Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling?

CarMax has non-negotiable prices for the vehicles they have on offer and as this is the condition, you would want to know if they change the vehicle’s oil before selling it.

CarMax does offer oil changes as one of the most basic services for the vehicles they put on the market.

Most dealerships that are worth their reputation provide this very basic of services and those that don’t do so suffer in their public perception.


What Kind of Maintenance Does Carmax Do?

A summary of the process a car undergoes before it is sold by CarMax.

  • Cars are checked in by Inventory.
  • Quality checkers assessed the vehicles according to the damage.
  • Painting and detailing.
  • Workshop inspection.
  • If it does not meet standards, an assessment will be made on whether to sell or auction it.
  • Changing oil and tires as the situation changes.
  • Before selling a car, there is a full safety check.
  • Final inspection and submission.

The process involves a lot of individuals and effort to accomplish and because of this, the chance of fault slipping through the cracks is rare but not to say it doesn’t occur.

Each car undergoes a 15-hour reconditioning process.

Oil Changes

It is not a one size fits all situation when it comes to the oil used in CarMax’s cars.

It depends on the condition of the engine, the vehicle’s mileage, and the transparency of the oil that was used before.

A high mileage oil is recommended for vehicles over 80 000 miles. Lubrication is needed to avoid overheating.

The quality of repairs that a vehicle receives with CarMax depends on the technicians that would have attended to it.

CarMax has Service Centers and RepairPal Certified shops where oil changes can be made.

If you decide to send the car in on your dime, general oil changes are not covered by the dealership’s MaxCare extended warranty.

Selling your Car to CarMax

Let’s say you want to sell your vehicle to CarMax, they will inspect the car and give you an offer in about 30 minutes.

If the offer is satisfactory, the documentation will be drawn up, and you will be able to sign it there. There is a 7- day window in which to decide if not then.

If you choose to purchase a car from CarMax, it will take about 28 days to bring the vehicle to the dealership of your choice.

Depending on the number of vehicles being transported and their initial distance from the location, the time can be shortened.


If you intend to purchase a car, CarMax offers a 24-hour test drive. A 30-day return policy, up to 1500 miles, is given for the cars.

There is no legal requirement for a used car dealership like CarMax to change oil at a federal level.

There is a chance that the company could violate federal trade guidelines since it advertises itself as one that does all these checks.

Maintenance Complaints

Some issues with the cars purchased from the dealer are found when CarMax looks into the process of selling the vehicle to the public.

  • Do not fix oil leaks.
  • Frame damage is hidden using spray coating.
  • Worn serpentine belts.
  • Warped brakes.
  • Faulty door locking system.

These are likely oversites in the process of conducting the final checks before the car is sold and once raised CarMax fixes these and any issues that might have been overlooked.

This problem wouldn’t include not changing the oil.



CarMax will provide an oil change service on top of full vehicle service for any car over 15 hours prior to selling it.

In the unlikely event that your vehicle has been overlooked and you don’t get an oil change or any other issue, you can present your complaint and have it fixed for free.

The process of selling your vehicle can take minutes, but you will receive your purchase in a few weeks.

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