What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use?

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What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use
What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use?

What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use?

The spray-in Bedliner that Ford uses is called “Ford spray-in Bedliner.” The Ford spray-in liner isn’t different from the others, in terms of quality. This simply means that they are likely to hold up just the same, and can get damaged the same, too.

Let’s look at details about Ford Spray-in Bedliner.

Ford Spray-in Bedliner

The Ford liners are customized in such a way that they fit perfectly into F-150, F-250 or F-350, regardless of your trim option. The Bedliner of Ford has the ability and required quality to last for a long time. It — the Ford Spray-in Bedliner — is designed to have a simple installation process, which anybody can do. You are aware of how tough a Ford truck is, right? Good! That’s just how tough and strong the Ford spray-in Bedliner is.

In addition, this liner provides impact resistance and UV protection, including maximum protection from hazards that are likely to present themselves on a daily basis — hazards such as staining, scratching and rust.

Benefits Of Using A Spray-in Bedliner

1. It Protects Your Truck Against The Element

A spray-in bed liner works maximally in coating the surface of your truck bed. It also creates a watertight and air seal. This serves as protection from UV rays, moisture, dirt, heat and those elements that are likely to damage the surface of the bed. Although this Bedliner is known to have a watertight seal — which it does have — you should know that the bed itself isn’t waterproof.

This is why it isn’t recommended for anyone to fill their truck bed with water. Well, no one would want to do that anyway. For some bed liners, one would have to go through the stress of getting the dimensions of one’s bed, in order to achieve a perfect fit — but it’s not the case for a spray-in Bedliner. Regardless of how much this bed liner protects the truck bed, it doesn’t offer complete protection against all the elements. Elements such as water and dirt can still successfully find their way underneath the spray-in Bedliner, and this can lead to damage.

In addition, another way you can benefit from using a spray-in bedliner is, it offers color customization. A lot of spray-in coatings, in addition to the basic black color, come in various colors. Owing to the variety of colors it comes in, you can exhibit your creativity with your coat or bedliner — so it perfectly matches the paint color of your truck. This spray-in coating forms an aesthetic — a very sleek aesthetic — to your truck.

2. It Creates A Safe Surface

Most persons out there purchased their truck because of the need to regularly haul items. This simply means that while you load and unload these items, you will stand on the bed of your truck. Just so you don’t, at some point, slip and fall, the spray-in bedliner provides enough friction to keep such occurrence at arm’s length. With this spray-in bedliner, there are several textures from which you can choose — to ensure a safe surface that suits your need is what you’re getting.

Furthermore, it provides a firm grip while taking delicate and large items from one place to another. This way, items are prevented from shifting around — a thing that puts the items at risk of damage. This is one of the top things to consider when choosing a spray-in bedliner.

3. It Maintains The Value Of Your Truck

The cost of a spray-in bedliner is dependent on the brand from which you choose to buy. You get it for a few hundreds of dollars. This additional investment can go a long way in helping you to maintain your truck’s resale value. It’s undoubtedly true that any kind of damage, including scratches and dents, will reduce a truck’s value. Getting a spray-in bedliner that coats the bed of your truck and applying it correctly helps you to decrease the possibility of damage.

What this spray-in bedliner does is, it creates a layer of protection hence a retained value of your truck.

4. Maintenance Free

Once you add a spray-in bedliner to your truck, you wouldn’t have to bother yourself about your truck again — except it gets damaged because of some rare occurrence. If you get those traditional Bedliners in the market, it’d be necessary you frequently check for signs of rust or other damages. The spray-in bedliner takes away any concern of having corrosion — owing to its tight seal. It’s more convenient to clean a spray-in bedliner, compared to a traditional bed liner that would require one to remove, scrub and hose it down. Afterwards, you will need to patiently wait for them to dry before fixing them back into the bed of your truck.

Spray-in bedliners comprises of a mixture of polyurethane, and you may just need to hose them off. An interesting that about spray-in bed liners is that they last long. A spray-in liner of good quality will not peel, bubble or crack. If your bed liner sustains a couple of damages, you don’t have any reason to worry — because spray-in bed liners can be repaired in a very short period of time.

5. Reduce Road Noise

For a drop-in liner, your items are most likely to vibrate which creates road noise. This road noise the vibration creates can be very annoying, especially when you drive with such road noise regularly. Fortunately, spray-in bedliner create a seal that remains tight for a very long time. This completely eliminates road noise.

Pros & Cons Of Spray-in Bed Liners


  • When a spray-in bed liner is applied professionally and correctly, it portrays a good look.
  • You have the freedom to apply spray-in bed liner whenever you like as long as you prep the source. This means that you can apply it on your fender flares, bumpers and also on your truck’s entire body — if you desire.
  • The texture of spray-in bed liner will serve as prevention — preventing cargoes from moving around in the bed of your truck, compared to the slippery plastic of a drop-in bed liner.


  • For you to successfully carry out the installation process, it’s necessary that you destroy your existing factory paint in your truck bed. This will make the corrosion warranty of your truck invalid, invalid on any parts alongside a spray-in coating.
  • Don’t employ just anybody to handle the installation of spray-in bedliners. People for this job need to be professionally trained. They must be careful and attentive to details in order to do the job accurately to keep the fear of future problems at arm’s length. If you try to take any shortcut — avoiding the proper procedures — the results, afterwards, can be terrible. There are many unpleasant stories about the failures of installation on the internet.
  • You can’t take off the spray-in bed liner after installation. After application, it stays permanently. Okay, just so we don’t scare you away from getting a spray-in bed liner — that’s, by the way, amazing — you can remove spray-in bedliner, but it involves a very painstaking and difficult process that would end up making the truck bed look very bad.
  • The warranties of the spray-in bedliner come with several limitations.
  • It doesn’t guarantee protection from dings and dents when loading or unloading cargo. It’s basically a paint and doesn’t give your truck the protection from dents.
  • Spray-in bed liner creates a tough textured surface that makes knelling in the truck bed a painful experience.
  • Speaking of its cost, you can get a spray-in bedliner for as little as $425 and as high as $700. It could be higher than that if you want the tailgate covered or the color tint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Remove Spray-on Bed Liner?

Get a chemical stripper and use it to remove a spray-on bed liner. This is way more effective than chiselling or hand grinding. If you’re looking for recommendations, the aircraft stripper is known as the most potent chemical stripper that guarantees your success in removing spray-on bed liner.

How Do You Fix Spray-in Bed Liner?

You can repair spray-in bed liner using the following steps:

  1. Carefully cut out the bedliner’s damaged part and thoroughly clean/rough-up the newly-exposed areas using 60-grit sandpaper
  2. After you have done that, use xylene to clean each of the exposed areas.
  3. Then, go ahead and apply a fresh coating of spray-in bed liner — spray-in bed liner of the same brand.

Are Spray-on Bed Liners Worth It?

It can’t be overemphasized the excellent protection it offers the bed of your truck. This makes the money spent on getting spray-on bed liners a good investment. Don’t also forget that spray-on bed liner lasts for a very long time — long enough to allow you to enjoy your money’s value.

What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use – Conclusion

To answer the question, “What Spray In Bedliner Does Ford Use?” — the spray-in bedliner used by Ford is called “Ford Spray-in Bed Liner.” In terms of the benefits of using spray-in bed liners, they protect your truck from the various elements, maintain a safe surface for your truck, maintain the value of your money and others.

Thanks for reading.

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