Do Bakflip Covers Leak?

The top priority of people who own pickup trucks is to protect the truck bed. If you leave the truck bed exposed, it’s a thing of difficulty to keep loose, small items inside the bed without the fear of someone walking away with the items after reaching out for it. This stands as the reason a lot of persons settle for basic tonneau covers for a certain level of protection.

Most designs have their features on the basis of either convenience or protection. Make an attempt: can you penetrate it in a short time? If the answer is yes, it’s not that safe.

Do Bakflip Covers Leak?

Yes, but minimally. The solution to this “leak” is to position a larger shim along the side rails. As a result of this, the rails sit further inwards and way closer to the cover’s side edge. This usually is a remedy for leakage issues — just as described. If you experience any form of leakage, don’t hesitate to contact Bakflip; they’d, at no cost, send you the larger shims.

Bakflip Covers

Do Bakflip Covers Leak
Do Bakflip Covers Leak?

Bakflip is one of the companies that creates quality bed covers for the purpose of convenience and protection. An interesting thing about the brand, Bakflip, is — they have made the effort to ensure there’s a balance between convenience and protection with the MX4 soft bed cover. Here are a few reasons why a lot of persons out there experience difficulty in choosing between the options of different truck bed cover:

  • Low-profile covers
  • Folding tonneau covers
  • Retraceable tonneau covers &
  • Roll-up tonneau covers

It will, after a while, become a herculean task to decide between a hard folding option or a soft roll-up design. This tonneau cover is otherwise known as heavy-duty tri-fold tonneau cover, and it gets close to the best of both worlds, using aluminium panel sections and a tri-fold design.

Bakflip Cover’s Overall Design

In terms of design, the MX4 exhibits simplicity on every side. Using the design — a tri-fold design — the cover is made up of three large segments that fold inwardly towards the truck’s cab. Every one of those three segments is made using aluminium paneling that delivers sturdy protection and more rigidity than those traditional softcovers that have the tear-resistant “feature,” and marine-grade vinyl over an aluminium frame. As for the hard folding tonneau covers, whenever you want to have access to the bed of your truck, the folding design allows you to simply and quickly fold the cover.

Furthermore, this design — over other segmented or rolling folding covers — has a few advantages. In other words, this design has some advantages which are not a part of the advantages of the others. For instance, so many metal rolling covers are quite limited in the available positioning: you can have them in two ways, either opened or closed. Using the MX4, it’s easy to separately open one or two panels without leaving the rest of the truck bed exposed. Imagine you really need to pick up a tool at the bed of your truck; all you need do is, access that particular area the item or tool is without exposing the other parts.

Moreso, the MX4 does great in terms of the security embedded in the design. This great degree of security built in the design can’t be said of some softcovers, retraceable covers, and a few hard tonneau covers. You can, using the high-quality locking mechanism, access the latch even when the tailgate is still at its “up” position. When it’s closed, the panels made of aluminium have an amazing design for basic damage and weather protection. There’s a scratch resistance that the matte finish comes with, and it — the matte finish — is treated to prevent ultra-violet rays from, over time, fading the color.

Bakflip’s Installation

It’s simply straightforward to get the MX4 cover onto a truck bed. You observe the advantage of the MX4’s design when it comes to installing it onto the rails of the bed. As regards installation time, it takes just 15 minutes to position the cover and secure it on the bed. In most cases, it could be above 15 minutes. The cover simply maintains its position above the bed rails, giving room on the edge for the stake pockets on most trucks.

For you to prevent the cover from getting displaced while the truck is in motion, fasten down the two supporting rails using clamps — fasten down to the sides of the truck bed. You should know that the clamps don’t, in any way, rely on any holes or guides in order to work — and because of this, you can virtually position them anywhere for the best support and placement. While you’re installing this cover — the MX4 cover — the only difficulty you’d encounter is the weight. Since it’s required of you to lift the majority of the cover’s bulk at once, you’d need some helping hands to go through the installation process with ease, and quickly. If you desire to do it yourself, just get prepared for a workout immediately after you’re done.

