Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure?

The BAKFlip MX4 is the name of a “truck cover” product from the brand, BAK. BAKFlip doesn’t only think protection, they also have “convenience” in mind while creating their covers. What if we told you that, when accessing this cover, you don’t need to completely open it? Yes, it’s manufactured in terms of flexibility.

In this article, we’ll give an answer to the question, “Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure?” With this response, you can — without fear — make up your mind to purchase the BAKFlip MX4.

Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure?

The answer to this question — Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure? — is a big YES. This cover, BAKFlip MX4, is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum; although this aircraft-grade aluminum possesses durability, it’s also light — speaking of its weight. Onto the tailgate, it offers a secure fit that provides immense security against theft.

About BAKFlip MX4

Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure

BAKFlip is simply a line of hard-folding tonneau covers that deliver on their promises of giving weather protection and security. While they offer security and weather protection for those small cargoes, there’s also provision for near-total bed access when you have the intention of hauling large items.

The BAKFlip MX4 hard folding tonneau was patented and designed by the BAK industries. This, amongst other truck bed covers, is the only one that gives you complete access to the entire bed of your truck. Although the fact that tri-fold tonneau covers are very popular is undeniable, BAK has taken their game to the next level in this category with its quality covers — BAKFlip Quad-fold tonneau covers.

In addition, just by looking at these covers, one would think that there’s no difference. When you study the details of them, you’ll discover the difference(s) that doesn’t seem observable.

BAKFlip MX4’s Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminium that’s light but durable.
  • Premium density foam.
  • For extra durability, there are upgraded latch housing components — injection-molded ones.
  • For scratch and UV-rays resistance, there’s a heavy-duty aluminium matte finish.
  • Concealed beneath the bed cover of your truck are automatic latching panels. Every panel locks automatically.
  • 100% bed access. It makes provision for your truck bed to easily accommodate larger items.

BAKFlip MX4’s Design

The BAKFlip MX4 cover is designed with the aim of allowing users to gain swift access — either fully or partially — into the truck bed. More, this allows you to pick items without going through the burden of opening the lifting the entire cover. It comes with a buckle system, the integrated buckle system, which one can find on the first, second, and third partial fold. To further disclose, this integrated buckle system secures the cover, and with it, there’s completely no need for bungee or straps. It consists of a something called “safety strap,” located in the end — when fully folded.

Also, you’d find prop rods that enhance security in a bid to give 100% full truck bed access — unobstructed access. An important thing to note is, you get full visibility in terms of being able to view the third brake light: adds extra security while you’re on motion. What’s more, you experience ease in folding this cover, because of the presence of the simple pull-cable release placed under the cover. You can fold starting from either the driver’s or the passenger’s side.

BAKFlip MX4’s Installation

Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure
BAKFlip MX4’s Installation

In order to carry out BAKFlip MX4’s installation, you must read inside the manual about the clamp-on installation system it features. The installation system, with which you won’t have a need for drilling, promotes quick and easy installation. As we have stated, there’s no need for drilling, and as such, it — the installation system — still clamps securely into place on the railing. Interestingly, to install this cover, a second hand isn’t required.

Furthermore, owing to its lightweight, the installation of the BAKFlip MX4 is something you can carry out on your own in a matter of minutes. The moment you finish ensuring it’s bolted correctly, check the flexibility of the cover — which is one of its features — unfolding into position over the bed of your truck. Finally, to conclude the installation, employ the use of a drain tube that exits outside the truck bed. According to the remark of most customers, it’s pretty simple to install. Only a few persons complain about the complications experienced when going through the process of installation.

BAKFlip MX4’s Security & Durability

This feature relates (and answers) to the question — Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure? The aircraft-grade aluminium is the material from which the BAKFlip MX4 cover is made. It’s lightweight but, at the same time, durable. Also, it’s responsible for the secure fit onto the tailgate hence great security against theft. With its hardcover panel, it’d be difficult for anyone to — without your consent — take a peek inside the end of your truck. In other words, this BAKFlip MX4 makes provision for a safe place in which items can be stored.

