Is Circle K Gas Good?

Circle K, a multinational company, operates a chain of convenience stores. The company sells a variety of other products, but it is well known for its Premium Gas or Top Tier Gas.

To answer the question “Is Circle K gas good?” We need to understand what a Top Tier Gas is.

Circle K Gas

What Is a Top Tier Gas?

The minimum recommended amount of detergent additives is not included in a Top Tier Gas.

To be classified as a Top Tier Gas, the gasoline needs to have a specific amount of deposits on intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers, as well as restrict intake-valve sticking, as recommended by the automobile makers.

It costs a bit more, but it also gives you additional protection for your car engine. The difference in carbon deposit between regular gasoline and top-tier gasoline is 19 times greater.

The fuel economy, emissions, and overall performance of the vehicle are improved. It doesn’t get any better than one of the “Top Tier” gas stations.

Circle K is considered to be a decent alternative to top-tier gas stations. A lot of people have been filling up at Circle K for years without a problem, similar to Wawa gas.

Is Circle K Gas Top-Tier?

No. Circle K gas is no longer part of the Top Tier brand.

Circle K was one of the top gasoline retailers for a while. As a top-tier retailer, it was listed on the list of top-tier certified brands.

It passed the top-tier gas test and had enough detergent and no metallic Additives to make it on the list.

It formed a franchise with well-known gas retailers such as Shell, Exxon, and Phillips 66. The company changed its name to Circle K gas after it pulled out of the franchise.

It was removed from the top-tier gas retailers after that. At this time, it is not considered a Top tier gas.

Does Circle K Gas Have Detergents?

Yes, that’s correct. Circle k gas isn’t a run-of-the-mill gas, even though it isn’t on the list of top-tier gas brands. It falls into the category of regular gas that meets the EPA standard.

The EPA came to the rescue when it was discovered that many gas retailers were not using enough additives in their fuel and this caused a lot of problems for the automobile and the environment.

The benchmark was provided by the EPA.

Although this was a solution to the emissions problem, automobile manufacturers still demanded a higher level of detergent in gasoline because the EPA standard wasn’t high enough.

There were still issues with the high-end automobile engines.

This is what eventually led to the establishment of top-tier brands. Circle K gas is one of the gas brands that use the EPA standard.

What Type of Gas Is Circle K?

Circle K uses high-grade fuel from responsible refineries and terminals that add cleaning detergents on its website.

It isn’t one of the top-tier brands because it doesn’t mention which refinery or gas. Gas brands rated as top tier have to prominently display their logo.

Circle K isn’t branded in any way. It only applies to the United States and other countries outside of Europe. Circle K gas can be found in Europe as miles unleaded 95.

It claims to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3% and can run on all gasoline engines that use octane 95.

Does Circle K Sell Shell Gas?

Shell gas is listed as a top-tier gas on the website.

After Circle K was removed from the list of top-tier gas brands, the Shell brand was dropped along with other well-known franchises. Circle K used to be associated with shell gas.

Is Circle K Gas Ethanol Free?

No. 5% bioethanol is a blended Additive in Circle K miles gas. It is possible to make bioethanol eco-friendly by using it as a substitute for gasoline.

It’s been used to increase the octane level of gasoline. Processing agricultural products like wheat and corn lead to the creation of bioethanol.

Although Circle K continues to sell gasoline in the US and many European countries, the company is going to start selling gas that doesn’t contain alcohol in January 2020.

The gas supplied is branded 95 miles and 95 miles plus, but unlike the ones sold in Europe, these do not contain any alcohol.

Do Shell Gas Cards Work at Circle K?

It depends on the type of Shell gas card you have, your location, and the Shell card provider. There are three types of Shell fuel cards for the UK.

Shell Multifleet, Shell One, and Shell CRT all have different access and options.

Shell Multifleet and Shell One can be used in 3,800 sites that do not have a Shell logo but include sites like Circle K.

If you applied for a Shell gas card through the official Shell website, you will be able to choose a card that works specifically with Shell gas stations or both Shell gas stations and its partner stations.

Circle K Gas


In this article, you will find answers to many questions about Circle K gas, but there is one we are yet to answer and that is the question “Is Circle K gas good?

The longer answer is yes. Circle K gas is not a top-tier gas, but it still meets many standards in other countries.

This includes the EPA standard in the US, as well as the other standards in Canada and Europe.

Since Circle K is an international brand, it is safe to say that their gas is safe to use in any car.

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