Does a Muffler Delete Void Warranty?

You heard that the sound of your car can be improved by a muffler deletion.

Your car is covered under the warranty even though it is new. Will the warranty be void if the muffler is deleted?

Well, not at this time. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty act does not void the warranty of your car if there is a muffler deletion.

If dealers want to void your warranty, they have to show that the problem is caused by your modification.

The warranty for the light still applies if you perform a muffler deletion and the light stops working.

The warranty for your exhaust pipe will not be applied if you perform a poor muffler deletion that causes your exhaust to break.

I think this is fair, but I need to know more about the warranty act and other things before I do a muffler delete.

Muffler Delete

What’s a Muffler Delete?

This is the section for people who are not familiar with the details of muffler delete. Proceed on to the next section about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The sound waves that travel through the exhaust pipe are produced by controlled explosions in the engine’s combustion chamber.

The noise produced can get very loud if there is no silencing mechanism. It’s not a good idea to make loud car noises. Except for the few car enthusiasts who are like us.

As a car manufacturer, it is natural to want to sell as many cars as possible. People who don’t like noisy cars are the biggest market that you need to appeal to.

If you want to silence the engine noise, you need to remove the muffler from your car exhaust system.

This is accomplished by cutting off the muffler and replacing it with additional exhaust piping. It is fairly easy to do, but cutting off the muffler from the exhaust is the hardest part.

I am pretty sure that any car workshop can help you if you can’t do it on your own.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

The warranty topic needs to be returned. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act does not void your warranty if you have earlier muffler deletion.

I don’t know what the hell is going on. Let’s use simple words to cover it up.

The act protects you from being denied your warranty if you have installed an aftermarket part or performed a modification.

This act applies to any item costing more than $20 and is a federal law in the United States, which means that it applies to all states.

To void your warranty, the dealer must prove that the problem you are experiencing is caused by the modification or aftermarket part.

If you perform a muffler deletion and your transmission suddenly malfunctions, the dealer cannot void the warranty on the transmission unless they can prove the muffler deletion is a direct cause.

No, that’s not correct! It’s still possible to lose your warranty even with the Magnuson-Moss act. I am pretty sure that dealers have a lot of experience dealing with the act.

They will be able to create a link between your modification and the problem and give you a pretty hard time.

You have to proceed with your own risk and do lots of research before committing to any aftermarket part or modification.

If you want to modify or install an aftermarket part, here’s what you should do.

  • If you want to purchase aftermarket parts, purchase from a Reputable brand.
  • Understand what it is you are doing and what the impact is.

Is Muffler Delete Legal?

There are different regulations for different states in the United States. I know that it’s complicated. California is the most strict of the states and I will base this topic on that.

In California, muffler deletion is most likely not allowed. Every motor vehicle subject to registration in California must be equipped with an adequate muffler at all times.

You indeed need to equip a single muffler in your car. The majority of cars have two devices: a muffler and a resonator.

Technically speaking, it’s still legal to remove a muffler from your car because you still have a resonator in your exhaust. The resonator is a device that will silence the engine noise in your car.

The gray area is where these kinds of statements should be located. I don’t want to take the risk, but I want to give you all the information you need.

You must have a sound level of 95 decibels or less to drive a vehicle that has a weight rating of fewer than 6,000 pounds.

95 dbA or less is what it is. It’s difficult to achieve engine sound that’s 95 decibels or less in a car with a deleted muffler.

Even though you can, the engine sound after a muffler deletion will still be loud and raise the eyebrows of traffic police.

I can’t tell you whether or not the deletion muffler is legal in all states. I suggest you do your research on that one. Here is a list of laws related to exhaust noise in different states.

Will Muffler Delete Pass Smog Inspection?

Smog inspection will not be impacted by the deletion of the muffler. The only thing that will change your emission is if you take the muffler away.

It is important to make sure that the cat is not touched while you perform a muffler deletion.

The main part of keeping your car emission in check is done by the CAT. If the CAT is malfunctioning, you will fail your inspection.

Is It Possible To Perform Muffler Delete?

My opinion is here. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do a muffler deletion. I don’t think the delete muffler is the best way to improve the engine sound.

The gray area when it comes to being legal is where muffler deletion is located. I don’t recommend you put your car at risk with the law if you have a new car.

After a muffler deletion, your car will become ridiculously loud. I am aware that there are a lot of people who enjoy sound.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for people to say that muffler deletion will make your car sound loud but not too loud.

The engine sound can be very loud, and can even be deafening from within the car. Muffler deletion requires you to cut the exhaust pipe so it can be removed.

When the exhaust pipe splits apart, it can turn expensive real quick, and this makes your exhaust pipe at risk of rusting.

If you have a new car that is still under warranty, I recommend you look at the list below.

They are legal, will not void the warranty, and provide sound improvement that is more aggressive but not loud.

Muffler Delete


Resonator Exhaust Tip

A resonator exhaust tip is a small device that you clip onto your exhaust tail pipe to make it sound better. It is legal, cheap, and easy to install, making your car exhaust look sexy.

It works well, it’s surprising. You will hear the sound change and your engine noise will sound more aggressive. It will not be as loud as you want it to be.

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