How Long Does a Car Service Take?

It is a question we hear almost as often as ‘are we there yet?! Take a moment to explore the amazing local spots you can enjoy while you wait for a car service.

Car Service

How Long Does a Car Service Take?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle and what kind of service is due, how long a car service takes can be different.

If your car is serviced regularly and running well, a basic service will take between 1 and 2 hours and a logbook service will take between 2 and 4 hours.

Log book services are performed every 10,000 km or 12 months and are designed to examine your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

There will be some variation in how long a car service takes from vehicle to vehicle and from service to service.

We understand how important it is for you to plan your day so we will give you an estimate of how long your service will take when you book and give you plenty of notice if we come across something.

How To Avoid a Lengthy Car Service?

Maintaining a regular service schedule is the most cost-effective way to avoid a long car service.

While many prestige and European car dealers point to long service intervals as a selling point to encourage drivers purchasing new vehicles to return to the dealer network, we have observed much higher rates of major component failures in vehicles that have been serviced.

Our experience shows that servicing every 10,000 km or 12 months allows us to keep an eye on your vehicle’s major components, such as its transmission, power steering, cooling system, and differential, so we can fix them.

Things to Do While You Wait

If you have places to be and work to do, we have several loan cars and a Mercedes Vito Van to keep you on the move, all free of charge.

When you book your service, ask if you can get a complimentary loan vehicle. There are a lot of things to see and enjoy in the local area while you are waiting.

There are a lot of things to do in Port Melbourne, Albert Park, and the surrounding areas from our convenient location in South Melbourne.

Coffee and Brunch

We are well and truly spoiled for choice at Cox Auto, with coffee specialists St Ali located nearby in both South Melbourne and Port Melbourne, as well as the folks who have shaped Melbourne’s cafe culture in recent times. 

You can find another favorite of ours, Faussett in Albert Park if you stroll a little further.


Is it in a hurry? Andrew’s Hamburgers is located in Albert Park and has been serving the best burgers in Australia since 1939. 

If you have a little time up your sleeve and a taste for seafood, book a table at Rubira’s in Port Melbourne to enjoy a menu with some of the freshest seafood and best produce available. It’s one of Port Melbourne’s best restaurants.

Gastro Pub Meals and Family Favorites

While you wait to pick up your car, why not enjoy a meal at one of our favorite pubs and catch up with your friends at one of our favorite watering holes?

Prime cuts of steak are on offer at the Railway Club Hotel in Port Melbourne, so make sure to check them out if you like steak.

You can enjoy a meal in a beautiful contemporary and stylish setting at O’Connells or The Montague in South Melbourne, or you can take in the stunning views of the city from the Albion Rooftop.

An hour or two, the courtyard at the Railway Hotel is a great spot, as is the relaxed atmosphere of the Golden Fleece, which is close to the workshop.

Car Service

How Often Should Car Maintenance Be Performed?

The service schedule for each car is different. The owner’s manual is where most vehicle owners start.

The auto shop can let them know when a service is due once they have the information.

If the schedule is followed and the service is provided, the car can avoid more extensive car repair costs.

The service plan that comes with the purchase of a used car might not be the same as the one that comes with a new car.

People can still find out how often their car needs service. The PDF form is where most car manuals are listed. Downloads are available for use as needed.

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