Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad?

Although the tailgate is an obvious part of a truck, some persons don’t know where to find it in their truck. When you finally know where it’s located — which this article will disclose to you — you’ll, at some point, be tempted to sit on it hence the question, “Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad?

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad?

It’s not bad. If you’re lightweight, sitting on your tailgate won’t exert any negative effect on your tailgate bed. When your tailgate is down, you can jump on it while loading. Some persons even stand on it; at the end of the day, it’s about your weight.


Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
Truck Tailgate

A tailgate — which also can be called liftgate [Canada: tailgate; USA: liftgate] — is a platform located at your truck’s rear, used for loading and unloading heavyweight freight at locations without forklifts and dorks.

Types Of Trucks With Tailgate Features

Below are trucks that throw the best tailgate party:

1. Ford F-150

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
Ford F-150 Tailgate

For a long period of time, Ford has been in the process of building Transformer tailgates — but, lately, it hasn’t gained popularity. It features a “folding” grab-handle system and a drop-down step. The tailgate step of Ford — a $375 option — is of no much use. To be a part of the competition, you need way more than that.

Because of the release date of this model — 2006 — the Ford tailgate step on the F-150 is seen as the leading tailgate step amongst the other brands highlighted here. In order to pull out the step, what you have to do is: lower the main tailgate, push the button meant for releasing the step, then go ahead and pull. It comes with a built-in handle. There’s a yellow bar; pull it out, then vertically pull it up until you see that it has perfectly taken its place. Having the grab bar and step out set correctly makes it easy for anyone to get in and out of the truck bed.

In addition, if you’re someone who does lots of cargo moving or hauling, this setup will bring ease to such an endeavor. It’s extremely great for allowing anyone to step in and out of the cargo bed, without the need to stressfully get in. Also, you have to note that it doesn’t come with the same ease of access and functionality like other ones — the other two — as long as loading in cargo is concerned. While we ascribe praises to Ford for being consistent in remaining a pioneer in the area of multifunctional tailgates, the functionalities of Ford tailgates can’t be compared to the other two — in other words, it didn’t stack up well against them.

2. RAM 1500 Multifunctional Tailgate

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
RAM 1500 Multifunctional Tailgate

According to the company, RAM, the multifunction tailgate of 1500 offers “unprecedented access.” It is unarguably true because the multifunction offers up to two (2) different kinds of opening modes namely:

  • a 60/40 split
  • the normal drop-down method

There are several functional methods you could see in a truck, but the split-open doors stand as the most functional method. It’s said that the split-open doors are the most functional because of what they — the split doors — offer: a shallow load height [suitable for times when you have to load something heavy]. Do you want an easy way to go in? You have no problem with that; the split-open door function performs in such a way that it ensures the doors are out of the way, making “getting into the bed” an easy move.

Do you need to go into the bed, because a trailer got hooked up? There’s no cause for worries: the tailgate, in order to give easy access, swings easily out of the way. Also, if you desire to use your tailgate for tailgating, you can — at all times — drop it down normally and enjoy the holding capacity of 2,000 pounds, which is within its capability. We like how the versatility of this tailgate, in terms of design, didn’t come in the way of its simplicity.

3. GMC Sierra 1500 MultiPro Tailgate

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
GMC Sierra 1500 MultiPro Tailgate

GMC tags the MultiPro tailgate “the most innovative tailgate ever.” They exhibit confidence in this product because of how it can adapt to any situation, using its six (6) different functions. Interestingly, this tailgate is controlled electronically and, with the push of a button, it can be folded down — either the button on the remote key fob or on the tailgate.

There’s something called an “inner gate.” This gate can be folded down to give closer and easier access to the cargo bed. Again, there exists a feature that keeps cargo in the bed of the truck with the tailgate folded down: it’s a built-in load stop. An amazing thing is, the inner gate — as well — consists of a step that has the capacity to support up to 375 pounds, making it very easy for one to step into the bed.

