How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key?

The passive anti-theft system is referred to as the PATS system. The system is similar to an alarm in a car that prevents it from being stolen.

When there is a loud noise or band, the main job of the alarm system is to start displaying the security light and ringing as soon as it can detect something.

The anti-theft car alarm system has special sensors that can detect when someone is tampering with a car.

There are situations in which you might need to use your Ford Pats system without a key to fixing an issue. The article will talk about the problems in more detail.

Ford PATS System

How Does The Ford PATS System Work?

It is necessary to know how the Ford passive anti-theft security system works before we learn how to circumvent it. The car alarm system has a special chip inside it.

The chip is also linked to your key fob. When you press the button on the car key, the signal goes to the anti-theft security system and it disengages the alarm.

You may wonder if pressing the button on a different key is the same as pressing the button on a different key. Each key has an electronic identification procedure that is unique.

The chip is only able to respond to the signal from the vehicle’s original key.

If someone tries to operate your vehicle with a fake key, the engine won’t start, preventing it from being stolen.

If you park your car and forget to lock it, the engine will only respond to the original key, and not a replica key. On the streets with no proper security.

How Can I Bypass Ford PATS System Without a Key?

We will be able to circumvent the anti-theft security system without using a key. Some steps will temporarily ignore the anti-theft security system.

Doing so will put your car at risk of being stolen, as none of the steps will permanently forget it.

You must only use these steps when you misplace your key or can’t find your car’s keys.

It’s a good idea to get a new transponder for your car after you have bypassed the anti-theft security system.

Tools Needed

You will need tools such as a screwdriver, tape, and a new pair of matching keys.

Visit The Car’s Company

The dealer will get the duplicate keys. To get the keys cut in the same shape as the original ones, you need to visit the car dealer.

The duplicate keys will be able to match the real ones. The purpose of getting a spare set of keys is to fool the car into thinking that you’re using the original keys.

Bypass the System 

The transponder chip has to be removed from the vehicle. Remove the chip from the key system with the help of a screwdriver.

You need to put the transponder back into its original position after removing the chip. You’ll need electrical tape to do that. You can start the engine by using your duplicate keys.


There are some advantages to not using the Ford passive anti-theft security system in your car. There are some advantages to be had.

You Will save Money:

It is a good idea to ignore the security system and save money in emergencies. You don’t have to give more money to the mechanics for doing that task.

The entire process of circumventing the security system is easy, and only basic tools are needed. It’s possible to do this task on your own.

Saves Time:

It will save you time if you pass your vehicle on your own. You won’t have to rely on help from others to remove this security system.

Simple Task:

The easiest way to ignore the anti-theft light system is. A person who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about the car and car parts can do this task.


Ignoring your Ford’s passive anti-theft device can have some disadvantages. If you do that, you are putting your car at risk of being stolen.

Ford cars are more likely to be stolen than other cars, and there can be damage to the vehicle. You should always temporarily disable the anti-theft module, but not permanently.

Re-programming The Keys

The transponder key codes can be reprogrammed. You’ll need a new transponder key and your original one.

  • It is necessary to put the first transponder key in your car. You have to turn the engine on and hold it for at least three seconds and not more than 10 seconds.
  • After the first step, you can get rid of the key. After three seconds of taking out the key, you have to put the new one into the car.
  • If you want to remove the second key from the ignition, you have to turn off the Ford. After three seconds, put the uncoded key into the engine. Before removing the other key, it is advisable to add this key.
  • Hold the key for six seconds after turning on the ignition. After that, you can remove the transponder key from the car.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you will be able to reprogram the keys for your truck.

After completing this procedure, you can check the anti-theft indicator, which will flash for three seconds, and then you can turn off the car.

If you don’t follow the steps correctly, the anti-theft indicator will start blinking and you will not be able to turn your truck on.

You can attempt to reprogram your keys again after a while.


How To Turn off Anti-theft Without a Key Fob? 

The anti-theft system can be turned off without the need for a key. If you don’t have the key, that’s okay. The anti-theft system can still be reset with your original keys.

The only thing you have to do is put the original keys in the driver’s door lock. After that, you need to leave the key inside the car for a while.

After a while, you should be able to see that the anti-theft system light has turned off. The anti-theft system is in reset mode, which means you can remove the key.

Is there any Fuse for the Anti-theft System? 

There is an anti-theft system inside the cars. A lot of the time, this fuse is present on the panel.

The user manual can also be recommended if you can’t find the fuse. The exact location of the alarm fuse on the panel is explained in this manual.

You won’t be able to start the car if the fuse is out. You can start the vehicle by setting the alarm if you put the fuse in the ideal location.

How to Reset My PATS System? 

There are different approaches that you can follow for resetting your Pats system. If you want to reset the passive anti-theft security system, you should use the key fob.

You will be able to disengage the alarm system with the button contained in your key fob.

The alarm will be put into reset mode if this button is held down for a longer period. You can reprogram the alarm as you please after the notice is reset.

Ford PATS System


Every Ford owner should be aware of how to ignore the Ford passive anti-theft alarm system.

Even though these car alarm safety systems are made for the owner’s convenience, there are cases when they can be very annoying.

As an owner, the person must know how to turn off the alarm when it’s not needed.

You can disengage the anti-theft system on your Ford when the passive anti-theft security system starts working on its own.

The car alarm system can be bypassed without a key according to the above article.

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