 1993. It was announced as a 1994 model. Unlike how the S10 is written for the first generation, this second-generation Chevrolet model has an omission, which is the dash in the S-10, the official spelling for the first generation. Therefore, it’s S10 for the second-generation Chevrolet, a “dash” omission.

The second-generation model moved on the same platform, the GM GMT325 platform — but in terms of exterior design, it had an aerodynamic exterior design that one could easily identify. Out of this model came a variant that was specifically for South Africa. This variant was sold for a period of time in North America. It was sold there as the Isuzu Hombre.

In Brazil, and in the year 1995, GM started the production of the Chevrolet S10. In Brazil, the manufacturing of this vehicle — Chevrolet S10 — gave rise to a quite significant disruption by becoming the number one pickup to be produced in the country. The production of the second-generation S10 ended in the United States, and in 2004. The good thing is, after the manufacturers ended the production, there was, however, a replacement: the first-generation Chevrolet Colorado. For up to 17 consecutive years, Brazil manufactured the second-generation S10. The year this ended was 2012, early 2012.

Third Generation

The third-generation Chevrolet S10 made its debut in February 2012, in the country, Brazil. In some markets, you’ll find the S10 without a dash while in others, you’ll find the dash in between. This vehicle rides on the GM GMT 31XX platform. And, this third-generation Chevrolet S10 wasn’t developed by the GM engineering team in just one country — it was a collaborative effort that involved the GM engineering teams in Thailand and Australia. Just so you know, the Chevrolet Colorado which was debited in the late period of 2011 in Thailand, is quite identical to the third-generation S10 (mechanically and otherwise).

It was taken to the market as the Holden Colorado in Southeast Asia as well as in New Zealand and Australia. In other words, we can say that the 3rd-generation Chevrolet S10 is just a rebadged 2nd-generation Chevrolet Colorado which was sold in Southeast Asia and South America. In terms of how many countries in which the third-generation Chevrolet S10 was sold, across the Caribbean and Latin America, it was sold in quite a lot of countries — up to a dozen. In Mexico, it was sold as the S10 but, over time, had a replacement, the U.S-market Colorado.

Let’s look at the next truck, Ranger.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is a variant of the vehicles produced by Ford worldwide. Since the model year of Ford Ranger, 1983, the Ford Ranger nameplate has been used on several models of Ford. In North America, the Ranger takes its place beneath the F-150 in the Ford light truck range. The Ranger, in North America, serves as the smallest pickup truck distributed by the company. There are markets in which Ford doesn’t market the F-Series and Super-Duty trucks; in those markets, the ranger stands as the only truck offering of Ford.

The model line is, at this time, in its fourth generation, derived from the Ranger’s third generation marketed around the world since 2011.

Benefits Of Truck Toppers

1. Improved Security

A truck topper secures cargo by locking them right inside the bed of the truck. It improves the accessibility of your equipment whenever you need them. Without the help of this accessory, your goods will be exposed to the risk of being stolen.

2. Improved Space

Many models out there are very much customizable which allows improves storage space. The truck cap provides you with the option to increase your space. You can easily choose a storage option that’s suitable for your needs. You, also, can select dividers and compartments in which storing tools and equipment becomes an easy endeavor.

3. Greater Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to the consumption of fuel, trucks are known to be a little bit greedy. There’s something called wind drag, and this happens when the bed is open. The truck topper works in its unique way to reduce that wind drag that happens with an open bed. When your truck drives much faster against the wind, you’ll experience increased fuel efficiency.

4. Stylish

It gives room for extra customization — you can customize the truck topper with dividers, racks, windows, and other solutions in order to ensure that the space looks great. You can choose from several materials and have them painted on your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will An S10 Cap Fit A Ranger?

According to a ranger user:

Yes, they are longer and slightly narrower. I tried to fit a tonneau from an S10 on the ranger and it wouldn’t fit. I actually have a tonneau cover from an S10 and it fit on my ranger. The one I looked at was on a 1995 ranger, it sat lower than the cab roof in the front, it matched the bed fine.

Are Truck Toppers Interchangeable?

The answer is YES. They are, to a large extent, universal — as long as they match the length and width of the bed. Unless, it is designed to match the cab roof of the truck.

Will A Ford Cap Fit A Chevy?

Yes. The bed is tapered on the Chevy. I had to trim the padding under the forward half of the inboard lip to make it fit.

Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger – Conclusion

In addition to answering the question — Will An S10 Topper Fit A Ranger? — we also gave further details about the S10, a truck topper, and a ranger. So, it’s a YES — but it’s highly dependent on the models.

Thanks for reading.

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