Top 5 Best Jeep Fog Lights [Buying Guide]

Fog lights happen to be one of the components in Jeep that often get overlooked.

Most fog lights in the market have the ability to blend more into the background, unlike headlights.

It will interest you to know that lots of vehicles don’t get the opportunity of having different fog light mounting locations. But Jeeps have two main mounting locations.

It has smaller bumper-mounted fog lights and the choice of choosing larger aftermarket fogs which normally mount to 3-inch tubing.

So, how would a Jeep owner legally drive with more light without blinding oncoming traffic?

The answer to this question is using fog light. It is necessary for all Jeeps to have fog light slots at the front of their bumpers.

I believe that driving shouldn’t be unpleasant and tiring, so I have put together a list of the best Jeep fog lights you can find on Amazon.

Best Jeep Fog Lights Reviewed

Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights

This is an ultra-thin LED light pod designed to be installed separately on your Jeep bumper. One interesting thing about this fog light is that it can be installed in any location you can drill a hole.

The lightweight and adjustability make installation very easy and come with a price that makes it a good option. It has mounting brackets that are stainless steel and comes with extra bolts.

This fog light has a color temperature that is 6000 K. It also comes with some decent seals even though I would advise you to use a sealant.

The fog light is rated at 27 watts, which means more brightness, and each of the bulbs has 9 LEDs. However, long-term reliability is one of the shortcomings of this light.

But since you’re to spend less on a pair of bulbs such as this, you shouldn’t expect more. Though some may last a while, or say for a year or more before finding fault to complain about.


  • It is very cheap
  • Excellent brightness
  • Comes with stainless steel mounting bracket that’s quite sturdy
  • Doesn’t need a separate harness and is very easy to wire
  • It has a higher grade of sealing than a lot of after-market lights
  • The light is IP68 rated


  • Lack of after-sales support
  • No long-term reliability

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LX- light Headlights

If you need convenience and better viewing results, LX-light is for you. It has several different features that make it one of the best Jeep fog lights you can buy with confidence.

This fog light works for different types of Jeep models. The interesting part of these LED headlights is that you get everything that’s required for installing them on their package.

It comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual that makes all processes easy. It has been approved for safe use by the department of transportation.

The fog light has an inbuilt EMC functionality and can give up to 7 inches of distance brightness. This means that the lights are anti-flicker even when you’re making use of the indicating lights.

LX- light Dot Headlights are made with aluminum material, and they are weatherproof and waterproof which makes them stay more durable. The light has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

There are two options to choose from for the headlights, which are high beams and low beams. If you drive on freeways, then the high beam option will work perfectly for you, while the low beam is the standard.


  • You don’t need additional tools than what’s in the pack
  • It is very easy to install
  • It can last for over 50000 hours
  • Light is a shockproof, waterproof, weatherproof, and cool touch
  • It is durable
  • It has three options; high beam, low beam, and even fog settings to have extra visibility


  • You may require settings in some models
  • It only has about 7 inches

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VoRock8 8000 Lumens LED Fog Light Bulb

Here’s one of the best Jeep Fog Light Bulbs that comes with a set of two bulbs that will impress you. It comes with one of the most powerful LED fog lights you can find on the market.

These fog lights come with 8000 lumens, which makes them one of the brightest. Also, they come as a set of two and can fit into most vehicles you can think of.

However, make sure you always examine to see if any of the fog light you want to buy fits your car before buying. The fog light comes with a 6500K diamond white color as well as a 12-volt bulb.

One of the downsides is in the cooling fan not working perfectly, which leaves the lights turned off momentarily. Another downside is that you’re required to read their instructions carefully since their polarity may need to be adjusted to ensure it functions correctly.


  • The light looks great
  • The brightness is second to none
  • The installation is convenient
  • It has separate wiring for fog light and Halo Ring
  • The price is affordable


  • It has water ingress that should be of serious concern at car washes

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JDM ASTAR High Power H10 9145 LED Fog Light Bulbs

If you’re in search of a simple LED solution for foggy weather, then go for JDM ASTAR High Power H10 LED Fog Light Bulbs. It is a headlight that is very easy to add or upgrade to your Jeep’s fog lights.

This Jeep light is 6,000K xenon white, and each bulb is about 1,300 lumens. Both bulbs operate at 10 watts, having a maximum capacity of about 50 watts.

One interesting thing about these lights is that they’re very easy to install, don’t need any additional tools, and are well-constructed. Another feature is that the lights will fit well on 9040, 9155, 9140, H10, 9145, and 9050, with an easy plug-and-play installation guide.

Another good thing is that the lights are brighter than stock halogen fog lights. These lights come with enhanced visibility and emit a crisp, and give you clearer white light, unlike the blue tint you experience in other products.

