How to Bypass Neutral Safety Switch?

Chances are you have a bad neutral safety switch if you have ever had your car crank over when it is not in park.

It is possible to circumvent a neutral safety switch, but you are on borrowed time. Should you need to get away from the neutral safety switch, this is how to do it.

Neutral Safety Switch

What is the Neutral Safety Switch?

When the car is in neutral, the neutral safety switch can be used to turn the car over.

The safety feature came about in the 1950s but was not installed on all automatics until the 1980s.

While this is a great safety feature to have on a vehicle, once it starts to fail, there are a lot of other issues that can arise.

A current is sent to your vehicle’s engine when you turn your key in an automatic transmission.

This makes it possible for the starter to fire so that you can drive. The car will not turn over if it is in any other gear beside park or neutral.

There is a switch located by the pedal in a manual transmission.

Unless the clutch pedal is depressed, the car won’t start. It is easier to replace a switch that fails on a manual transmission.

Signs Of a Bad Neutral Safety Switch

There are a lot of signs that the neutral safety switch isn’t working. If you notice any of these symptoms have them checked out.

People have reported that the engine cranks over in other gear. This could result in serious injury or even death.

Engine Cranks in Park, Not in Neutral

A bad neutral safety switch could be to blame for your engine cranking in the park, but not in neutral.

There is a component within the switch that could be failing and it could be a park or neutral. There could be an electric failure. A switch end may need to be tightened.

The Engine Cranks in Neutral, Not in Park

Your engine will only crank over in neutral if you find yourself on the exact opposite of that.

It’s possible that it’s a bad neutral safety switch and that it’s also a battery problem. A broken starter is one of the factors that would cause the car to only start in neutral.

Engine Will Not Turn Over

No matter what gear the car is in, the engine won’t turn over no matter what. When there are electrical issues in the neutral safety switch, mechanics tend to see this.

There won’t be any power going from the switch to the starter relay. The motor is not going to turn over.

Engine Turns Over in Any Gear

Your engine will turn over in any gear if you have a faulty neutral safety switch. This can be caused by a short time.

The car is not safe to drive if that is the case. Many people have died and been injured.

What Can I Do If the Neutral Safety Switch Is Bad?

If you discover that you have a bad neutral safety switch, you’ll need to have it tested and replaced as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.

If you’re a car pro, you can do this on your own. If that isn’t the case, find a mechanic that can take a look at it.

Fixing a Faulty Neutral Safety Switch

You should plan on having the neutral safety switch fixed once you have figured out the problem. Individuals with knowledge of cars may want to do this job themselves.

To fix the neutral safety switch, you need to locate your car’s manual and where the safety switch is located.

Some can be found on the side of the transmission, while others can be found on the shift linkage. You can find it in the transmission housing at other times.

If you find this, you will be able to get rid of the battery. A safe space must be found for the car to be parked on level ground.

You can crawl underneath the car if you jack your car up and place jacks under the front. It’s possible that you don’t need to use jacks if your vehicle has a floor shift.

Once the neutral safety switch has been found, you will want to remove the part that is around it.

There may be lots of bolts that hold this part in place, so be sure to have a variety of tools to replace it. The wiring harness will need to be removed by you.

After you get the new switch, replace all the wires and bolts. If the car starts in the park, it was successful.

If it starts in any gear, you know that there are still some issues to iron out, so you will need to go back and check the wires.

Is It Possible To Bypass the Neutral Safety Switch?

The neutral safety switch can be bypassed if you connect the purple wire with the other purple wire. It is recommended to only do this when testing the neutral safety switch.

Cost of Repair

The cost of a neutral safety switch replacement varies depending on the make and model of the car, as well as where you purchase it.

Depending on the mechanic, the labor could be as little as $45 to $100.

Neutral Safety Switch


If you have a bad neutral safety switch, you can try to circumvent it, but it will not last very long.

The neutral safety switch can help keep you safe, even though it doesn’t seem like an important piece of equipment in a car.

When you realize you have issues with it, it’s better to fix it sooner.

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