Moreso, the inner gate also comes with its own load stop. Anytime you fold up the main tailgate, the inner tailgate, also, can be folded — folded down to make a workbench. If someone asks, which of these three is the most tech-savvy? Your answer should be “the MultiPro Tailgate” written boldly. Although it’s a reliable tailgate, it showed issues the moment a trailer hitch got hooked up.

4. Honda Ridgeline

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
Honda Ridgeline Tailgate

In the 1960s, the design of the tailgate first offered on station wagons, and just like the tailgate steps of the F-150, the Ridgeline’s Dual-Action Tailgate goes back in time to adopt the 1960s tailgate design. The current iteration — which was originally offered on the Ridgeline of the first generation — includes a tailgate that has the capability to either swing open or drop down normally. This is possible because of the hinges on the side of the driver.

If you’re looking at going with the latter method, it’d excite you to know that it also allows easier access to the In-Bed Trunk, a storage compartment — secret storage compartment — you can find at your bed’s floor.

5. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 And HD

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad
Chevrolet Silverado

GM has plans of keeping the MultiPro tailgate exclusive to its “professional grade” brand, but Chevy at least gets — for themselves — a consolidation price. The Chevrolet Silverado products such as the 2020 Silverado HD and the 2019 Silverado 1500, feature a special, power tailgate that possesses the ability to lower and lift the tailgate at the push of a button, a button either inside the truck or on the key fob.

In a bid to offset the weight that comes with power latches and an electric motor, the manufacturers of this tailgate used aluminum. On the Silverado 1500’s High Country trim, the power up/down tailgate is of a good standard. Also, as part of the convenience package of $1,550, it’s available on the LTZ.

6. Rivian R1T: Tailgate Of Tomorrow?

Rivian R1T: Tailgate Of Tomorrow?

This brand, Rivian, doesn’t — at the moment — have any production model to their name. Although that’s the case, it has a concept people find interesting, a concept in the R1T electric pickup truck. The Rivian truck has a compartment — also tagged a handy pass-through compartment — immediately after the rear doors, and in addition to that, it features a tailgate that’s flexible enough to get to 180 degrees, as regards how it can be open. Guess what! It, like other tailgates, allows easy access to the bed. You can also lift and lower the tailgate by just pushing a button.

Now, Rivian has to bring their idea of a pickup truck into reality.

Benefits Of Using A Tailgate

Below are the various benefits of using a tailgate:

  • Extended life to your truck
  • Reduced tire cost
  • Increased loads and productivity
  • Transportation efficiency
  • Less spilling
  • Faster and easier loading
  • Distributed weight

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Bad To Sit On Your Tailgate?

No. It will not be a problem. There are people that leave their tailgate while driving; those are the people who eventually have problems with their tailgate. You won’t experience any malfunction with your tailgate, if you start having constant pressure on it.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Tailgate?

It costs $1200 to replace the average tailgate.

Does The MultiPro Tailgate Lock?

Using the power release button on the key fob, you can open the tailgate — it could be a button on the back of the tailgate or the button on the center slack. The tailgate lock works in harmony with the Sierra’s central power door locking system.

Can I Add A Tailgate Step To My F-150?

You can do this in several ways. You can purchase an aftermarket step tailgate and install it yourself: this approach is very expensive. As an alternative, you can replace the entire tailgate — which is even more expensive.

How Wide Is A Ford F-150 Tailgate?

61 Inches. As measured from latch plate to latch plate, the tailgate’s overall width is 61 inches.

Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad – Conclusion

The answer to the question, “Is Sitting On A Tailgate Bad?” remains: it’s not in any way bad; you’ll only put your tailgate at risk when you leave it open while driving. For those of you who load heavy cargo at your truck’s bed, a tailgate can serve as a space-extended — giving your cargo enough space to gain balance.

Thanks for reading.

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