JDM ASTAR High Power H10 LED Fog Light Bulbs also offer a sleek LED design without blinding other road users or drawing too much attention from police for being off-road lights. This is because it is a light that shines low but fills in the dark areas perfectly.


  • It is very easy to install
  • It is a universal fit for all Jeeps
  • It has a waterproof feat of up to 3 feet of water


  • Both bulbs operate on 10 watts

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Xprite 60W CREE LED Bluetooth Fog Light

If you desire one of the best Jeep fog lights, then you’ll be amazed by these awesome LED Jeep fog lights. You can control the light via Bluetooth using your Android device or iPhone.

They are made to fit the 2007 to 2017 model Jeep. You’ll be able to control the music mode, timing, and flashing functionality. There’s also the possibility to control manually a million different color options.

One good thing about these Jeep fog lights is that it is very easy to install, dependable, and very durable. Xprite 60W CREE LED Bluetooth Fog Light also gives a solid-state, bulb-free headlamp that was made to absorb damage from shock and vibration.

One downside is that if you have housings on your older vehicles or one without factory LED lights, it may allow the lights to be bright correctly. Another downside is that the bulbs can also stop working after some time, and might not shine brighter in all driving conditions.

But it is overall a great option for your Jeep JK!


  • It is very easy to install
  • It has a Bluetooth-controlled RGB Halo
  • It was designed for Jeep JK models


  • Doesn’t shine brighter in all driving conditions

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How To Choose The Best Jeep Fog Light

Check the Beam Distance

There are different patterns and beam distances for fog light bulbs. Your objective should be to get one that reaches a good distance with a focused ray of light.

The fog light bulbs should have a wide horizontal range of view and a short vertical range too. I know you wouldn’t want to blind other road users or reflect light back into your own eyes.


Before buying any fog lights for your Jeep, ensure you examine the specifications and features first. Ensure that your chosen light will properly fit your Jeep model.

You need to be sure that your vehicle can supply enough current to the lights. Some Jeep models may also need a load resistor, so be sure before you buy.

The Watts 

Whenever you want to buy a fog light for your Jeep, one vital thing to consider is efficiency. Note that lower-watt lights use less power which means they will be less capable.

It is known that the higher the wattage, the more intense the light would be. The interesting part of LED fog lights is that they can have a lower watt, but can still be very effective.

Lumens and Voltage

Lumens happen to be one of the ways to rate the best LED fog light bulbs, while other types of fog lights are rated by their voltage. This means that the way to know how bright the lights will be is by both lumens and voltage.

So, in case you’re in search of an LED fog light that would be bright, then pay attention to the lumens rating.

Lightening Duration

There’s nothing worse than buying a light bulb you will charge continuously. It is time-consuming and expensive.

Note that there are lots of LED fog lights that last for thousands of hours, so you should be able to purchase a pair that lasts for long period. There are some that even offer as much as 50,000 hours of lighting.

Ease Of Installation 

When buying the best Jeep fog light, ensure that it is easy to install. Make sure you get one that won’t damage the wires and other equipment in your Jeep.


How do I Install and Use fog light?

The installation and usage of Jeep fog lights will depend on the type of light you bought. When you buy a replacement halogen that doesn’t need LED drivers, then examine the owner’s manual and locate the fog lights.

Pull off their covers and bring out the bulbs. You can easily replace the old ones with the new ones and secure them back in place and have the covers closed.

Is It Possible To Use Fog Lights On A Motorcycle? 

You can install Fog lights on Jeeps and a variety of other vehicles, including boats, golf carts, ATVs, motorcycles, and lawnmowers. But you should first examine the manufacturer’s recommendations before you buy.

What’s The Best Way to Turn on Jeep Wrangler Fog Lights?

Turning on Jeep Wrangler fog lights is very simple and easy. In the same place where you turn on your headlights, you’ll find a symbol for fog lights on the tip.

All you have to do is pull the tip towards the arrow to turn on the fog lights. Once you do, you’ll hear a click, and the fog light symbol on the dash will illuminate.

How Do Fog Lights Work?

Your Jeep Fog lights work by having separate switches and bulbs. You can place them on the roof of your vehicle, on your bumper, or lower grille.

The interesting thing is that they’re normally angled downwards so the lightning does not reflect off the fog, rain, or snow, and bounce back into your eyes.


The best Jeep fog lights do not only offer you extra lighting, but they provide you that enhancing looks that you dream of and increase the value of your Jeep. Fog lights also make your Jeep stand out from others.

You always remember that even while you’re focused on good looks and design, you should also look for easy installation and mounting.

However, if you follow all the buying tips discussed above, picking the product that will suit your Jeep won’t be difficult.

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