Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

One of the ways to maintain a truck from damage is by doing the necessary things — things needed to not only maintain your truck but to give it a presentable outlook. If you’re a new truck owner, you might be wondering, “what’s the meaning of Rhino Liner?” — move to the next paragraph to be in the know of a Rhino Liner.

What Is A Rhino Liner?

As long as the Bedliner is concerned, the Rhino Linings remain the leading contender. The reason the back of your truck deserves a befitting and proper protection is, if that’s not done, it’ll be exposed to elements that can, over time, change its look. Nobody would want to purchase a truck and ruin it, without having great experience with it.

Have you heard of the animal named Rhino? You see how tough it looks? That’s synonymous to the Rhino Liners — they’re extremely tough. A lot of people out there, who are aware of the benefits of using an efficient Bedliner, covet excellent slip resistance as one of the features therein. The Bedliner from Rhino Linings offer such feature. This ensures a reduction in the chances of impact of your cargo, hence keeping your cargo secured and more in place.

Furthermore, throw your cargo — no matter the weight — onto your truck’s rear without considering the state of the linings. There’s no chance that it’d scratch; there, also, isn’t any chance that the cargo will scoff it up.

Having given a detailed answer to the question, “what is a rhino liner?” — let’s move on to answer the main question…

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

If you keep the back of your truck exposed to just anything, it’s inevitable that you’ll definitely find “rust” spots at that area. In case you don’t know why we said it’s inevitable, let’s look into what a rust is and what causes it.

What Is Rust?

It’s simply the oxidation of a metallic surface. This happens when there’s a reaction between the oxygen in the atmosphere and the surface molecules of the metal in order to produce something called iron oxide.

In addition, when moisture reacts with iron, it also causes the iron to rust. The quality of the metal determines how long the iron would take to rust. Irons of higher quality take a couple of years to start showing signs of rust. You know how cracks begins to show in a vehicle’s paint, right? That’s the first appearance of the rust.


According to a certain man who spent a whole lot of time sanding down the bed of his truck, he was told by his brother to employ the use of Rhino Liners in his truck — because after installation, the liner has a way of absorbing any moisture that’s likely to end up producing rust surfaces.

So, the answer to “Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?” is a big YES.

Is A Rhino Liner Worth It?

One of the decisions anyone can make is buying a brand new vehicle. Choosing a vehicle to purchase can be somewhat confusing, because the market consists of numerous brands and types of cars. After going through the stress of picking, you finally decide to settle for a pickup truck. Another choice to make is: “do I use a Bedliner?”

This section will help you make the decision to get a Rhino Liner or not.

Listing the benefits of using Rhino Liner can answer the question, “Is A Rhino Liner Worth It?


1. Balanced Cargo Regardless

The space for storage on a truck stands as one of its best features. You will, without fear, be able to carry fragile things — such as groceries, etc. Many people get scared, because when driving, the possibility of having fragile materials damaged is on the high side. As you haul cargo, you can’t be too careful to the extent of completely preventing scratches and dents. This Rhino Liner beats your expectations — it 99.9% protects the cargo you’re hauling and the truck’s bed, too.

Moreso, the Rhino Liner acts like a shock absorber. What does that mean? It drastically reduces the vibration that could create a huge impact on the cargo while the truck is on motion.

2. Protect Your Truck Bed

There are several elements that could cause damages to your bed — those elements include UV rays, sleet, snow and rain. This Rhino Liner does tremendously well in protecting your bed from these elements — hence reduced or zero damages. Elements such as melting snow, sleet and rain can overtime lead the metal of your truck into its rust state. The UV rays has what it takes to rid your truck of its initial look — including other damages.

3. Resale Potential

When you’re able to prevent the rear of your truck from the elements, it maintains its beauty. Imagine scraping the surface of your truck’s bed, because of the presence of rust. It’s not a trusted approach, considering the fact that it’s still exposed to the elements. Using reliable Bedliners like Rhino Liner, will help you preserve your truck — if you desire to put it up for sale in the nearest future.

4. Other Reasons’

A Bedliner possesses the potential to strengthen the bed of your truck and ensure it’s protected from scratches, dents and even the claws of animals. You risk your truck from damages — during the period of usage — when you delay in applying your Bedliners to floorboards, fenders and bumpers. No matter the regular usage of your truck, the Rhino Liner installed will protect your cargo from possible damages.

Types Of Bedliners

There are up to four basic types of truck bed liners, two of which come with a couple of similarities. Sometimes, people consider them as the variation of the same type. They include:

  • Bed Rugs
  • Bed Mats
  • Drop-in
  • Spray-on


In order to make your choice amidst these four types of truck bed liners, it’s imperative that you carefully understand the available differences between them.

1. Bed Mats

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust
Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

In the market, bed rugs are classified as the simplest and least expensive truck bed liners — among other types of bed liners. The bed mats comprise of a simple mat and they’re manufactured from recycled rubber. They are made specifically for the truck’s back and fit perfectly on the bed. It’s easy to roll these bed rugs in and out of the truck, so they can swiftly be installed and replaced without the help of tools.

2. Bet Rugs

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust
Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

Just like how simple mats are made, rugs are manufactured from rubber or plastic and topped with fibers — polyester fibers precisely. They’re made in such a way that it’s easy for them to lay flat on the bed just like a mat. In order for them to stay in place, they are tightly molded to the surface.

3. Drop-In Liners

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust
Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust

Among the most used truck bed liners, we have the drop-in liners. They are made up of a plastic liner which is molded to evenly, and securely, fit the back of a truck. It comes with a feature that allows you to fastened the drop-in liners to the bed using bots. When pickup trucks are first sold, a drop-in liner is most times perfectly fixed — although that’s highly dependent on the trim options.

4. Spray-on Liners

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

Do you know that a liner that, at first, shows up as liquid — then dries up and becomes a permanent liner on the surface of the truck’s bed, exists? If your answer is “No,” here’s it. It’s called Spray-on Liners. Regardless of the fact that this spray starts off at liquid and turns to a permanent liner, it still maximally protects the bed of a truck from all possible damages. To ensure a smooth and strong coating, employ the service of a professional to install the spray-on liner.

We are delight that we’ve been able to answer the question “Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?” — and even delve further into listing the various types of Bedliners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Rhino Linings Last?

For as long as you have your vehicle in your possession, Rhino Linings offers a Limited Lifetime National Warranty. The warranty cuts across issues such as flaking, peeling, bubbling, blistering or other issues around workmanship.

Can Rhino Liners Be Removed?

It’s quite unfortunate that — despite the fact that it’s easy to install Rhino Liners — it’s labour-intensive and difficult to remove.

Does Rhino Liners Have A Lifetime Warranty?

All Rhino products have a lifetime warranty that covers workmanship, defects and materials.

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust – Conclusion

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

The big answer is YES.

The Rhino Liner plays a huge role in preventing moisture from dwelling on the Truck bed. You know, when oxygen or moisture comes in contact with iron, it ends up creating a rusty surface. We, as an additional information, covered the benefits of using a Rhino Liner: it helps to keep your cargo balanced — as it serves as a shock absorber in order to reduce the vibration therein.

There exists elements such as UV rays, sleet, snow and sun — and these elements have an adverse effect on the bed of a truck. The Rhino Liners help to keep the effect of these elements at arm’s length.

So, the next time you’re asked, “Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?” — you would have an answer to give.

Thanks for reading.

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