Bakflip’s Use

After you have successfully set up everything, try accessing the bed of your truck and all you will experience is the convenience of the MX4 design. Without going through the stress of putting the gate down, you can easily open it. That’s not all, unfolding the cover in order to access the “inside” contents is barely a chore. For a fact, this might just serve as one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect your truck bed and access it, too — at the same time. Just like the extra time you would need to spend in rolling up soft tonneau covers, you don’t need to spend any extra time rolling the MX4 cover up. And, you also don’t need to — like other expensive hardcovers — deal with complicated rolling or lifting mechanism.

In addition, in its open position, the 3-panel segments have a support system that ensures the panels are lifted and stay, vertically. When it’s in this position, you have full access to almost the full length of your truck bed. Unfortunately, there’s a drawback attached to using this cover — and it’s from its simplicity. Since you can only have it locked in the vertical position, it’s not good to keep it open while driving. For you to carry larger loads that are way too tall for the cover, completely remove the cover.

How To Fix Leak In A Tonneau Cover

Follow the steps below to fix a leaking Tonneau Cover:

  1. This first step requires that you either employ someone to use a flashlight in search of where the leakage is coming from or you simply put cardboard on the lining of your cargo bed.
  2. Cover the cargo bed completely and make use of a garden hose to sprinkle over the cover — just like how a makeshift rain would appear.
  3. After that, open the cover and try to locate where the leaks are. Once you have successfully spotted them, use a marker or tape to make those leaking spots.
  4. Measure the sizes of the spots so you would know the material you can use to cover them.
  5. Get the preferred materials and cover the spots, and make sure you do this following the instructions given you, to ensure you don’t make mistakes.
  6. Once you have finished covering the leaks, go ahead and test it out after covering the cargo bed.
  7. Repeat the process if needed.

How To Know That Your Tonneau Cover Is Completely Sealed

It’s a very important thing to test if you properly fixed the issue of leakage in your tonneau cover — because it’ll cost you time and money if it’s not done properly. To test, get cardboard and use it to line the cargo bed. Since the cardboard is known to be a water-absorbent, you would be able to see the wet patches — areas where the leaks are coming from. Another option is to have someone go inside the cargo bed to find the leak using a flashlight to check the part on the cover that is causing the leak.

Basically, you can test by following the process again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Bakflip Covers Waterproof?

If you ask, “is my Bakflip waterproof?” The answer is “NO.” You can’t find a bed cover that’s 100% waterproof.

How Do I Stop My Tonneau Cover From Leaking?

You can make use of caulking strips, rubber strips, silicone, or vinyl foam tape to fix a leaking Tonneau Cover. These seals are ideal for accidental gaps which take place between any two documents, in this case, the truck’s side panels and the tonneau.

Which Bakflip Cover Is Best?

The best-selling tonneau cover in the market is the BAKFlip G2, and it’s the flagship of the BAK brand. Since it’s made with an all-aluminium frame and panel exterior, this tonneau has the capability to support up to 300 pounds evenly distributed.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Tonneau Cover?

You will get soft covers for $150 to $550, and as for the hardcovers, they start at about $500 and go up to over $2000.

Are Tonneau Covers Worth It?

The simple answer is: YES. Every penny you spend on buying a tonneau cover is worth it. Imagine driving your truck when it’s raining, or snowing, without a cover — you’d have not only your items exposed to those elements but your truck bed. How about dust and debris? It’s easy to gain access without a cover.

Do Bakflip Covers Leak – Conclusion

As a response to the question, “Do Bakflip Covers Leak?” — no cover is 100% waterproof. So, at some point, your Bakflip Cover can show signs of leaking, but you’ll be at an advantage if you know and learn the steps on how to fix leaks in your cover — an area we also covered in this article, Do Bakflip Covers Leak?

Thanks for reading.

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