The BAKFlip MX4 has the capability to hold up to 400lbs of weight evenly distributed. While the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover doesn’t come with a built-in lock system, the manufacturers had core security in mind. Speaking of security, deforming the cover’s panels is a thing of difficulty, and these panels can withstand about 400lbs of weight on them when in use.

BAKFlip MX4’s Elements & Water Resistance

There are people out there who choose Tonneau based on this feature; if you’re looking at the direction of the BAKFlip, we’re happy to announce to you that it’s designed to resist water. In addition, the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover repels moisture. You should understand that no cover is 100% waterproof, so there’s a likelihood of seeing water leak in along the cover’s rail edges — regardless of having the rubber seal system.

Note that, if you carry out the installation of this tonneau cover properly, it’d barely depict leaks. Yes, there are areas such as the gaps found at the tailgate and other areas — that can stand as a pathway for water to go in — if you haven’t known, there are techniques around the installation process that results in a watertight fit. The experts of local BAK Authorized Dealers are always available to professionally carry out the installation in order to achieve an outcome that properly fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does BAKFlip MX4 Weigh?

71 pounds.

Do BAKFlip Tonneau Covers Lock?

Yes, do actually do. The BAKFlip cover comes with a Tamper-Proof Latching system as there are no available locks or latches or keyholes as the cover latches and secures from underneath the cover. This is the reason why the BAKFlip Tonneau Cover remains one of the most secure and coveted Tonneau Cover in the market.

Is It Easy To Remove The BAKFlip Bed Covers?

Using a thumbscrew underneath and a simple pin on each side, you can easily remove the BAKFlip bed cover. This doesn’t require any tool.

Can One Drive With The BAKFlip Open?

The answer to this question is a YES. On the new models of BAKFlip, the new buckles and straps have become standard. By strapping down the cover, flat on the rails behind the cab, you increase the level of accessibility to the truck bed. That’s not all, it improves visibility at the rear window.

How Do I Lock The BAKFlip If My Truck Does Not Have A Tailgate Lock?

It’s very easy. What do you have to do? It’s seemingly true that all trucks come with an OE tailgate lock. If you discover that your truck doesn’t come with the tailgate lock, go for a Pop & Lock or similar lock to ensure that the security of your truck is firmly guaranteed.

Where Is BAKFlip Located?

BAKFlip is located above the truck bed.

Who Makes BAKFlip Tonneau Covers?

BAK Industries. The BAK industries offer the revolver rolling series, the BAKFlip, and the Rack Integrated BAKFlip Contractor Series. This brand, BAK, is known for its quality, reliability, and durability.

What Does Tonneau Mean In English?

Rear Sitting Compartment.

Do Truck Bed Covers Leak?

It’d be almost impossible for a truck bed cover to be completely waterproof. There are several places on your truck bed, such as the tailgate’s sides, that can allow the penetration of water. Sometimes, no matter how you try, you won’t be able to locate the exact spot from which water is allowed in. It doesn’t matter the quality of your tonneau cover; a small amount of water could still find its way in.

Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure – Conclusion

As a response to the question, “Is BAKFlip MX4 Secure?” — which we have already given an answer to — it’s a YES. The BAKFlip is manufactured by the manufacturers using aircraft-grade aluminium. It provides a secure fit onto the tailgate in a bid to ensure security.

One of the fears of truck owners is having someone reach out for their items at the truck bed — while they’re driving. This product — BAKFlip MX4 — gives total security as regards what was mentioned in the preceding sentence. Although there’s no observable lock, it still has a system that is built to serve the purpose of locking the cover. If you drive a truck, you will know how paramount security is. And, to repeat, the BAKFlip MX4 offers such.

Thanks for reading.

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